Jamie Veal Wins Thriller at Valvoline Raceway

Words – Valvoline Raceway PR
All Images by Gary Reidgreid@pacific.net.au

Saturday night (Nov 19) at Valvoline Raceway began with an emotional “Sydney goodbye to Shane Krikke” as the KMS #2 Cool led WSS champions Robbie Farr, Jamie Veal, Max Dumesny and James McFadden during the national anthem laps with Ryan and Jodie Krikke standing trackside.

5 World Series Sprintcars Champions pay tribute to the late Shane Krikke - Brook Tatnell (2), Robbie Farr (7), James McFadden (17), Jamie Veal (35), Max Dumesny (5)

Five World Series Sprintcars Champions pay tribute to the late Shane Krikke – Brook Tatnell (2), Robbie Farr (7), James McFadden (17), Jamie Veal (35), Max Dumesny (5)

At the other end of the night however, Jamie Veal won what was the second round of the 30th anniversary World Series Sprintcars at Valvoline Raceway and in the process picked up Round Five of the USC NSW in what was a spectacular race on many levels.

Despite the constant threat of rain and several light trickles during the C-Main and beyond right up into the A-Main line-up the weather Gods played nice and allowed a good crowd on hand to see one of the races of the season so far in Sydney.

It was nail biting 30-lap event from start to finish and after a couple of yellow light stoppages initially the race settled down to a rhythm where Veal took the #35 SWI Engineering Maxim to the front.

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal – Great Drive

Robbie Farr started on the front row in the ECP Cool alongside Brooke Tatnell’s TEH Cool with Veal and Shaun Dobson starting on the second row.

Dobson and Tatnell had both come from the Bronze Shootout to move through to the Gold Shootout and make their task significantly easier to run up the front in the main event.

James Thompson (always the quiet achiever) and James McFadden began their WSS/USC assaults from the third row of the grid whilst Alex Orr (who set quick time in his flight in qualifying) and Troy Little occupied row four and Brandon Rawlings and Max Johnston rounded out the top ten.

Veal led early but Farr ran him down and passed him, only for Veal to eventually move back into the top spot but not before some terrific lead swaps eventuated in lapped traffic.

Shaun Dobson looked ominous throughout the main in the Essendon Ford #21 and would eventually claim third place behind Veal and Farr in second place.

James McFadden’s set up came on gang busters with ten laps to go and the Milwaukee Maxim was on a major charge towards a possible win before he jumped the cushion in turn one late in the race and all but flipped.

In the end Veal won by several car lengths oblivious to the tumultuous battle going on behind him for the final step of the podium.

“Rookie mistakes,” was the furrowed brow response from Veal when asked why he’d given up the lead on a couple of occasions, “I had to settle down and get back to the bottom where the car was better. For a while there I simply struggled to get the cushion sorted and Robbie (Farr) got by me. When I eventually got back to the bottom I was able to get rolling.”

Veal was presented his WSS trophy by Sydney ambassador John Walsh who was honoured for his contribution to the sport over many years.

McFadden steamed back to fourth ahead of Brooke Tatnell in fifth, Troy Little sixth, James Thompson seventh, Alex Orr (solid all night) eighth, Grant Anderson ninth and Mick Saller a career best WSS result for tenth.

Jamie Veal

A Main podium (l-r): Shaun Dobson (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), John Walsh (Grand Marshall), Robbie Farr (2nd)

Max Johnston placed eleventh ahead of Toby Bellbowen twelfth, Matt Dumesny thirteenth, Max Dumesny fourteenth and Sam Walsh fifteenth.

The battle between the three Dumesny men Matt, Max and Mitchell (who eventually had to settle for 17th) was epic to say the least and certainly had Mum (and wife) Melinda reaching for someone’s arm to grip.

“They don’t go easy on each other,” she smiled later, “that wasn’t easy to watch that’s for sure. They’re all so competitive.”

Ian Loudoun won the B-Main and came home in eighteenth, Matt Smith spun and came back to nineteenth, Mitchell Gee came the B-Main to make his first WSS Sydney A-Main and finish nineteenth, Ben Atkinson had a rough night for an eventual twentieth, with Brandon Rawlings breaking a front end to curtail what had been his best result to date in Sydney.

Danny Reidy survived a scary incident when he rode Jamie Veal’s right rear early in the night to be registered as twenty second with Jay Waugh and Daniel Harding being the last two DNF registered cars.

The B-Main was a clinic for Ian Loudoun to lead home fellow A-Main transferees Matt Dumesny, Mitchell Gee, Matt Smith and Max Dumesny sixth.

Dumesny barely squeezed into the A-Main with a last lap, last corner gasp pass on Grant Tunks to snatch away the final transfer position from the hapless budget Sydney racer.

The C-Main was won by West Aussie Jason Pryde from Queensland teenager Callum Walker in second place, Matt Geering in third, Braydan Willmington fourth and Luke Stirton rounding out the top five.

Four of the top five were in their late teens, once again showing the depth of the USC ‘nursery’ in Sydney.

The Bronze Shootout transferees were Brooke Tatnell and Shaun Dobson.

The Silver Shootout transferees were Shaun Dobson and Brooke Tatnell.
The Ian Boettcher Race Parts pole position was then won by Robbie Farr over Brooke Tatnell, Shaun Dobson and Jamie Veal.

Heat winners were Brandon Rawlings (2) Mitchell Gee (2) Matt Dumesny, Andrew Wright (2) and Darryl Campbell.

Jamie Veal scored Quick Time in qualifying overall whilst Central Coast racer Alex Orr claimed the quick time mantle in Flight One.

A total of 55 cars took time.

Top Ten Qualifying results:
Jamie Veal 11.848
Alex Orr 11.861
Troy Little 11.902
Toby Bellbowen 11.940
James McFadden 11.946
Ben Atkinson 11.956
Robbie Farr 11.957
Shaun Robson 11.972
Grant Anderson 11.986
Brooke Tatnell 11.988

Brandon Rawlings (44) and Warren Ferguson (32)

Brandon Rawlings (44) and Warren Ferguson (32) get cosy in heat race action

Shaun Dobson (21) inside Jeremy Cross (39)

Shaun Dobson (21) inside Jeremy Cross (39)

James McFadden

James McFadden in the Monte Motorsport Milwaukee Tools #17

Toby Bellbowen (7) leads Ben Atkinson (2), Mick Saller

Toby Bellbowen (7) leads Ben Atkinson (2), Mick Saller
(56) and Grant Anderson (37)

Brooke Tatnell (2) and Max Johnston (38) go side by side

Brooke Tatnell (2) and Max Johnston (38) go side by side

Matt Dumesny (57), Ian Loudoun (3), Sammy Walsh (92)

Matt Dumesny (57), Ian Loudoun (3), Sammy Walsh (92)

Robbie Farr (7), James McFadden (17), Shaun Dobson (21)

Robbie Farr (7), James McFadden (17), Shaun Dobson (21)

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Kerry Madsen Picks Up Ride With Big Game Motorsports

Kerry Madsen

Happy Man: Kerry Madsen is back in the seat for 2017 with a new deal involving Big Game Motorsport

Words and Images: Paul Griffin

Well it took a touch longer than we expected, but Sprintcar Champion Kerry Madsen has secured a ride with Big Game Motorsports driving the #2 Muddy Sprintcar for season 2017.

Madsen was left without a 2017 ride when the Australian-owned “KENERIC racing/American Racing Custom Wheels” Team called it a day in the latter part of the current American season. (see following link : http://torquetube.com.au/2016/08/20/keneric-racing-shuts-down-its-american-racing-outfit/ )

Madsen’s appointment seems to have come at the expense of Danny Lasoski who was released from the Big Game Team the day prior.

Madsen will race all the Blue Ribbon Sprintcar events on the American Calendar commencing with the DIRTcar Nationals to be held in Florida in February. The Team will also race the majority of World of Outlaw races and many of the local Knoxville events.

We wish Kerry and the Big Game Team all the success for the 2017 season.

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Matt Dumesny Secures Maiden Victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

All Images: Gary Reid greid@pacific.net.au
Words: USC PR

Matt Dumesny gave it his all at Valvoline Raceway (Sat 5th Nov) to take his maiden USC and career victory in the Valvoline Synpower #57 Maxim.

An elated Dumesny was delighted to learn when he got to the podium, that his legendary father Max was also in the top three with a third place finish behind Max Johnston.

“I can’t thank my boys enough, they worked their butts off on this car so far this season, we time trialed fastest in our group and gave ourselves the best possible chance. It’s a dream to get the win for them”

A Main podium: (l-r) Max Dumesny (3rd), Matt Dumesny (1st), Max Johnston (2nd)

A Main podium: (l-r) Max Dumesny (3rd), Matt Dumesny (1st), Max Johnston (2nd)

Max Johnston stormed home in second place for the second time in as many weeks in USC NSW in the Airplant Services #38 Triple X.

“We blew the power steering unit in the heat race and the boys thrashed really hard to get us back into this whole deal,” Johnston explained on the podium, “I’m pleased for Airplant Services and our team to get second but I’d really like to get a win.”

Third placed Max Dumesny was thrilled to see son Matt take the win, and also have all four Dumesny men (Max, Matt, Marcus and Mitchell) directly making it into the A-Main.

Max Dumesny

Family Affair: Local Champion Max Dumesny crossed the line in 3rd while son Matt won the feature. Other sons Marcus and Mitchell were also in the A-Main !!

Troy Little was left to ponder what might have been when he spun whilst leading after starting on the front row with Dumesny.

Little salvaged fourth place however in the Pit Stop Autos Maxim when the chequers flew ahead of a huge drive from Alex Orr from 14th to 5th in the Meander Village #43.

Marty Perovich enjoyed one of his best runs this season moving the #17 Intext ART from 10th to 6th place after being as high as fourth place whilst Robbie Farr had a quiet night by his own standards with sixth place in the ECP Racing Cool for seventh.

Marcus Dumesny pedaled from 12th to eighth, Michael Saller moved smoothly from 16th to a strong top ten with 9th whilst Jay Waugh’s excellent start on the second row eventually netted him tenth.

Warren Ferguson advanced slightly from 13th to 11th in the Fruitwheels #32 entry, Mitchell Gee took the Titan Garages Cool from the ninth row to a solid 12th, Jeremy Cross started the Eliminator Wings SPIKE from 9th and wound up 13th ahead of Shaun Dobson’s Essendon Ford #21 entry in 14th (started strongly in 5th) Grant Tunks 15th (after winning his B-Main) Darryl Campbell 16th (started 20th) Daniel Sayre 17th (came from winning his B-Main) Braydan Wilmington 18th (started 19th) Blake Skipper 20th (started 18th) Matthew Geering 21st (started 20th) Mark Attard 21st (started 23rd) Matt Smith 22nd, Mitchell Dumesny 23rd and Michael Jordan 24th.

Troy Little

Troy Little speeds through a corner at Valvoline Raceway

Matt Dumesny

Matt Dumesny has the #57 well poised

Max Johnston

Max Johnston came home second in the A-Main

Shane Sheedy (64), Brandon Rawlings (44) and Mick Saller

Shane Sheedy (64), Brandon Rawlings (44) and Mick Saller (56) in heat race action

Troy Little (20), Jay Waugh (99), Matt Smith (11) and Matt Dumesny (47) share the front row of the 4-wide salute

Troy Little (20), Jay Waugh (99), Matt Smith (11) and Matt Dumesny (47) share the front row of the 4-wide salute

Daniel Sayre (16) and Braydan Willmington (89)

Going Green : Daniel Sayre (16) and Braydan Willmington (89)

Quick time for the overall Ian Boettcher Race Parts Qualifying was Troy Little.

Heat race wins went to Jay Waugh (OSA #99) Troy Little (Pit Stop Autos Maxim) Matt Smith (Australia Wide Towing KPC) and Matt Dumesny (Valvoline Synpower Maxim).

The Pole Shootout was cancelled due to time constraints.

Top Twenty in qualifying were:

Troy Little 11.908
Warren Ferguson 11.992
Shaun Dobson 12.014
Jeremy Cross 12.037
Mitchell Gee 12.089
Blake Skipper 12.099
Grant Tunks 12.140
Matthew Dumesny 12.156
Jay Waugh 12.197
Mark Blyton 12.255
Kyle Caunt 12.265
Mark Attard 12.324
Robbie Farr 12.364
Alex Orr 12.387
Matt Geering 12.420
Thomas Jeffrey 12.421
Matt Smith 12.452
Max Johnston 12.502
Paul Freeman 12.518
Michael Jordan 12.521

Non-racing highlight of the night was the 24-car national anthem parade featuring the 24 drivers under the age of 24 years old contesting tonight’s USC NSW Round 4.

Hard luck story of the night was Queensland youngster Brandon Rawlings who was crashed out by the spun Antony Jeffrey whilst Rawlings was convincingly leading the B-Main and headed towards certain A-Main advancement.

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Jason Kendrick Breaks Through at Perth Motorplex

Words : Motorplex PR
Images: Peter Roebuck

JASON Kendrick won the Magic Man 34 Sprintcar feature race at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night (5th Nov), taking the win from Andrew Priolo and Ben Ellement.

The victory went some of the way to making amends for Kendrick who posted a DNF in the first race of the season at the same venue three weeks earlier.

He started from P3 in the main event and after sitting back in third in the early stages, things fell into place in the latter part of the event, seeing him win by more than three seconds.

a14The start of the feature race was marred by a big crash on the first lap after Trent Pigdon turned down and collected Jamie Maiolo who flipped hard and was out of the race

Maiolo was not at all impressed and let Pigdon know just what he thought of the contact.

Pigdon, for his sins, was sent to the rear, the second time he was penalised on the night – the first being for contact on Lee Nash in a heat race.

The incident also involved Kye Scroop and James Inglis who became spectators for the rest of the show

Moments later Callum Williamson spun in turn one that then saw Mitchell Wormall, Brad Maiolo and Pigdon all spin around.

David Priolo started on the front row with Cameron Gessner and took the lead on the restart and seconds later Gessner pulled infield, seeing Kendrick slipping into second.

Shaun Bradford went infield on lap 16 after struggling with an ill-handling car before Taylor Milling crashed hard after hitting the fence on lap 22.

Kendrick had closed the gap on Priolo prior to this incident and inherited the lead on lap 27 when Priolo blew his left rear tyre that also damaged his top wing.

David Priolo’s younger brother Andrew, who started from P13 drove a solid race to take the well-deserved second, his first podium since joining the AHG Sprintcar Series last season.

Ben Ellement struggled in the heat races, but finished brilliantly for his third.

Pigdon recovered well for fourth, with Wormall, Brad Maiolo and Scott Chatwin being the only other finishers.

Brad Maiolo, the current AHG Sprintcar Series champion, had a dog of a night and was uncharacteristically lapped.












Qualifying: Trent Pigdon 13.738, Cameron Gessner 13.783, Jason Kendrick 13.928, David Priolo 13.928, Lee Nash 14.016, Bradley Maiolo 14.069, Andrew Priolo 14.129, Jamie Maiolo 14.143, Taylor Milling 14.230, James Inglis 14.238, Mitchell Wormall 14.264, Ben Ellement 14.405, Shaun Bradford 14.414, Kye Scroop 14.430, Callum Williamson 14.518, Jamie Landrigan 14.635, Scott Chatwin 14.669

Heat 1: 1st Trent Pigdon, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Taylor Milling, 7th Andrew Priolo, 8th Mitchell Wormall, 9th Scott Chatwin.

Heat 2: 1st Cameron Gessner, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Bradley Maiolo, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th James Inglis, 7th Jamie Landrigan. DNS: Ben Ellement.

Heat 3: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Jamie Landrigan, 5th Taylor Milling, 6th Lee Nash,
7th Trent Pigdon. DNF: Scott Chatwin. DNS: Ben Ellement.

Heat 4: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th James Inglis,
6th Cameron Gessner, 7th Mitchell Wormall, 8th Andrew Priolo.

Final: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Andrew Priolo, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Trent Pigdon, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Brad Maiolo, 7th Scott Chatwin. DNF: David Priolo, Lee Nash, Taylor Milling, Shaun Bradford, Cameron Gessner,
Callum Williamson, Kye Scroop, James Inglis, Jamie Landrigan and Jamie Maiolo.

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Perth Motorplex Practice 2nd Nov

Peter Roebuck went to last nights Perth Motorplex practice and captured these great images.











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Perth Motorplex – Fast Saturday Pictorial Post

All Images by Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck rocked up the Perth Motorplex to take in the action of Fast Saturday (29th Oct).

Here’s some great images that Peter captured…We particularly love those “head on shots” taken from the Flagstand box !! – a really different perspective to say the least.





















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BSR Boss Bruce Stephens Celebrates 50 Years

Words and Images – Paul Griffin

Iconic Victorian Sprintcar Team Owner Bruce Stephens celebrated his 50th birthday today (Sunday 23rd Oct) with a fancy spread at his Melbourne-based racing headquarters.

Bruce, a former successful Hotrod and Sprintcar Driver and nowadays the team owner of the highly prominent BSR (Bruce Stephens Racing) Team invited a large contingent of family, friends, associates and team members to a fabulous luncheon.

Bruce Stephens

Birthday Boy Indeed ! – Bruce Stephens. Congratulations mate !!

Bruce Stephens

Bruce gets a little help to extinguish his candles

Bruce is a larger than life character in Australian Sprintcar Racing and through the years has given many a Driver the opportunity to launch their careers and immerse themselves in one of Australia’s top teams.

Some of the Drivers that can pay homage to Bruce include USA’s Brad Sweet and David Gravel, Harley Bishop, former National Champion David Murcott and former F500 champion Liam Williams just to name a few.

Current BSR Driver and rising star Brad “Wazza” Warren was in attendance and while having a casual chat with us paid tribute to Bruce’s thorough and dedicated approach to racing.

We congratulate Bruce on half a century on the planet and take our hat off to a man that has given so much to so many !!!!

Cheers Bruce.

Bruce Stephens enjoys a special moment

Bruce Stephens enjoys a special moment after opening one of his presents – a Peter Brock signed Bathurst Print of famous winning cars

Bruce Stephen's Vic 91

Bruce placed the Brand New V91 on display at the celebration for all to see

BSR Team headquarters

A large group enjoyed the celebrations at BSR headquarters

Family and Friends enjoyed a great day

Family and Friends truly enjoyed a great day at BSR


The roast luncheon was well supported by some very exclusive mini desserts – I had three of them !!

Gotta love that new livery on the V91

Gotta love that new livery on the V91

Soft serve

Bruce even put on a Soft Serve machine to keep all happy

A ripper photo board greeted guests as they entered the BSR inner sanctum

A ripper photo board greeted guests as they entered the BSR inner sanctum

Miller Chill

What more does a person want ?? – A 900 HP Sprintcar and a gorgeous mini chocolate mousse !! (oh yeah….a couple of Miller Chill’s as well !)

Thomos race graphics

The new 2016/17 livery of the BSR V91 was designed and affixed to the racecar Friday by Thomos Race Graphics from Warrnambool

The foos and chance to catch up with fellow speedway enthusiasts at Bruce Stephen's 50th was awesome

The food and a chance to catch up with fellow speedway enthusiasts at Bruce Stephen’s 50th was awesome

Lots of Speedway chatter ensued

Lots of Speedway chatter ensued – it was a top day

Even little Zeke Warren rocked up, played with his cars enjoyed the roast and polished the day off with a soft serve ice cream

Even little Zeke Warren rocked up ! – he played with his cars, “woofed down” the roast and polished the day off with a soft serve ice cream (HOW COOL IS THAT !)

The immaculate BSR transporter greeted guests as they arrived

The immaculate BSR transporter greeted guests as they arrived at racing headquarters

Brad Sweet

Bruce Stephens has hosted several international Drivers over the years as BSR Team Owner – this one is Brad Sweet when he was just 17 years old – 13 years ago !

One of Bruce's Drivers a few years back - Harley Bishop giving it heaps !

One of Bruce’s other Drivers a few years back – Harley Bishop giving it heaps !

Ah Yes ! There was a ripper cake as well.

Ah Yes !   …….
There was a ripper cake as well.

Bruce Stephens

Happy Days !!!!! – Bruce and his Dear Mum Jean at the function

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Robbie Farr Sensational at Valvoline Raceway

All Images by Gary Reid: greid@pacific.net.au
Words – Valvoline Raceway PR

Robbie Farr has taken his dominant form from his recent Queensland Title victory to south of the border to claim the third round of the NSW USC at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

Farr claimed his 41st career win at the venue by timing quickest in the first qualifying flight while Matt Smith claimed the overall Quicktime honour with a rapid 11.585 lap as James Thompson registered an identical time to Smith’s, but on his second circulation.

Farr’s runner-up result in his heat set the foundation for him winning the first dash and locked in to the front row of the A-Main alongside Grant Anderson with Matt Dumesny and Matt Smith sharing row two and Max Johnston and Ben Atkinson in positions five and six, representing four states over the first six spots on the grid.

Farr was untouchable from the start and was never threatened for the entire 30 laps despite a barnstorming start from Anderson who was buoyant from his win last weekend in Avalon, however faded back to sixth within the first five laps.


Robbie Farr won

A Main podium: (l-r) Matt Dumesny (3rd), Robbie Farr (1st), Max Johnston (2nd)

Toby Bellbowen was the first casualty after contact with Shaun Dobson sent the N7 skyward over the finish line after just three laps, and the Essendon Ford entry of Dobson out of the race with a deflated right rear.

James Thompson was mind blowing in the first six laps advancing from tenth to sixth, while Ben Atkinson attained a potential podium position after seven laps before being relegated to fourth by a hard charging Max Johnston.

Maxy J had mysteriously fallen to ninth in the first ten laps before meticulously clawing back to third in the closing stages to go into battle with Matt Dumesny who’d held on to second for much of the race. Dumesny however was balked by lapped traffic on the last corner exit of the final lap and opened the door for Johnston to steal a runner up finish at the final opportunity.

Ben Atkinson secured fourth in front of Jackson Delamont advanced from a fourth row start to claim fifth.

Max Dumesny was almost the hard charger after a heat race DNF forced him to battle through the B main to start 22nd in the A main and progress an impressive twelve positions to finish tenth, however the reigning USC NSW champion was upstaged by his youngest son Marcus who climbed from 21st to 8th with a warning sign to the industry of the level of natural talent that resides in the quietly spoken teenager.

Robbie Farr

Robbie Farr in hot laps

Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson outside Matt Dumesny in the A-Main

Valvoline raceway

The start of the A Main sent the dust flying

Jeremy Cross (39)

3 wide action – Jeremy Cross (39) holds off Marty Perovich (17) and Marcus Dumesny (47)

Courtney O'Hehir (71) finds some grip after a B Main melee. Also pictured are Jimmy Matchett (88), AJ Nash (51), Brayden Willmington (89), Matt Geering (blue 6), Mark Blyton (98)

Courtney O’Hehir (71) finds some grip after a B Main melee. Also pictured are Jimmy Matchett (88), AJ Nash (51), Brayden Willmington (89), Matt Geering (blue 6), Mark Blyton (98)

Troy Little

Troy Little on the Valvoline clay early in the program

Grant Tunks

Grant Tunks shows what a left rear with 4 PSI looks like when under full power

Shaun Dobson

Shaun Dobson in hot laps also has that classic left rear sidewall ripple

Toby Bellbowen

Toby Bellbowen spent the night in hospital for observation after a big main straight crash in the A Main. Here Toby really gets down to business

West Aussie AJ Nash (51), leads Jay Waugh (99) and Matt Geering (6)

West Aussie AJ Nash (51), leads Jay Waugh (99) and Matt Geering (6)

Jordyn Brazier

Jordyn Brazier leads Andrew Wright in an early heat

USC attention now turns to Murray Machining and Shed Speedway in Murray Bridge next Saturday where a field in excess of 40 cars is expected to grace the newest venue on the USC roster for South Australia’s first Ultimate Pink Night.

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Sam Walsh Shines at Valvoline Raceway

All Images by Gary Reid: greid@pacific.net.au
Words – Valvoline Raceway / USC

Sam Walsh was a jubilant winner of the Sid Hopping Shootout at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway Saturday night (15 Oct), pocketing $10,000 for the win and creating a nice little slice of history along the way.

Earlier in the night the 28-year-old third generation racer sped his new Rocket Industries #92 GF1 to the fastest single lap ever recorded at Valvoline Raceway with a sizzling 11.549 in qualifying and eclipsed American Cody Darrah’s long-standing record.

“It’s been an incredible night for our team,” grinned Walsh as he pointed to the Rocket Industries/Aeroflow Corporate Box a mere 100m from where he was parked in victory lane, “we’ve got a great motor in this new car and we’re starting to get handle on the package. I can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible.”

Sam Walsh

A Main podium: (l-r) Jamie Veal (3rd), Sam Walsh (1st), Sid Hopping (Sprintcar legend), Matt Dumesny (2nd)

Sam Walsh

Sam Walsh celebrates

Sid Hopping himself was delighted to hand the winner’s trophy over to Walsh for the second time in three years.

“You did a great job Sam. The speed you had tonight was incredible. Well done,” said the living legend and creator of the Parramatta City Raceway (now Valvoline raceway) near enough to forty years ago.

Despite the fact that the track took rubber during the 30-lap main event the racing was enthralling with some surprising moments and several personal best results.

Matt Dumesny sped by first his father Max, then Jamie Veal to record his first podium and second place finish.

Jamie Veal placed third behind Walsh and Dumesny with Max Johnston putting in a blinder to place fourth ahead of Robbie Farr, Max Dumesny, Jordyn Brazier, Daniel Sayre (career best for 8th), Jackson Delamont and Troy Little rounding out the top ten.

Classified outside the top ten were James Thompson eleventh followed by Toby Bellbowen, Ben Atkinson, Grant Tunks, Marcus Dumesny, Kyle Caunt, Shaun Dobson, Mick Saller, Braydan Wilmington, Marty Perovich, Jeremy Cross and Garry Brazier.

Sam Walsh was the fastest qualifier in Flight One and overall whilst Robbie Farr was the fastest in Flight Two.

Heat winners were Jordyn Brazier, Jamie Veal, Robbie Farr and Max Johnston.

The B-Main transferees (1st and 2nd) in the respective two B-Mains were Garry Brazier, Matt Smith, Shaun Dobson and Braydan Willmington.

The Pole Shootout was won by Jamie Veal.

A huge crowd greeted drivers and crew as the second annual “Ultimate Pink Night” promotion drew fans in from all over Sydney.

Fundraising was held for the National Breast Cancer Foundation with many teams getting fully committed to the cause and helping to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

Seb Johnston

Seb Johnston leads Michael Jordan

Max Dumesny

Darryl Campbell (28) leads Max Dumesny (5) and Grant Tunks (54)

Pink was the theme for the night with sprintcars Courtney O'Hehir (71) and Daniel Sayre (16) in the flag parade

In support of breast cancer research Pink was the theme for the night – Sprintcars Courtney O’Hehir (71) and Daniel Sayre (16)  “wore pink” in the Flag Parade as did the Q30 Legends car in the middle

Marcus Dumesny

Marcus Dumesny on the gas at Valvoline Raceway

Cam Ware

Cam Ware in action

Sam Walsh

Sam Walsh (92) underneath Brayden Willmington (89) in the closing laps of the A Main

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James McFadden wins Grand Opening Meeting at Perth Motorplex

Banner Image – Richard Hathaway Photography (www.richardhathawayphotography.com)

All images by Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

James McFadden driving the W17 Monte Motorsport Milwaukee Tools entry was a convincing winner in the Grand Opening meeting at Perth Motorplex.

It was a rather cold night and round one of the AHG Series.

Following McFadden across the line was Brad Maiolo and Shaun Bradford.

Earlier in the night Jason Kendrick set quick time (13.839 sec) but was a DNF in the A-Main, pulling out on lap 10 of the 30 lapper with a broken uni joint

Kye Scroop came home in 4th while Taylor Milling rounded out the top 5.






















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