Daniel Cassidy Wins Pre-Christmas Development Series at Valvoline Raceway

All Images – Gary Reid : greid@pacific.net.au

Last Saturday night (16 Dec) Gary Reid went along to Valvoline Raceway in Parramatta and caught the action of the new Development Series.

Daniel Cassidy was victorious from James Duckworth and Courtney O’Hehir .

Here’s how it looked to Gary Reid through the lens of his camera….some very special and different angles too. Good work Gary !!!!

Podium for Development Series Final: (l-r) Courtney O'Hehir (3rd), Daniel Cassidy (1st), James Duckworth (2nd)

Podium for Development Series Final: (l-r) Courtney O’Hehir (3rd), Daniel Cassidy (1st), James Duckworth (2nd)

Great concept shot Gary

Sprintcar silhouettes at sunset – Mark Hinchelwood (94) and Luke Stirton (10) lead a heat race through turn 2 – Great concept shot Gary !!

Jessica Cassidy (22)

Gary Reid found this new gem of a VR vantage point: Robbie Seton (14) gets crossed up as he heads down the back straight, closely followed by James Duckworth (68), Darren Saillard
(30) and Jessica Cassidy (22)

Kayla Green

Same awesome vantage point : Kayla Green gets serious out of turn 2….great perspective Gary Reid !!

Blake Darcy (48)

Blake Darcy (48) leads Luke Stirton (10)

Luke Stirton (10)

Luke Stirton (10) and Daniel Cassidy (15) battle it out

Robbie Seton (14) outside Braydan Willmington (89)

Robbie Seton (14) outside Braydan Willmington (89) with one lap to go being shown on the new lap-recording screen in turn 2

AJ Fairbairn (35) in trouble

AJ Fairbairn (35) in trouble after contacting Ben Hart (24)

Courtney O'Hehir (71)

Courtney O’Hehir (71) inside James Duckworth (68)

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