Robbie Farr Steals Victory with 2 Laps to Go in Valvoline Raceway Firecracker 50-Lapper

All images: Gary Reid
Words: Paul Griffin


Robbie Farr played a patience game at Valvoline Raceway last night (1st Jan) and was well rewarded in the process.

He took the lead in the Firecracker 50 lapper with just two laps to go and crossed the line ahead of Jordyn Brazier and Daniel Sayre.

Jordyn Brazier actually looked like taking victory –  he had led the race all the way up to lap 48.

Farr however had other ideas and pounced when the time was right and secured his 45th career feature race win.

Robbie Farr first

Sprintcar podium: (l-r) Jordyn Brazier (2nd), Robbie Farr (1st), Daniel Sayre

Jordyn Brazier top point scored, and started on the front row alongside Sam Walsh.

Walsh dropped valuable distance when he “biked” his car early in the feature and dashed his hopes of a victory at that point.

The 50 lap race was divided into two stints: a first stint of 30 laps, followed by a 20 lap sprint to the flag.

Late in the first 30 laps stint, rising star talent Jessie Attard passed both Robbie Farr and Troy Little for second and came right into the fray – together with Jordyn Brazier, the two young guns put on a tremendous show of driving determination that went well into the 2nd 20 lap stint.

Robbie Farr was elated with his victory and paid a glowing tribute to how hard Brazier and Attard had raced.

Agreesive sprintcars

Robbie Farr (7) and Jessie Attard (53) weren’t afraid to get aggressive in the last few laps of the feature race

Three wide

Three wide in the A Main as Thomas Jeffrey (12) is the meat in a Dumesny sandwich of Max in 5 and Marcus in 47

Crash crew

The crash crew prepares to upturn Guy Stanshall after a B Main incident

Daniel Sayre

Daniel Sayre (16) tries hard to catch Sammy Walsh (92)

Danny Reidy

Danny Reidy (5) wheelstands through turn 2 underneath Nathan Dicker (82)

Alan Day

Alan Day was part of the flag parade on a night that remembered the 25th anniversary of the death of his brother Rodney in a speedcar racing accident

High cushion

Robbie Farr comes close to the high cushion that caught out more than a few drivers

Matt Geering

Matt Geering pushin’ the cushion in time trials

Darren Salmon

Darren Salmon gets it all wrong in turns 3 and 4 during time trials

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