James McFadden Shines at Valvoline Raceway in USC Chase

Words by VR PR
All Images compliments of Gary Reid greid@pacific.net.au

James McFadden put an end to his car-destroying streak to score victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway last night pocketing some valuable USC Chase points and $10,000 in the process.

After two consecutive weekends where his racecar was destroyed in respective crashes where he was battling for the lead McFadden was delighted to cross the line first in front of a cracker VR field that honoured Sprintcar Legend Sid Moore as Grand Marshall.

“I can’t tell you how good it is to finally get a win,” grinned the Westralian Diamond Drillers pilot, “it’s great for Moth, for Scott and Stephanie Milling, for our all our sponsors and everyone who believes in this team. It’s been a rough few weeks.”

A Main podium: (l-r) Sid Moore, Jamie Veal (2nd), James McFadden (1st), Max Dumesny (3rd)

A Main podium: (l-r) Sid Moore, Jamie Veal (2nd), James McFadden (1st), Max Dumesny (3rd)

McFadden took the win but he almost coughed it up on the final lap when he nearly spun the #25 Cool.

“I almost lost it there in turn one and two. That would’ve been difficult to swallow if I’d lost it completely.”

Trailing home in second and right on the tail tank of the leader was Jamie Veal who had come from the fifth row of the grid to nearly snaffle the win.

“After the run James and I have been having lately I wasn’t game to get too close,” Veal explained, “considering the way night started
After setting quick time in his group for Qualifying the USC Chase leader (Veal) changed motors to attempt to solve a vibration in the car but in the process a steering box was also replaced and he missed his heat race.

This meant the Warrnambool whiz would have to come from the B-Main in order to chase his 17th main event success for the season. After winning the B-Main his qualifying time saw him elevated to position #9 in the A-Main.

Whilst Veal and McFadden were pleased with their end result Robbie Farr could hardly concur.

Going into the penultimate USC Chase round in second place behind Veal, and with the USC QLD title in his pocket, Farr had every reason to feel confident.

Winning the Pole Shootout and starting alongside McFadden for the 35-lap A-Main Farr took his #7 Hi-Tec Oils Cool into an early lead but when McFadden passed him on the outside on the exit to turn four the pair made contact going into turn one.

“When I went around the outside of Robbie and we got to turn one I could see Sam (Walsh) on the outside going into the corner so I dropped to the bottom. We must have made contact because the next thing I know we’re both spinning.”

McFadden kept his car going but Farr spun into the path of the hapless lapped car of Michael Jordan and the resultant impact tore the front end out of the Farr #7 ending his night on an extremely disappointing level.

The battle for the final podium positions behind McFadden were fought out in hectic fashion between Veal, Max Dumesny, James Thompson and Troy Little.

Dumesny would eventually claim third despite an ongoing painful neck injury that he’s played down over the last few weeks.

Max Dumesny

Forever the Showman and Crowd Favorite : Max Dumesny

James Thompson claimed fourth with a powerhouse run to move forward and finish just ahead of the lively Troy Little in fifth, Jackson Delamont sixth, Toby Bellbowen seventh, Matt Smith eighth, Garry Brazier ninth and Grant Anderson rounding out the top ten after a huge pedal from the last row of the grid.

Sam Walsh brought the Rocket Maxim home in eleventh ahead of Matt Dumesny, Grant Tunks, Jay Waugh, Brian Czuzci and Peter Bourke as the last classified finishing car.

Sammy Walsh

Sammy Walsh With a Top Gary Reid Backdrop Shot

DNF’s were Ferguson, Atkinson, Linigen, Jordyn Brazier, Farr, Jordan, Reidy and Matt Thomas.

Highlight of the night was the historic battle in the Pole Shootout between Garry and his son Jordyn Brazier that Garry eventually won.

A-Main Final Results

1. James McFadden
2. Jamie Veal
3. Max Dumesny
4. James Thompson
5. Troy Little
6. Jackson Delamont
7. Toby Bellbowen
8. Matt Smith
9. Garry Brazier
10. Grant Anderson
11. Sam Walsh
12. Matt Dumesny
13. Grant Tunks
14. Jay Waugh
15. Brian Czuczi
16. Peter Bourke
17. Warren Ferguson DNF
18. Ben Atkinson DNF
19. Kelly Linigen DNF
20. Jordyn Brazier DNF
21. Robbie Farr DNF
22. Michael Jordan DNF
23. Danny Reidy DNF
24. Matt Thomas DNF

James McFadden

James McFadden has elevated himself at the right part of the season

Kim Becker

Kim Becker Pushing the Loud Pedal

Jay Waugh

Jay Waugh Guns it Down VR Main Straight

Michael Jordan

Cool Gary Reid Shot - Michael Jordan in Full Flight

Jordyn Brazier

Believe it or not, Jordyn Brazier saved this mighty bicycle in the A Main but blew a tyre in the process

Jamie Veal

Mid-pack in the early laps of the A Main: Jamie Veal (35) leads Jackson Delamont (48), James Thompson (22), Grant Tunks (54), Jay Waugh (99), Sammy Walsh (92)

Sid Moore

Sprintcar legend Sid Moore was Grand Marshall on the night and took his old rig for a spin to show he still has the "Mumbo" - Good on You Sid !!

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