2017/18 Sprintcar Development Series Kicks Off At Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

All Images Compliments of Gary Reid: greid@pacific.net.au
Words: Paul Griffin

Valvoline Raceway kicked off a new concept of Sprintcar Racing last weekend called the Development Series.

It’s a series reserved for Sprintcar Drivers who have never filled a podium in an A-Main at Valvoline Raceway.

As the car counts at VR are massive nowadays and not everyone can win or at least get to the podium, potentially the driver pool is pretty large.

There is a limited number of  entries for the night and at this point the series will run on alternate USC weekends:

Nov 18, Dec 16, Feb 17, Mar 10 and April 14.

We understand that the final will include 16 racecars and grid positions are determined by points accumulated in two rounds of heats.

Drivers qualifying for participation in the Development Series, can still nominate in the Blue Ribbon USC events.

The first ever Development Series A-Main was unfortunately marred by a frightening accident eleven laps into the race.

At the time Chris Street was leading the race when Adam Hourigan had no where to go as Darren Salmon’s car ground to a complete halt on the main straight not far from the flagstand.

Hourigan was unable to avoid colliding with Salmon at full throttle which sent his car on a series of wild flips.

The crash crews were quick to respond and carefully extricate Hourigan and transfer him to the local Westmead Hospital, were it was announced Adam had sustained two fractured vertebrae.

It appears that Adam has full body movement which is great news.

Hang in there Adam and get well quickly – everyone is thinking of you mate !!

The A-Main and rest of the racing programme was abandoned due to VR noise curfew rules.

Damien Hart

Damien Hart has the N75 beautifully poised

Chris Street

Chris Street was the highest pointscorer after 2 heats and was leading the Final when the race was abandoned.

Robbie Seton

Robbie Seton on the throttle at VR in the newly conceived Development Series

Brenden Rallings

Brenden Rallings (N65)

Kaitlyn Anthony (35) leads Daniel Cassidy

Kaitlyn Anthony (35) leads Daniel Cassidy

Adam Hourigan

Adam Hourigan was injured in a crash on the home straight that stopped the Sprintcar Development Series Final

Glenn Kenny (62) inside Adam Hourigan

Glenn Kenny (62) inside Adam Hourigan

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