Perth Motorplex Dishes Up the Ultimate Action – Stunning Sprintcar Crash Sequence

All Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words : Paul Griffin

Last weekend Perth Motorplex ended its 2015/16 Sprintcar Season with a corker of a program – The Sprintcar Gold Cup. The action was fast and furious and even the best got caught up in some spectacular crashes.

Here you will see the action through Peter Roebuck’s Lens as he makes time stand still while firstly Shaun Bradford (W57) takes a wild ride, then followed by Rob Watson Junior (W66).

They were both massive crashes and luckily both Drivers emerged OK, reinforcing just how good the safety aspects are to these ferocious dirt track cars.

Shaun Bradford

Shaun Bradford starts a series of wild flips after contact with another car. From here Shaun is simply a passenger and can't do much about the outcome

Not to be outdone, Rob Watson Junior also got some airtime and attracted a lot of attention. Rob drives the Watson’s Express house car and anyone would think he was staging an advertising blitz given his car livery and the matching Watson’s Express Transport Signage in the background of the Motorplex fence.

Rob Watson

Rob Watson commences a sequence of violent flips at Perth Motorplex last weekend

Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson emerged unscathed from this monumental crash at Perth Motorplex - Good news and a fabulous testament to his car and the Team's Preparation!

And so now we Sprintcar tragics are now faced with the sombre experience of a winter Sprintcar Hiatus as Australia’s Showcase Speedway – Perth Motorplex – now has a well deserved rest.

What a top season it was Р we are already after one short week longing for the start of the Perth Motorplex 2016/17 season!!!

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