Keneric Racing Shuts Down its American Racing Outfit – Kerry Madsen looking for a US ride

Words By Paul Griffin

Image of “Aus 1” car in America by Studio 92 Photography  ………

All other images – Paul Griffin

DSC_0070Leading Sprintcar outfit Keneric Racing has made a decision to close its American Sprintcar Racing operations.

The tough decision was made official this week shortly after the American Racing Wheels sponsored team had competed in the Knoxville Nationals in IOWA (USA) and leaves star driver Kerry Madsen without a ride in the US.

Team Crew Chief Tyler Swank didn’t seem surprised the decision was made but admitted that he would never have expected it to be so soon. Swank has already had offers for re-employment but is yet to make a decision.

At this point there is no official explanation as to the reason for the closing of the American Operations and Kerry Madsen has been uncontactable.

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen

Madsen is arguably the most successful Australian Sprintcar Driver in the history of the sport and given his experience and achievements is unlikely to be without an American ride for very long.

Given the 2016 American season is in its twilight days, Madsen who is the current Australian Sprintcar Champion may have to sit it out until 2017 to re-establish his racing quests in “The Big Apple”.

It is understood that the Australian leg of Keneric Operations will continue to actively race in Australia and possibly New Zealand with Madsen behind the wheel.

Keneric racing is a very successful racing Operation that was conceived by the enigmatic Bob Gavranich back in 2010/11. Its feats in the American Racing scene have been stunning in such a short space of time.

Probably the biggest win Keneric Racing has enjoyed was in 2014 when Madsen ripped the Eldora clay apart to take out the Kings Royal.

This year, less than one short week ago, the team fought hard at Knoxville and placed the Aust #1 American Racing Wheels/Keneric Health/Keneric Racing KPC on second row of the grid for the final (P3).

The US car as raced in the Knoxville Nationals paying homage to the Teams Australian Championship victory (AUS 1) - Photo by Studio 92 photography via facebook

The US car as raced in the Knoxville Nationals paying homage to the Team’s Australian Championship victory      (AUS 1) – Photo by Studio 92 photography via facebook (

It was the best shot the team had at taking out the biggest Sprintcar race in the world – the Knoxville Nationals.

Unfortunately while engaged in a spirited three car battle for the lead with only a handful of laps to go, the engine went off song and Madsen’s dream of victory vaporised on lap 47 with the power plant eventually succumbing.

Team Owner Bob Gavranich will keep the Australain racing operations alive

Team Owner Bob Gavranich will keep the Australain racing operations alive

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen and Bob Gavranich accept the winner’s trophies at this year’s Australian Title

Keneric Racing

Keneric Racing always presents with the best possible equipment

Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen is arguably Australia’s best Sprintcar export – always calculating and on the look out for any small advantage – he won’t be seatless for very long in America


Madsen in the #29 Australian Keneric Racing rig (front LHS) about to get a push off for one of his heats in the successful 2016 Aussie Title campaign

Aussie Madsen KPC

Top Car – The Aussie #29 (now Aus #1) will continue to race in Australia with Madsen behind the wheel

Ian Madsen and Kerry Madsen

Kerry Madsen deep in thought with Brother Ian on RHS

Torque Tube Media wishes all Crew members and driver Kerry Madsen all the best in securing equivalent quality positions in future Sprintcar Racing as soon as possible – let’s face it, guys like this are too damn good not to be immediately snapped up !

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