Perth Motorplex Fast Friday – 18th Dec 2015

Words : Paul Griffin
All Images: Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Lee Nash took out last night’s (Dec 18) Fast Friday Sprintcar Extravaganza at the Perth Motorplex.

Nash has been showing great form lately and getting quicker and quicker, to the point of knocking on the door for a major victory.

Well Nashee not only knocked on the door, he smashed it wide open.

We look forward to bigger and bigger things from Nash as the Sprintcar action heats up in Perth over the Christmas period. He’s got the car. got the skill and above all has got the confidence to dish it up to a lot of the guys now.

Peter Roebuck was on hand to snap these awesome shots of those Things with Wings”.

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Jamie Veal Wins WSS Round 1 at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Words – Valvoline Raceway/USC PR
Images – Gary Reid:

Round 8 of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship doubled as the first round of the 2015/2016 World Series Sprintcars at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway and once again Jamie Veal stood atop the winner’s dais in the #35 SWI Engineering Maxim.

Veal continued his amazing form at Parramatta to lead home Steven Lines in second place and Brooke Tatnell third in the 30-lap feature race.

A Main podium: (l-r) Brooke Tatnell (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), Steve Lines (2nd)

A Main podium: (l-r) Brooke Tatnell (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), Steve Lines (2nd)

“I was nervous for sure knowing you’ve got such high calibre field behind you, but I know I can rely on my guys to give me a consistent racecar, but I nearly got caught out with turn 4 on a few occasions, but thankfully we brought it home for a win.”

Tatnell actually passed Veal for the lead when the Victorian jumped the cushion in turn four but an untimely stoppage at that critical moment saw the lead taken back from the 9-times WSS champion at the restart.

Steven Lines really got going on the highline and after a multiple lap battle with Tatnell eventually edged into second position where he held on until the chequers flew.

Robbie Farr showed considerable speed to place fourth ahead of fellow Sydneysider James Thompson who was clearly thrilled with his placing.

“I finished fifth in a World Series event some time ago,” he grinned, “I was thrilled back then and I’m thrilled this time around too. I had a great race going there with Robbie (Farr) for most of the race.”

Luke Dillon came home in sixth ahead of Warren Ferguson seventh, David Murcott eighth, Toby Bellbowen ninth, Andrew Wright tenth and then back to Kyle Hirst, Max Dumesny, Grant Tunks, Shaun Dobson, Jackson Delamont, Ian Madsen, Danny Reidy, Matt Smith, Grant Anderson, James McFadden and Max Johnston being the last placed finisher in 21st.

DNF’s were Ben Atkinson (race damage) Matt Dumesny (driveline failure) and Ian Loudoun (engine failure).

There were ominous signs early when Veal set Quick-time in qualifying group one with the fastest time of 12.208 seconds, Australia #1 Dave Murcott timed in second with 12.234 seconds and Brooke Tatnell timed third with 12.274.
South Aussie Luke Dillon was back in the Diamond Bay Motorsports #26 (after running his own car for the last two weekends in Sydney) and was the fastest in group two with 12.035 seconds, Steven Lines in second with 12.225 and American Kyle Hirst timed in third with 12.228.

21-year-old Matt Dumesny won the first heat of the night with James McFadden weaving through the field to come home second and the youngest of the Dumesny racers, Marcus finishing third.

Four-time 360 Sprintcar Champion, Ryan Jones won heat two from West Australian Jason Pryde and Danny Reidy. Tasmanian Shaun Dobson started in position 9 of heat two and got through several positions to finish a close fifth.

Grant Tunks won heat three from Max Johnston and Grant Anderson.

Heat Four saw Robbie Farr start on the second row and sail around the outside to grab first position. Blake Skipper had an unlucky run spinning out with eight laps to go and again with four laps to go but the single file restart allowed Robbie Farr to drive away with the win, Toby Bellbowen in second and Max Dumesny finishing third.

Ian Madsen made his first USC appearance and finished fourth in heat four – with a fuel leak which then developed into a fire, finished 3rd in heat seven – with a blown engine, and then changed an engine for the A main where he started from the rear and finished 16th.

Matt Dumesny won his second heat of the night in heat five, followed by Jamie Veal and Jason Pryde. James McFadden put on a spectacular Ultimate Sprintcar performance for the crowd, falling back to 14th on the first lap and driving to get back up to 6th position.

Benny Atkinson won heat six from Alex Orr and Daniel Sayre.

Max Johnston won heat seven from Jeremy Cross and Ian Madsen, who put on a last minute slide job in turn three and four to pass Marty Perovich.

Robbie Farr also won his second heat in heat eight followed by Steven Lines and Grant Tunks.

Daniel Needham suffered a broken rear end just before he crossed the start line in the D-Main and sheared the right rear wheel off the axle. Stacey Galliford spun out on the restart and then another yellow light occurred before the race was declared as Peter Bourke was winning the race.
Luke Walker finished second and Peter O’Neill in third – all three transferring to the back of the C main.

Marcus Dumesny spun causing turmoil in the second corner of the C main with a few cars getting crossed up before Lachie Abbott rolled over and hit the wall in turn two. Another yellow on the restart ensued before Sam Walsh was able to get up on the cushion and get around the outside of Daniel Harding before yet another yellow light for Blake Skipper put Sam Walsh back to second with six laps to go. Once again Sam Walsh pushed the cushion around the outside of Daniel Sayre to finish first and transferred to the B main with teenager Sayre in second and Steve Caunt in third.

The top 8 shootout was run differently for the USC/WSS night: Three Ultimate Sprintcar shootouts with four Ultimate Sprintcars in each – the fastest two transferring to the next stage.

Ultimate Sprintcar Shootout 1:
Brooke Tatnell: 13.717 seconds
Matt Dumesny: 14.251 seconds
Ben Atkinson: 14.325 seconds
Toby Bellbowen: 14.964 seconds

Ultimate Sprintcar Shootout 2:
James McFadden: 13.693 seconds
Luke Dillon: 14.215 seconds
Brooke Tatnell: 14.454 seconds
Matt Dumesny: 14.675 seconds

Ultimate Sprintcar Shootout 3:
Jamie Veal: 13.714 seconds
Steven Lines: 14.166 seconds
James McFadden: 14.197 seconds
Luke Dillon: 14.346 seconds

James McFadden only got to two laps in as he got over the cushion in turn one of the Gold Shootout and dug the front of the #25 into the heavy part of the track and spun out – he was unable to restart but still made the second row of the A main.

The B main was cut down to 15 laps due to time constraints but it didn’t stop Ian Loudoun from winning. Three cars spun out on the back straight on lap one sending dust into the air, the back-runners just squeezing through.

Six laps to go after a yellow light for Alex Orr and Sam Walsh, Ian Loudoun was leading and Max Dumesny showing the young Ultimate drivers he’s still got it. Dumesny passed Jackson Delamont around the outside of turn four, then passed Max Johnston and Grant Tunks with two laps to go, catching Loudoun on the final lap and almost passing him on the finish line in true Max Dumesny style.

At the start of the A-Main Veal grabs the lead while Tatnell and Dillon pass Lines for second and third. Five laps down and Veal is already reaching lapped traffic, Tatnell quickly caught up to Veal and with a tiny mistake from Veal in turn four, Tatnell grabbed the lead before a yellow light was pulled for Matt Dumesny. A single file restart put Tatnell back to second between Veal and Lines.

12 laps to go and a yellow light is pulled for Anderson, another restart allows Lines to have another go at passing Tatnell and with 10 laps to go, Lines passes the KMS Cool on the outside before McFadden comes together with Ben Atkinson with five laps to go in turn four racing for 4th and 5th position.

McFadden only suffers top wing damage and is allowed to restart the race from the rear of the field whilst Atkinson is unfortunately a DNF.

A restart with six laps to go and four of the best names up the front – Veal, Lines, Tatnell and Farr contest for the podium.

Lines moves around the outside of Tatnell for second, Tatnell passes him back and Lines passes back again – the top of the race track, against the cushion is where you wanted to be in this race for sure.

Veal sped home to record yet another USC victory which also doubled of course as the ENZED World Series Sprintcars opener for 2015/2016.

Jamie Veal won the A Main

Jamie Veal won the A Main

Luke Dillon

Luke Dillon gets on the gas in qualifying

Shaun Dobson (21) leads Jackson Delamont (48)

Shaun Dobson (21) leads Jackson Delamont (48)

Robbie Farr (7) leads Damian Hart (9)

Robbie Farr (7) leads Damian Hart (9)

Grant Tunks (54) attacks Blake Skipper (24) and an obscured Robbie Farr (7)

Grant Tunks (54) attacks Blake Skipper (24) and an obscured Robbie Farr (7)

Grant Anderson (37) holds off Toby Bellbowen (7)

Grant Anderson (37) holds off Toby Bellbowen (7)

Sammy Walsh (92) leads Daniel Harding (12)

Sammy Walsh (92) leads Daniel Harding (12)

Valvoline Raceway takes next weekend off and will bounce back for USC NSW Round 9 on December 26 with Americans Kasey Kahne, Kraig Kinser, Brad Sweet and Carson Macedo joining the Aussie stars

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Sprintcars Featured at Perth Motorplex Speedfest Show

Words – Sprintcar Entrants Group (SEG) PR
Images – Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Sprintcar racing was showcased at the Perth Motorplex on Sunday 13th Dec as part of the Inaugural Speedfest show that also featured Perth’s own Formula 1 star Daniel Ricciardo.

The Red Bull racer had a pair of F1 cars at his disposal for a series of demonstration runs and match races on the drag strip as part of the huge speed festival.

Earlier in the day the Wormall Civil Sprintcars were on the track showcasing to the crowd what the exciting sport is all about.

….and as always, the John Day Push Utes looked immaculate !

After the demonstration runs the cars were cleaned and kept on display all day.

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Tom Payet Wins Keen Quip 50 Lapper Wingless Sprint Race at Moora

All following images compliments Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

Last Saturday 12th Dec, current WA Wingless Sprint Champ Tom “Buddah” Payet took out the Keenquip 50 lapper at Moora Speedway in country WA.

Our travelling Lensman Peter Roebuck was on hand to capture these great images of the marathon event.

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Jamie Veal Wins George Tatnell Challenge at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

All Images compliments Gary Reid –
Words: Valvoline Raceway and USC PR

Last Saturday’s (5th Dec) Ultimate Sprintcar Championship was not like all the others, as the drivers, officials and fans remembered a great man, a name synonymous with speedway racing, the one and only George Tatnell.

Jamie Veal won round 7 of the NSW Ultimate Sprintcar Championship from Sammy Walsh, James McFadden and Kyle Hirst.

A Main podium: (l-r) James McFadden (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), Sammy Walsh (2nd)

A Main podium: (l-r) James McFadden (3rd), Jamie Veal (1st), Sammy Walsh (2nd)

Warrnambool’s Veal was rapid right from the beginning of the night and set quick-time in qualifying with the fastest lap time of 12.374 seconds with Brooke Tatnell, Shaun Dobson qualifying second and third.


With a track record 75 cars nominated for the George Tatnell Challenge the standard of competition was incredible for the USC. Two non-qualifying heats, 4 qualifier heats, no pole shuffle due to time restraints and a D, C, B and A main were the items on the Sprintcar smorgasbord.

Peter Bourke took out the non-qualifiers heat one, followed by Damien Hart and Seb Johnston.

Grant Tunks won the non-qualifiers heat two with Glen Saville in second and Andrew Wright.

Phil March came together with Grant Tunks earlier in the race breaking his front end whilst Northern Territorian Jamie O’Neil had a monster crash in turn two, flipping twice in the air before landing and rolling again!

Heat one was won by the Rocket Industries Ultimate Sprintcar driver Sam Walsh with Max Dumesny and Ben Atkinson in second and third.

Matt Smith also had to change an engine after not finishing heat one.
James McFadden won heat two from Grant Anderson and Toby Bellbowen while Danny Reidy won heat three from Ultimate Sprintcar Australia 1 of Dave Murcott in second and Garry Brazier in third.

Robbie Farr won heat four from Luke Dillon and Darryl Campbell.
Seb Johnston and Andrew Wright battled in the D main for first place before finishing in the two transfer positions making it to the C main with Marcus Dumesny in third.

17 year old Sebastian scored his first ever race win in the process!
Western Australian Ultimate Sprintcar driver Daniel Harding won the C main in his first appearance at Valvoline Raceway for the USC and he was followed by Jeremy Cross and Kyle Caunt.

Seb Johnston was the D main transfer and made a wild effort to make his way from 16th to 7th.After an engine change, Matt Smith won the B main from Marty Perovich and Craig Brady.

Smith had Touring Car legend Glen Seton and son Aaron working on his shock package all night and definitely looked quicker than he’d been all season as a result. The B main started off with Victorian Jack Lee Spinning in turn four but kept his car running, Jordyn Brazier spun in turn four with 12 laps to go and Max Johnston started 7th, got up to 5th then pulled off with a flat right-rear tyre.

Perovich led nearly the whole race until Smith caught and passed him on the inside on lap four.

The 30 lap A main looked promising for any of the four front runners before the race started, Jamie Veal, Shaun Dobson, Brooke Tatnell and Kyle Hirst all set fast times at the beginning of the meeting in qualifying.

Veal checked out from the drop of the green flag however with a torrid display and with six laps down, was winning by half a lap. McFadden started gaining on Veal half way through the feature, riding the cushion and catching Veal fast but “Jay-Mac” jumped the cushion in turn four five laps later and Veal had pulled away again through lapped traffic.

Jamie Veal leads Sammy Walsh

Jamie Veal leads Sammy Walsh

Unfortunately Tatnell pulled off with 9 laps to go with an engine failure in the KMS Cool but the battle was on between McFadden and Hirst for the second and third positions until the chequered flag came out.


“I can’t thank my boys enough,” said Veal after the dominating win, “when we got to lapped traffic I struggled a bit but the car felt good anywhere I put it on the track. It’s such a pleasure to race at Valvoline Raceway these days, I can’t wait until World Series Sprintcars here next week.”

Sydney USC star Sammy Walsh impressed once again in the Rocket #92 by taking it right up to the nationally decorated heroes around him.

The next event at Valvoline Raceway is this coming Saturday 12th Dec for the first round of the 29th World Series Sprintcars Championship which also doubles as USC NSW Round 8.Ends release.

Results USC RD 7 A-Main:
1. Jamie Veal
2. Sammy Walsh
3. James McFadden
4. Kyle Hirst
5. Robbie Farr
6. Shaun Dobson
7. Max Dumesny
8. Danny Reidy
9. Matt Smith
10. Steven Lines
11. James Thompson
12. David Murcott
13. Marty Perovich
14. Luke Dillon
15. Alex Orr
16. Grant Anderson
17. Jackson Delamont
18. Toby Bellbowen
19. Darryl Campbell
20. Craig Brady
21. Garry Brazier
22. Ben Atkinson
23. Kelly Linigen
24. Brooke Tatnell (DNF)

Marcus Dumesny leads Jay Waugh

Marcus Dumesny leads Jay Waugh

James Hennessy

James Hennessy hikes the front wheels

Andrew Wright (78) and Grant Tunks (54) lead Phil March (4) in heat race action

Andrew Wright (78) and Grant Tunks (54) lead Phil March (4) in heat race action

The Rocket cars are in front at the start of their heat: (l-r) Ben Atkinson (2), Sammy Walsh (92), James Thompson (22), Jamie Veal (35), Max Dumesny (5), Craig Brady (74)

The Rocket cars are in front at the start of their heat: (l-r) Ben Atkinson (2), Sammy Walsh (92), James Thompson (22), Jamie Veal (35), Max Dumesny (5), Craig Brady (74)

Warren Ferguson (32), Garry Brazier (21), Dave Murcott (A1)

Warren Ferguson (32), Garry Brazier (21), Dave Murcott (A1)

4-wide salute: Brooke Tatnell (2), Shaun Dobson (21), Kyle Hirst (17), Jamie Veal (35)

4-wide salute: Brooke Tatnell (2), Shaun Dobson (21), Kyle Hirst (17), Jamie Veal (35)

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Jackson Delamont Wins Round 6 of NSW USC

Author: Sprintcar Association of NSW
All Images: Gary Reid –

In what can only be described as a hard fought victory, Jackson Delamont scored his second career A-Main victory at Valvoline Raceway in round six of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship NSW on Saturday night, November 28.

Jackson, who started the 30 lap main event from position seven took off like a rabbit at the start and by the second lap, was already in second place. Early race leader Grant Anderson set the pace and was proving hard to match, with the exception of Delamont who made a move for the lead on lap seven.

Jackson Delamont with the Sid Hopping Shootout trophy

Jackson Delamont with the Sid Hopping Shootout trophy

Delamont held the advantage for the next five circuits before Anderson got passed by him again for the lead. Unfortunately for Anderson, his race came to an end on lap eighteen. It was a shame for the livewire Victorian who was on track for his first ever Valvoline Raceway victory.

From the restart Troy Little began to heap pressure on Delamont as he was looking for his first win in four seasons. It was a real treat for the fans seeing Delamont and Troy Little battling along with Max Dumesny, Robbie Farr, Danny Reidy and Toby Bellbowen dicing for the minor positions.

The race hit fever pitch with just two laps remaining when Garry Brazier blew a right rear tire and was out of the race. The last two laps saw Jackson remain in the lead and take the win and more importantly, qualify for the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship Chase. Second to the line was Troy Little who also qualifies for The Chase and Max Dumesny was third and in the process making it a hat-trick of new drivers qualifying for The Chase.

Fourth home was Robbie Farr followed by Danny Reidy, Matt Smith, Toby Bellbowen, Ben Atkinson, Adrian Maher, James Thompson, Grant Tunks, Mark Attard, Sam Walsh, Warren Ferguson, Luke Dillon, Kelly Linigen, Max Johnston, Jeremy Cross, Marty Perovich, Peter Bourke, Phil March and Garry Rooke was the last finisher. The non-finishers were Garry Brazier and Grant Anderson.

Blake Skipper

Blake Skipper

Kyle Caunt

Kyle Caunt

Troy Little

Troy Little

Max Johnston

Max Johnston

Jackson Delamont

Jackson Delamont

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh

heat race action from Max Dumesny (5v), Warren Ferguson (32), Danny Reidy (5) and Ben Atkinson (2)

Heat race action from Max Dumesny (5v), Warren Ferguson (32), Danny Reidy (5) and Ben Atkinson (2)

Guy Stanshall

Guy Stanshall

Luke Dillon

Luke Dillon

Seb Johnston (80) wheelstands out of turn 1 while Blake Skipper goes a more traditional route.

Seb Johnston (80) wheelstands out of turn 1 while Blake Skipper goes a more traditional route.

Adrian Maher (10) inside Garry Brazier (21)

Adrian Maher (10) inside Garry Brazier (21)

Earlier in the night, it was Matt Smith and Toby Bellbowen who once again stopped the clock the quickest in time trials. Heat race wins went to Mark Attard, Max Dumesny, Little and Delamont. The Non qualifiers was taken out by Kim Becker.

Matt Dumesny took the win in the C-Main and the B-Main was won by Danny Reidy.

The next event on the SANSW calendar will be next Saturday night, December 5 for the George Tatnell Challenge at Valvoline Raceway.

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Jason Kendrick Dominates Round 5 AHG Series – Bunbury

JASON Kendrick started from pole position and led all the way to dominate the feature race in round five of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night 28 Nov.

Kendrick was the man to catch in the 30-lapper and no one had the speed to match the #11 machine as he powered on for the convincing win over Callum Williamson and Ryan Farrell.

Jason Kendrick won from Callum Williamson (L) and Ryan Farrel (R)

The meeting was also round two of the Battery Alltypes Southern Thunder Series and the main event proved to be one of attrition with only five cars going the full journey – the other two being Daryl Clayden and Darren Mewett.

Kendrick and Jamie Maiolo started on the front row after being the quickest two cars in the Gold Dash with another two hard chargers in Brad Maiolo and Ben Ellement tucked in behind on row two.

The polesitter built up a sizeable lead and was into lapped traffic after just five laps.
Ellement closed in on Maiolo for second on lap six as Scott Chatwin spun out for a restart.
Shaun Bradford, who started from P5, put on a big slide job in pits bend and delivered a fairly impressive wheelstand when getting back on the gas to make the move stick, but it didn’t pay off and he was unable to move forward.

Mitchell Wormall spun on lap 9 for another restart and Bradford’s wild night ended with the #57 heading infield just under midrace distance.

Chatwin endured his second spin on lap 15 while Ellement pushed hard on the restart and was locked into a great duel with Jamie Maiolo for a couple of laps, but unfortunately it meant little as both withdrew a few moments later.

Ellement limped around the track’s highline for a while but eventually drove the car down to the infield but not before he was nearly collected by a car on his inside.
Brad Maiolo was running third with three laps to go before he spun on the back straight, forcing another restart.

Despite a spirited dive underneath Williamson on the restart, Farrell was not able to make the move stick and settled for third.

It was a good result for Williamson who started from P6 while Farrell started from P8.
Ellement was the quick timer in qualifying and also won a heat with other victors being Kendrick, Jamie Maiolo and Bradford.

After a busy month of racing the series takes a mini break before round six is held at the Perth Motorplex on December 19.

Qualifying: Ben Ellement 13.367, Brad Maiolo 13.378, Ryan Farrell 13.405, Jamie Maiolo 13.405, Jason Kendrick 13.461, Shaun Bradford 13.516, Daryl Clayden 13.614, Ryan Lancaster 13.738, Lee Nash 13.746, Sean Zemunik 13.770, Kye Scroop 13.820, Callum Williamson 13.905, Darren Mewett 13.984, Scott Chatwin 14.145, Mitchell Wormall 14.302, Jamie Buszan 14.706.

Heat 1: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ryan Farrell, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Darren Mewett, 8th Mitchell Wormall.

Heat 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Brad Maiolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Sean Zemuni,, 7th Jamie Buszan, 8th Scott Chatwin.

Heat 3: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Ben Ellement, 7th Darren Mewett and 8th Jamie Buszan.

Heat 4: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Scott Chatwin, 6th Sean Zemunik. DNF: Kye Scroop and Mitchell Wormall.

Feature race : 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Callum ‘The Kid’ Williamson, 3rd “FLYAN” Ryan Farrell, 4th Daryl Clayden and 5th Darren Mewett. DNF: Brad Maiolo, Ben Ellement, Ryan ‘BOMBER’ Lancaster, Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo, Shaun Bradford, Lee Nash, Sean “ZEM~ZEM” Zemunik and Mitchell Wormall. DNS: Jamie Buszan and Kye “HOT FOOT” Scroop. DQ: Scott Chatwin.

Here’s all the action form Peter Roebuck………..

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Brad Maiolo Rockets to Victory at Perth Motorplex


BRAD Maiolo’s name has been added to an illustrious list after he won the 34th Annual Scardifields Smash Repairs King of Wings at the Perth Motorplex Speedway on Saturday night.

Not only did his win cement his name in the history books but it was also part of another LJM Racing 1-2 finish after big brother Jamie was second, reversing the result from the previous round at Quit Bunbury Speedway the week prior.

Ben Ellement was third for his third podium finish from four rounds in the 2015-16 AHG Sprintcar Series.

The 40-lap feature race was highlighted with a midrace infield pitstop that was called on lap 18 after Jake Beard-Miller slammed into the pits bend fence hard when eyeing off a top five result.

Drivers and crews knew the pit window would be open sometime between laps 15 and 25 and once officials were able to get Beard-Miller out of the car and clear the debris, the pitstop was called.

Going into the break Jamie was leading from Brad with Ken Sartori just ahead of Kendrick and Ellement.

A handful of drivers didn’t even make it to this point.

On the first start Andrew Priolo ran high and then cut down low in front of a bunch of cars that took evasive action that ultimately saw them tangle and be out of the contest, including Taylor Milling, Troy Lawson, Carl Dowling and Kye Scroop.

Priolo managed to get a restart but officials sent him to the rear as he was deemed to be cause.

Kendrick, who started from P2, was the early leader but was then passed by both the Maiolos with Jamie stretching the legs on the #99 machine.

After the pit stop the crew on the Luke Dillon machine were not able to get the car ready in time and he was forced to drop out of his mid-pack start and to go the rear, but in the end it didn’t matter as the car failed to start.

In the final section most of the cars were running mid to low track in the first turns and up high near the fence in pits bend.

Brad Maiolo was working the high line better than most and clawed the gap to Jamie before striking with about seven laps to go.

After the siblings argued the spot for a lap it was Brad who had the better car set-up and went on to take the win.

David Priolo (from P8) finished fifth, ahead of Shaun Bradford (from P6), Daryl Clayden (a great recovery after starting P15), Callum Williamson (who started P13 and moved up five spots), Lee Nash (from P10) and Jason Pryde (who started 18th and completed the top 10).


Qualifying: Brad Maiolo 13.990, Jason Kendrick 14.261, Jake Beard-Miller 14.364, David Priolo 14.376, Ben Ellement 14.429, Lee Nash 14.448, Ken Sartori 14.457, Jamie Maiolo 14.447, Kye Scroop 14.479, Taylor Milling 14.517, Shaun Bradford 14.523, Luke Dillon 14.534, Ryan Farrell 14.600, Daryl Clayden 14.677, Troy Lawson 14.690, Callum Williamson 14.728, Andrew Priolo 14.794, Scott Chatwin 14.909, James Inglis 14.947, Ryan Lancaster 14.966, Jason Pryde 15.049, Robert Watson 15.053, Carl Dowling 15.102, Mitchell Wormall 15.600, Jason Boland 15.786.

Heat 1: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th James Inglis, 7th Scott Chatwin, 8th Jason Boland. DNF: Ryan Farrell.

Heat 2:
1st Daryl Clayden, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Carl Dowling. DNF: Ryan Lancaster.

Heat 3: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Troy Lawson. 3rd Jake Beard-Miller, 4th David Priolo, 5th Robert Watson junior, 6th Jason Pryde, 7th Kye Scroop. DNF: Taylor Milling.

A Dash: 1st Bradley Maiolo, 2nd Ken Sartori, 3rd Ben Ellement 4th Jake Beard-Miller, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Robert Watson junior, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th James Inglis.

B Dash: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th David Priolo, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Andrew Priolo, 7th Troy Lawson, 8th Mitchell Wormall, 9th Jason Pryde.

Midpack Madness: 1st Kye Scroop, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Taylor Milling, 4th Jason Boland, 5th Scott Chatwin.

Feature race: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th David ‘TOP SHELF’ Priolo, 6th Shaun “Son Of ‘A’ Gun” Bradford, 7th Daryl Clayden, 8th Callum Williamson, 9th Lee Nash, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Andrew Priolo, 12th Mitchell Wormall, 13th Jason Boland, 14th Scott Chatwin.

Our roving cameraman Peter Roebuck was on hand to capture ALL the SPrintcar action from the King of Wings – including the fabulous support classes of 360’s and Limiteds. David Hall took out the 360 feature while Gavin Davis bagged the Limited Sprintcar A-Main.

These great images of the entire “Winged Night” from Peter Roebuck – Thanks Mate !!

Brad Maiolo leads the AHG Series comfortably now after his victory


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A good man

A superb developer !


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Jamie Maiolo wins AHG RD 3 at Bunbury Speedway

Words – Darren “The Digger” O’Dea
Images – Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck

“THE car was pretty good, the track was pretty demanding and I was trying to hang on.”

That was Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo only moments after winning round three of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night.

Jamie won the 30-lap final from younger brother Brad and Jason Kendrick for his second victory in three races.

Jamie Maiolo

Jamie Maiolo Won Saturday Night on a Dusty Bunbury Surface

Jamie started from P4 and was tucked in behind front runners Shaun Bradford, Luke Dillon and Ryan Farrell for two thirds of the journey until Bradford spun and was collected by the other two.

Bradford sustained too much damage but Dillon and Farrell were able to get a restart, albeit from the back of the pack.

After inhering the lead Jamie never looked back and powered away for the win.

“I think we were good for a podium and it came unfolded in front of us and I’ll take them anyway they come but it’s a great result for the LJM Racing team,” Jamie said.

This was on the back of the brothers starting on the front row for the feature race at the Perth Motorplex seven days earlier.

Jamie said the different track layout tested drivers and crews.

“We changed it a bit (the car set-up), we probably missed it a little bit in the Dash, after that track grade it was pretty smooth.

“We probably should have thrown a little bit more gear in it and tightened it up a bit for the track conditions.

“But yeah we ended up making a fair few changes for the feature and the car was pretty good, I think we were probably good for third but the other boys got tangled up.

“When it’s pretty demanding like this, sometimes you are just happy to roll it back into the trailer, so to come out with a win, it’s great.”

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