Peter Roebuck goes Rural and Non-Sprintcar at the Same Time !!

All Images : Peter Roebuck

Hi all,

Below is an amazing crash sequence compliments of Peter Roebuck.

Yes …… these things don’t have Wings, but Peter went rural again in WA and captured this stunning crash sequence of John Castagna in his #49 tin top and we thought it worthy to show all and sundry.

A great piece of photography and when John’s commodore finally came to rest on all four wheels, he was quick to escape the fury of the inferno.

Happily John was uninjured and through the course of the following week commenced building up a brand new replacement racecar – A Commodore of course!

Dedication or what !!!

Enjoy !!










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Kellerberrin Turns On Sprintcars – Sat 19th Aug

All Images : Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck took another hike out in WA’s Wheatbelt region and attended a Sprintcar Day meet at Kellerberrin Speedway.

Here’s some action shots for you.

The drivers are:

#48 Murray Iwanow
#79 Tom Hooper
#72 Dylan Sexton
#9 Darryl Borgas


Peter Roebuck said it was a top meeting - Even the birds enjoyed it !!

Peter Roebuck said it was a top meeting – Even the birds enjoyed it !!















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2017 WA Classic Speedway Showcase – Gloucester Park WA

All Images: Peter Roebuck

Our good mate and Speedway Lensman Virtuoso Peter Roebuck is great at staying out of trouble – That’s because he loves his Speedway, and at every opportunity he sniffs out a race or a special Speedway Event – It literally keeps him off the streets !!!!

Last Sunday (13th August) Peter went along to the stunning Gloucester Park Harness Racing Facility in West Perth WA.

Here Peter saw a different form of horsepower compared to what normally graces the venue – On display under the cover of the grandstand was a magnificent array of Speedway machines from yesteryear, ranging from bikes to TQ’s to Formula 500’s to Speedcars to tin tops to Supermodifieds to Sprintcars — All classes were all there, proudly on display in their livery from years gone by.

There was also a heap of former riders and drivers in attendance to swap stories and chat about the sport we love so much and where its roots came from in WA.

They were and still are Champions and showcasing their machines made a very special and memorable day.

Here’s some photos for you viewing pleasure – thanks Peter! ….and congrats mate on yet another award !! :

Peter Roebuck picked up this award for 5 decades for capturing the moment in Speedway

Peter Roebuck picked up this award for 5 decades of capturing “The Moment” in Speedway

Peter has had a particularly good year when it comes to Photographic Awards - Here's his "Batcave" where he proudly displays his trophies

Peter has had a particularly good year when it comes to Photographic Awards – Here’s his “Batcave” where he proudly displays his trophies

Laurie Hardy's spectacular Monaro

Laurie Hardy’s spectacular Monaro






Bob Goddard with Geoff Stanton's Speedcar

Geoff Stanton’s Speedcar






John Anderson and the #1 F500

John Anderson and the magnificent #1 F500

Bonza Bradford's #57 Sprintcar with Ray Geneve - notice the coli over front end

Bonza Bradford’s #57 Sprintcar with Ray Geneve – notice the coil over front end !!


Geoff Pilgrim and a flock of Speedcars

Geoff Pilgrim and a flock of Speedcars








Mike Figlliomini's Speedcar is graced with the presence of Frank Figs and daughter Georgia

Mike Figlliomini’s Speedcar is graced with the presence of Frank “Figs” and daughter Georgia

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Wingless Sprints at WA’s Kellerberrin

All Images: Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck took a trip to Kellerberrin Speedway in WA’s Wheatbelt last weekend and caught up with some really competitive racing.

Kellerberrin is a great country track and is 3 hrs 15 mins east of Perth on the way to Kalgoorlie.

Current State Champion Tom Payet (#23) was victorious.

Other competitors were #3 Matt Iwanow, #5 Jeff Munrow, #17 Brad Taylor, #42 Mitchell White, #47 Cody Dobson, #96 Brad Fitzgerald.

Here’s some of Peter Roebuck’s actin shots:



















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Shark Bay Speedway – Limited Sprintcar Far Westerns – July 8

All Images: Peter Roebuck
Words: Paul Griffin

Check out the pistons on top of the support posts !!

Check out the pistons on top of the support posts !!

Well you can’t keep a good man down!

After taking out Speedway Australia’s Photographer of The Year a few short weeks back and realising that the WA Sprintcar scene was in winter hibernation, Peter Roebuck just had to fulfil his lust for those things with wings.

Peter sniffed out that the 30th Annual Far Westerns were on for Limited Sprintcars last Saturday night at picturesque Shark Bay – nearly 1000 km away from where Peter lives !!

So what does a man do ??

The distance doesn’t phase Peter and he jumps in the car with all his camera gear (hidden mind you), telling his wife that they are going take a short break to visit the North Western aspects of WA and see the famous dolphins at Shark Bay……something she has always wanted to do.

Peter gets an early start on the Friday, makes the 1000km haul, arrives in Shark Bay and heads straight to the dolphins.

The dolphins are there in all their glory and his wife is very very happy !!

zz01And then with the dolphin business all done and out of the way, “Peter just happens to realisesomething ……that the next day there is a Sprintcar race in town – the Limited Sprintcar Far Westerns !!

BOY ! How lucky can you be – or perhaps it was engineered that way???

We think the latter !

Good call Peter !!  ………..  you cheeky bugger !


Current WA Limited Sprintcar Champion Brett Barndon ended up storming to victory with a few close shaves along the way.

…………and here are some of his shots from last Saturday at the tight little coastal bullring – Shark Bay Speedway!!!!

Brett Barndon

Brett Barndon celebrates his victory with a donut

Brett Barndon

WA1 Brett Barndon hikes the left front

26 Glen Dickinson

#26 Glen Dickinson spins as the then current WA Limited Sprintcar Champion Brett Barndon slips past

Robert Garraway (18) rubs wheels with Brendon Dickinson (44)

Robert Garraway (18) rubs wheels with Brendon Dickinson (44)

Ross Atkinson

Ross Atkinson (96) leads Brendon Dickinson (44)

Matt Davis #66 in action

Matt Davis #66 in action

Brett Barndon

Brett Barndon heads for the wall


Barndon ended up kissing the wall and avoided major damage

Glen Dickinson

Glen Dickinson (26) runs wheel to wheel with Brendon Dickinson (44)

Tahni Doble

Tahni Doble (42) on the inside of Glen Dickinson (26)

Tahni Doble

Tahni Doble (42) continues to apply pressure on the inside of Glen Dickinson (26)

Ross Atkinson

Ross Atkinson on the gas

Glen Dickinson (26) races with Mick Doble (40) and Robert Garraway (18)

Glen Dickinson (26) races with Mick Doble (40) and Robert Garraway (18)

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Peter Roebuck Awarded Speedway Australia Photographer of The Year at Gala Awards Presentation Function

Words – Paul Griffin

Recently Speedway Photographer Peter Roebuck had a coveted National award bestowed upon him.

Peter Roebuck Lensman

Peter Roebuck – Master Speedway Lensman

Peter attended the Speedway Australia Annual Awards Presentation and graciously took out the 2017 Speedway Photographer of The Year Award.

The award recognised the tireless effort and sheer artistic skill that Peter so aptly demonstrates week in, week out.

In the main Peter departs from the standard flash photography that most speedway lens gurus rely on to “stop time” and capture that ultimate image.

Peter prefers to suffer the weight penalty and uses the “available light” technique where a hot shoe flash is swapped out for a massive lens that is capable of drawing in large amounts of ambient light.

This results in staggering detail and no dark shadow lines.

Peter has mastered the technique over many decades of both speedway photography and other forms of photography.

Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck celebrates his Speedway Australia Photographer of the Year Award with son Travis (Director and Announcer for Fox FM)

Peter Roebuck wins

Some of the dignitaries that were in attendance to see Peter take out a popular victory on the night

James McFadden

Sprintcar High Flyer James McFadden and his Partner were amongst the crowd

The majority of Peter’s craft is carried out in Western Australia, particularly at the high banked Kwinana Beach Perth Motorplex venue.

He has also travelled around the nation to cover major races and other forms of motorsport.

Known affectionately in some circles as “Straight Shooter”, Peter  has an incredible knack of being in the right spot at the right time to capture a wide range of stunning shots.

These range from traditional racing shots, wild flips, concept shots, behind the scenes pit shots, candid in-field shots and even the odd magnificent sunset backdrop shot at Perth Motorplex.

He covers a lot of ground in one racing night that’s for sure !!

During season 2016/17 Peter was also recognised for 50 years of service to the Speedway Industry with a special award presented by Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager Gavin Migro (see link below).

We take out hat off to Peter for winning this prestigious award and wish to recognise his outstanding achievements in not only season 2016/17 but over many many years.

Well done Peter !!

Photographer of the Year - Peter Roebuck

Biggest Congrats Peter !!!
An Award well recognised and deserved Mate

We would also give a big thanks to Peter for his regular contributions to http://Torque Tube. Without those valued contributions this not for profit website would not continue to exist.

Well done again Peter for showcasing Speedway and particularly Sprintcars in all their glory !!

To read more about Peter Roebuck click on these links:

Photographer Peter Roebuck Honoured for 50 years Service in Speedway

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Ben Van Ryt wins Final 360 Meeting for 2016/17 at Perth Motorplex

All Images – Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

Last Saturday night saw the final 360 CI Sprintcar race of the 2016/17 season at Perth Motorplex.

Our photographer Peter Roebuck was there to capture all the action and see Ben Van Ryt in fine form.

A Main Podium: L to R: Tom Hooper (3rd), Ben Van Ryt (1st), Luch Monte (3rd)

A Main Podium: L to R: Tom Hooper (3rd), Ben Van Ryt (1st), Luch Monte (3rd)

Ben Van Ryt

Ben Van Ryt took out the final 360 meeting of the year at Perth Motorplex

Ben Van Ryt

Ben Van Ryt with winner’s trophy in hand

Ben Van Ryt

Ben Van Ryt is congratulated on his popular victory












Perth Motorplex is that stage for many a great sunset – here a wingless sprint completes a marvellous view

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Jamie Veal Wins Final Round of USC NSW – Robbie Farr takes the USC Chase and USC NSW Championship

All images compliments Gary Reid
Words: Valvoline Raceway PR

Jamie Veal was a jubilant victor in the final round of the USC NSW Championship and USC Chase tonight at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway and Robbie Farr claimed both the respective championships.

Veal sped to his 15th career victory (and second in a row) at Parramatta to now move into equal 16th place for overall wins tying with Ian Madsen.

He was rarely challenged for supremacy in the 35-lap A-Main.

“We’ve had an up and down kind of year,” he revealed at the podium, “we had a great start, we lost our momentum in the middle and now we’ve regained our speed at the end. It’s good to get some data we can use here for next year though.”

Jamie Veal (1st)

Sprintcar podium (l-r): Robbie Farr (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), Shaun Dobson (2nd)

Tasmanian Shaun Dobson was electric in the Essendon Ford #21 as he sizzled to second place behind Veal and an eventual third in the USC Chase Championship.

Dobson was hectic in the Pole Shootout moving from 8th to 3rd in the 2-lap knockout and showing some blistering speed until Jamie Veal ended his run.

For Robbie Farr his eventual third place in the A-Main (he pipped Jordyn Brazier on the final lap to earn the final spot on the rostrum) driving the ECP #7 Cool was a moment to savor.

“This team has worked hard this year for this result,” he smiled, “I can’t thank Barry and Felicity Waldron and Nick Speed and Neil Kelly enough for the hard work they put in on this deal. Barry and Felicity have done so much for this sport, for this team and for my family. It’s a great result to win the Chase and the NSW USC deal but we can’t stop yet, we’ve got the QLD USC to try and pin down next Friday too.”

Robbie Farr

Robbie Farr is USC NSW Champion

Jordyn Brazier was one lap away from his first ever Sydney podium but just missed the spot when Robbie Farr past the Cobra Bins #21 and slid him back to fourth.

Max Dumesny and Max Johnston enjoyed a spirited stoush for the final spot in the top five with Dumesny eventually getting the nod over his younger adversary with Jackson Delamont seventh, Danny Reidy eighth, James Thompson ninth and Sam Walsh rounding out the ten.

Walsh was left ruing what might have been for the second consecutive weekend as he tagged the back of fellow front row starter Jamie Veal as the pair raced into turn one for the first time.

The Rocket Industries #92 spun in front of the field where he was struck by the hapless Grant Tunks who had nowhere to go in the Flair Dancewear #54.

Tunks was unfortunately unable to restart.

Walsh raced back to tenth after starting in #23 on the restart despite a severely damaged front wing.

Promising young Central Coast racer Alex Orr rode out a wild ride in his Meander Village #43 when he was tagged by teen racer Matt Geering and flipped hard coming out of turn two.

Geering appeared to get a push on the lowline in the Cooldrive #6 and the pair made contact with Orr’s entry rolling hard.


1. Jamie Veal
2. Shaun Dobson
3. Robbie Farr
4. Jordyn Brazier
5. Max Dumesny
6. Max Johnston
7. Jackson Delamont
8. Danny Reidy
9. James Thompson
10. Sam Walsh
11. Toby Bellbowen
12. Matt Dumesny
13. Warren Ferguson
14. Michael Pickens
15. Mitchell Dumesny
16. Lachlan McHugh
17. Daniel Sayre
18. Darryl Campbell
19. Jessie Attard
20. Matt Geering DNF
21. Marcus Dumesny DNF
22. Alex Orr DNF
23. Ben Atkinson DNF
24. Grant Tunks DNF

Alex Orr goes over

Alex Orr (43) gets upside down in front of Matt Geering
(6) and Daniel Sayre (16) while Lachlan McHugh (23) drives away

Jamie Veal (35) and Sammy Walsh (92)

Jamie Veal (35) and Sammy Walsh (92) in the Pole Shuffle

Stacey Galliford

Top Shot Gary !!!! — Stacey Galliford

Max Johnston

Max Johnston gives it his all

Robbie Seton

Robbie Seton looking good through turn one

Braydan Willmington

Braydan Willmington showing good pace in his qualifying run

Mitchell Dumesny

Mitchell Dumesny in qualifying really stands on the gas

Mick Saller

Mick Saller powers through a turn at Valvoline Raceway

Jamie Veal

Jamie Veal shows his smooth winning style

Alex Orr (43) leads Marcus Dumesny (47) and Braydan Willmington (89)

Alex Orr (43) leads Marcus Dumesny (47) and Braydan Willmington (89)

Heat race action with Darryl Campbell (left, 28), Mick Saller (56)

Heat race action with Darryl Campbell (left, 28), Mick Saller (56), Matt Geering (6), Cameron Ware (58) and Matt Thomas (45)

Winner of the B-Main was Daniel Sayre in a polished drive with Lachlan McHugh, Matt Geering and Alex Orr also making the transfer to the A-Main.

Winner of the C-Main was Blake Skipper with Cordi O’Hehir putting in one of her best drives of the season to finish 2nd and transfer to the B-Main.

Winner of the D-Main was Bruce White with Kaitlyn Anthony also making the transfer to the back of the C-Main.

Jamie Veal won the Pole Shootout whilst the Ian Boettcher Race Parts Quick time went to James Thompson in the Stahlwille Tools #22 with a 12.581s lap in Flight One.

Heat winners were Max Dumesny, Jordyn Brazier, Sam Walsh and Jamie Veal.

The non-qualifiers win went to Robbie Seton.

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Perth Motorplex Speedway Update

Words – WA Sunday Times


Sunday 2 April, 2017

Racing Hub has reprieve By Martin Flynn WA’s motorsport hub will remain on track for another year but the State Government is still scrambling to find a private bidder to secure its future….

Perth Motorplex is currently operated by WA government agency VenuesWest, which last week confirmed it would keep doors open until June 2018 even if the facility runs at a loss.

An expression-of-interest period that finished last month drew responses from Australia and overseas, VenuesWest chief executive David Etherton said.

Mr Etherton said more than 80 groups in the motorsport industry were contacted before the public release of the EOI process, but it would take several months to consider proposals to operate the venue.

“We have every intention of completing the process and undertaking a transition period within the June 2018 time-frame,” he said. “If an operator has not been appointed at this stage, a further decision will be made at the time regarding VenuesWest’s continued involvement and the ongoing operation of the venue.”

VenuesWest took on “interim management” last July after Kwinana Motorplex withdrew from operating the venue.

Asked if the stadium would continue to run even at a loss to taxpayers, Mr Etherton said “VenuesWest will manage the venue until June 2018, or until transitioning to a new operator if this occurs prior to that date.

“The season hasn’t finished so the financial performance…is not yet finalised.” A 2015-16 financial summary for the $29.3 million Motorplex showed it paid VenuesWest $439,158 that season.

Speedway veteran David Priolo, who was to retire after last night’s Gold Cup Grand Final, said it was “imperative” the Motorplex stayed open.

Mr Etherton said this season, which finishes on May 31, would be delivered and 2017-18 was under development.

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Jamie Veal Wins USC Round at Valvoline Raceway – Sydney Speedway

All Images compliments of Gary Reid
Words by USCPR, minor edit P Griffin

It was a mixed bag of contrasting fortunes for the six USC Chase Championship contenders at Valvoline Raceway on the weekend …..and a win for defending champion Jamie Veal sees the points situation tightening substantially coming into the final round next Saturday night (April 8).

Disappointments presented for 1st and 2nd placed Chase contenders Robbie Farr and Sam Walsh coming into the fifth round last night, while strong finishes for Shaun Dobson and Max Dumesny now sees the title open up considerably.

Matt Dumesny too, who led for several laps of the 35-lap A-Main Saturday night (1st April) ended up with several unplanned events hampering his Chase aspirations after going into the round in fourth place.

Jamie Veal’s win was far from an easy affair for the Warrnambool hero with Matt Dumesny serving it up to the #35 SWI Engineering Maxim until the young Sydneysider jumped the cushion in turn three and four and then half spun back on to the track.

Jamie Veal (1st)

A Main podium (l-r): James Thompson (2nd), Jamie Veal (1st), Jay Waugh (3rd)

Jamie Veal at Valvoline Raceway

Jamie Veal celebrates feature win number 14 at Valvoline Raceway

With the front wheels high in the air Matt Dumesny came into the path of the hapless Sam Walsh (running in third at the time) and the pair became locked together bringing on the cautions.

Tragically for Walsh, who earlier had bettered his own one-lap track record in qualifying in the #92 Rocket Industries GF1 with a stunning 11.500s lap, his car was too badly damaged to restart.

This caused a major speed bump in Walsh’s path to possible Chase victory with the further agony of knowing that series leader Robbie Farr would later finish in a disappointing 9th position.

Veal was rock solid with the Jeff Judd/Dylan Buswell spannered #35 and racked up his 14th career victory at the VR clayway.

The fact that his beloved Essendon Bombers AFL Team looked well placed to record their second consecutive win not long after he crossed the line was not lost on the Victorian superstar.

“I really can’t thank these boys enough,” he explained, “Matty (Dumesny) did a great job there and I had to really keep him in my sights in the traffic. It’s great that we could come up with the win and let’s see what happens next week I guess.”

Tasmanian Shaun Dobson was speedy and consistent in the Quantum Quartz / Essendon Ford #21 to finish in a healthy fourth position behind USC podium debutant Jay Waugh in third.

Max Dumesny

Max Dumesny (5) battles with Shaun Dobson (21)

Canberra based expat Kiwi Waugh paid tribute to his family members, friends and partner Kaara stating ‘this is a great result for our little team to get this third place. It was great to run up the front with these guys and I hope it continues.”

James Thompson was resilient and effective in the Stahlwille Tools #22 for his stout second place despite battling effects of the flu.

“I’m feeling really under the weather tonight it’s so good to get a result like his for all our team. The wheels never fall off this car, the boys always give me such a great car.”

Thompson also paid tribute to the track staff for the wide and racy surface.

“My hat’s off to the track guys here, this place was old school Parramatta and it was a pleasure to race on. I know that they’ve had a huge job getting the place ready with all the rain but it was back to its best tonight.”

Max Dumesny was his typical rock-solid self in the Valvoline Maxim slipping silently into the top six and garnering some critical points to overtake son Matt in the Chase points coming into April 8.

Max Johnston wheeled the Airplant Services #38 to a stirring top-five finish showing everyone how keen he was to be back behind the wheel after the interminable two-month lay off with Sydney’s unseasonal wet weather patterns.

Jackson Delamont ran a strong seventh ahead of VR debutant Darren Mollenoyux from Victoria (keeping him in the hunt for a possible top five Chase result) over Robbie Farr in ninth and Michael Pickens tenth in the Style Homes / Century Batteries Eagle.

For Chase points leader Robbie Farr, a critical jumped cushion in turns three/four whilst haggling near the front proved costly as the #7 ECP/Hi-Tec Oils Cool dropped several positions to only just remain inside the top ten.

4-wide salute at Valvolien Raceway

4-wide salute (l-r): Matt Dumesny (57), Shaun Dobson (21), Ben Atkinson (2), Jamie Veal (35)

Michael Pickens came from the B-Main to run a creditable top ten in his VR Sydney Sprintcar debut and show his undeniable quality in an unfamiliar package owned by Sid Moore and spannered by Brett Morris.

Remaining finishers were Toby Bellbowen 11th, Darryl Campbell 12th, Daniel Sayre (who was a lively customer and ran within sight of the top five for some time) 13th, Danny Reidy 14th, Matt Geering 15th, Kim Becker (who ran as a two-car team with son Jesse who made his first USC A-Main appearance) 16th and Warren Ferguson 17th.

DNF’s were Ben Atkinson, Alex Orr, Jesse Attard, Jordyn Brazier, Guy Stanshall and Matt Dumesny.

Guy Stanshall unfortunately had the biggest exit from the A-Main when he made contact with Ben Atkinson and flipped many times into turn three before thankfully emerging unscathed.

Darren Mollenoyux

Victorian Darren Mollenoyux squeezes the right rear in time trials

Nathan Dicker (82) and Jason Davis (31)

Nathan Dicker (82) and Jason Davis (31) power down the back straight

Michael Pickens

Michael Pickens has his car balanced beautifully

Max Johnston

Max Johnston (38) leads Darren Mollenoyux (inside) and Jay Waugh

Kim Becker

Kim Becker is all concentration as Alex Orr drives the high line

Ben Atkinson (2) leads Robbie Farr (7) and Sammy Walsh (92)

Ben Atkinson (2) leads Robbie Farr (7) and Sammy Walsh (92)

Heat wins went to Jamie Veal, Matt Dumesny, Ben Atkinson and Shaun Dobson.

The C-Main win went to James Duckworth with Adam Hourigan also making the transfer.

The B-Main went to Darryl Campbell with Michael Pickens, Alex Orr and Kim Becker also making the transfer to the A-Main.

Official results in the A-Main were:

1. Jamie Veal
2. James Thompson
3. Jay Waugh
4. Shaun Dobson
5. Max Johnston
6. Max Dumesny
7. Jackson Delamont
8. Darren Mollenoyux
9. Robbie Farr
10. Michael Pickens
11. Toby Bellbowen
12. Darryl Campbell
13. Daniel Sayre
14. Danny Reidy
15. Matt Geering
16. Kim Becker
17. Warren Ferguson

Next weekend Saturday April 8th sees the Grand Final of the USC Chase and also the ultimate Sprintcar Challenge NSW Final at Sydney Valvoline Raceway.

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