The Beginning

Just where did this passion and lust for Sprintcars start? The foundations were set back in the early 70’s. At the tender age of 10, my father took me and a few mates to the now defunct Melbourne Speedbowl for a birthday celebration – a Dirt Track Party so to speak. It was great; the Bikes and Sidecars were on and we sat right up on the fence, hiding behind sheets of clear plastic. That tradition continued for many years, and being bike mad, we always went to the Bike Meetings. Then when I turned 18, a mate and I drove to Sydney for the summer holidays.

We decided to go to the Sydney Showgrounds Speedway one Saturday night. We rocked up to the venue (also now defunct) took our seats and waited for the hostilities to begin. Wwere expecting Bikes because that’s all we knew. Then they wheeled out these weird looking things. They looked sort of like a car because they had four wheels, but they had all these bits of tin over the top, and there were no fenders. They looked like overgrown billycarts.

Well, when they got pushed off and going, my mate and I simply looked at one another with jaws dropped. We were completely speechless. These “Things with Wings” were LOUD, PROUD and FAST ! We had never seen a Sprintcar before, and had no idea that they even existed.

We started slowly dialling in on who was who in the “Sprintcar Zoo”. It didn’t mean a lot at the time, but we later realised we were treated to watching the “Master Blaster” himself that night – the Legendary Garry Rush in the HM Headers car.

The Legendary Gary Rush was an awesome driver, blew everyone into the weeds and sold the sport of Sprintcar Racing to us all - pic from my extensive archives. Heaps more to come !

 The rest is history, and from that night, I have only ever attended Speedway Meetings that bill Sprintcars. The obsesssion had commenced.

 And just to coin a quote….. Formula One champ Jackie Stewart said many years ago :

“ Sprintcars are Motor Racings Last Frontier”.

How True !

2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. mandy searle says:

    wow paul,
    look like you are living the dream!!! good on both of you – hope your trip is awesome for the rest of the time you are there.
    photos are great great – i will keep practicing and maybe end up with ones as good as you – one day!!
    best regards,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for that Mandy. We are having a ball. Still have a week to go. We finish with Knoxville Nationals and fly home on 18th Aug.
      Take care…say Hi to Fred.

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