A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Paul and I have been watching Sprintcars for over 30 years. I regularly attend race meets and really enjoy taking photos and video of the cars and drivers in a “behind the scenes” manner. (I’ll leave the racing infield shots to the pros !). 

I have over 40,000 photos stored on hard drive and I want to share these with you all. This will of course take some time, so stick with me and you will be treated to some classic shots as well as some contemporary material as well – plus of course ongoing stuff too. In fact you may have read elsewhere on the BLOG that this site has been launched just prior to me taking a  5 1/2 week trip to America, culminating in the Knoxville Nationals for 2011. There’s gotta be some good stuff waiting for me there !

 I have been to most of the major tracks around the Australia at one point or another, plus a number of lesser known tracks. So you will get to experience a broad array of photos, videos and personal stories.

Hang on for the ride !

Sprintcar Tragic Paul Griffin

19 Responses to A Bit About Me

  1. Olivia Cocolaras says:

    Hi im jayde’s friend i love the website i want one cya

  2. Brayden Miller says:

    Hey Paulie,
    Just checking out your website (it looks good), if you want use any photos of mine, l will be more than happy for you to that, just ask; and will deliver! Cya……..Brayden

  3. Brayden says:

    You are a legend paulie!!!!!!

  4. matt stock says:

    Sounds like you are going to have fun in the USA. Web site looks good and can’t wait to see some of your old photos once you add them and we will see you and your wife at Knoxville Iowa.


  5. Allan Nash says:

    Hey Picture Man,

    Hope you and Tracey have a fantastic time, this trip is long overdue for a sprintcar NUTs like you guys are… Have A Blast

  6. Paul Miller says:

    Hello All,
    what a great idea paulie,i look forward to seeing some photo’s!,well just a quick hello hope you are all goin ok,cold here,have fun.

  7. Benuch Bernard says:

    Good luck with the site mate!! Count me in as a regular visitor.. Added to my Favorites!!

  8. Fantastic website !!! Well done Paul and Tracey.
    Hope you both have a wonderful holiday.
    Kind Regards

  9. Kevin West says:

    Enjoy the racing mate & Benuch told me all about ya. All the best mate from this WOO race fan.

  10. Rebecca and Jake says:

    Hey Paulypops! Great site, we hope you and Tracey are having a wow of a time! We added you to our favourites

    Rebecca and Jake

  11. Hey Paul and Tracey, I liked the red boots best! XXX

  12. Dan Nutter says:

    Super time meeting and hangin’ out with you guys on your holiday! Have a safe trip back home.

  13. John Bowers says:

    Paul, it was awesome hanging out with you, tracy, mark, annalise, brayden, brody,& riley (aka gas pedal). Have a safe trip home and myself, tracy, felicity, & jordan will keep in touch. Cheers

  14. Brody Miller says:

    the website looks good paul i like the pic’s of the sprinters hope you keep up with the site


  15. Kent says:

    Awesome site so far Pauly,
    Love the stories and fabulous photos.
    Sounds like you had a good time in the US..

  16. Debra Adley says:

    Hi Paul
    We loved the write up THANKS Great site even this “new convert” read it…….
    The new car had its 1st laps at Bunbury Saturday night its such an awesome car
    Steve LOVED it we all did. I’ll send some photos soon.
    The old toy has been put to pastures for the time being while Steve is playing with the new toy. Deb

  17. Ray Newell says:

    Hi Paul and Tracy, glad to hear that you had such an awesome time in thGreat article on Steves’ new Sprinter. Its an awesome machine and he drove really well. Got it a bit dirty though.
    Great articles on other topics. Keep up the good work.

    Cheers Ray.

  18. Richard Allen says:

    Hey Paul

    Great site. Thanx for the word up about it Saturday night. Will definitely pass it on to some mates. Well worth a look.

  19. johno says:

    Hi Paul and Tracey
    What a great web site !!! —– about time someone did a descent Site that reports all the facts in real time – thanks for great photo shot from the AFS CARPET BOYS – look forward to more postings

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