Michael Keen Wins Bunbury 360’s

All Images: Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words: Paul Griffin

Michael Keen showed the opposition a clean pair of heels on Saturday night (16-04-16) to take the 360 feature race at Bunbury Quit Speedway.

Following Keen (W15) across the line was Veteran racer Terry Cutts (W9) and Rod Snellin (W29).

Jamie Landrigan (WX11) took a wild ride and totally destroyed his rig as you will see below.

Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck caught all the action including the spectacular Landrigan crash sequence.

Jamie Landrigan starts the sequence by pulling an almight wheelie

The entire front end back to the radiator was ripped off in the accident

A very happy Michael Keen after taking the 360 A-Main at Bunbury

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