Sam Walsh Endures an Action Packed Event at Valvoline Raceway

Words – VR & USC PR

Sam Walsh won a dramatic USC NSW sixth round main event at Valvoline Raceway after a frightening crash involving leader Robbie Farr and fourth placed Ben Atkinson – The final lap saw the race declared.

Robbie Farr led going into turn three for the final time and looked to have the event all but in his grasp before he unexpectedly jumped the cushion and spun the #7 ECP car into the path of the rapidly closing Atkinson.

The impact knocked the tough Territorian unconscious and completely destroyed the once pristine Aeroflow #2 GF1.

Atkinson was later able to climb out of the car unassisted but received treatment and observation in the pits with the medical team.

Robbie Farr was also able to climb clear from his badly damaged car though not without limping and ruing what might have been a certain USC victory.

“We’ve thrown a couple of these away so it was nice to get one back,” smiled Sam Walsh in the pits after the event, “I don’t think we really had much for Robbie on that last lap but anything can happen in these races. I’m proud of our team because we had a fast car all night, if it wasn’t for a tear off problem in our heat we’d have been on the money right the way through.

Naturally I hope Benny’s OK.”

vr26nov16-039bTroy Little led for most of the main event in the Steven Lynch owned #20 Pit Stop Autos Maxim but Farr then Walsh powered past him in the latter stages – not before a tremendous battle for podium ensued with Troy, Walsh, Atkinson, Jordyn Brazier and Max Dumesny.

With Farr and Atkinson’s cars both extensively damaged the results saw Walsh the winner from Little in second place and Max Dumesny third in what was a bruising affair for many teams.

Kyle Caunt flipped his #8 Fire Service Plus entry when he made contact with Robbie Farr as the pair entered turn one as Farr was lapping him.

Matt Geering flipped heavily in the #6 Cooldrive entry earlier in the race.

Max Johnston flipped as he was tagged by a half spun Marcus Dumesny at the start taking both young guns out of a great starting position (Marcus on the front, Johnston out of the second row) without even a start in the books.

The incident also took Darryl Campbell out with front-end damage on the Eagle Products #28.

It was unclear from the replay if Marcus Dumesny had received contact from the rear that caused him to half spin into the path of Johnston.

The final finishing positions were:

1. Sam Walsh (started 9th)
2. Troy Little (started on pole)
3. Max Dumesny (starting 13th)
4. James Thompson (starting 14th)
5. Jordyn Brazier (starting 7th)
6. Matt Smith (starting 12th)
7. Toby Bellbowen (starting 15th)
8. Jackson Delamont (starting 22nd)
9. Warren Ferguson (starting 21st)
10. Daniel Sayre
11. Mitchell Dumesny (starting 16th)
12. Chace Karpenko (starting 12th)
13. Grant Tunks
14. Mark Attard
15. Jimmy Matchett (starting 18th)
16. Brendan Scorgie (starting 23rd)
17. Ben Atkinson DNF
18. Robbie Farr DNF
19. Matthew Geering DNF
20. Kyle Caunt DNF
21. Matt Dumesny DNF
22. Darryl Campbell DNF
23. Max Johnston DNF
24. Marcus Dumesny DNF

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (34) is the meat in the Matt Thomas
(45) and Blake Skipper (24) sandwich in the B Main

Matt Smith (11) and Max Dumesny (5) go head to head with Mitchell Dumesny (77) close behind

Matt Smith (11) and Max Dumesny (5) go head to head with Mitchell Dumesny (77) close behind

Marty Perovich

Marty Perovich (17) leads Mick Saller (56) and Mitchell Dumesny (77)

Tom Jeffrey

Hikin’ it – Tom Jeffrey

Damian Hart

Damian Hart goes sideways through turn 1

David Craft

David Craft (3) leads Matt Geering (6) and Tom Jeffrey
(12) through turn 4

Courtney O'Hehi

Courtney O’Hehir drives through turn 3

Scott Alexander

Plenty of wet clay as Scott Alexander (23) heads down the main straight in hot laps

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh won the A Main

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