Brooke Tatnell Wins Night 1 Thriller – 2016 Australian Sprintcar Title

Words ex SCW
Images – Paul Griffin

Brooke Tatnell’s chances of claiming a sixth Australian Championship took a giant leap forward on Friday night at Sungold Stadium, Premier Speedway, Warrnambool when he claimed victory after a race long battle with 2003 Champion Kerry Madsen and early pace-setter Grant Anderson.

On a race track that provided many passing options the race craft of both Tatnell and Madsen was on show for all to see, while New South Welshman Sam Walsh also provided many highlights with his charge up the pecking order from position eight until a late race caution all but sealed his fate.

Brooke Tatnell

Brooke Tatnell gazes at the #2 and ponders will he greet the chequers before anyone else. As it turns out he did ! A big effort considering he was fighting a bout of Gastro as well as 19 other hard chargers

Anderson was the early pace setter, managing to stay abreast of pole sitter Luke Dillon in the early laps, until Tatnell and Madsen along with defending Aussie Champ David Murcott began to stamp their authority on proceedings.

It took Tatnell, who was battling illness, until lap 23 to get by Anderson for the lead as Madsen continued to pepper away at the new race leader.

Anderson did all he could to try to maintain a podium finish before Murcott slipped by in the shadows of the finish line on lap 26.

David Anderson

David Anderson drove a hard race

David Murcott

David Murcott came third on Night !

Kerry Madsen's N29 came 2nd after an epic slide job battel with ultimate winner Brooke Tatnell

A late race caution bunched the field together with five to run but there was to be no denying Tatnell who claimed opening night honors from Kerry Madsen and David Murcott with Anderson hanging on for fourth just ahead of Sam Walsh.


Rounding out the top ten were Nick Lacey 6th (started 11th), Daniel Harding 7th (started 3rd), Brad Keller 8th (started 7th), Shaun Bradford 9th (started 5th) and Matt Egel 10th (started 10th).

The remaining finishers were Danny Reidy 11th (started 18th), Andrew Scheuerle 12th (started 19th), Tim Rankin 13th (started 17th) and Jamie Hennessy 14th (started 20th).

Those classed as non-finishers were the ACT21 of Shaun Dobson, the S2 of Craig Venderstelt along with Luke Dillon, Bradley Maiolo, Garry Brazier and Max Johnston.

Earlier in the program the B-Main was won by Tim Rankin, from Danny Reidy, Andrew Scheuerle and Jamie Hennessy, while the last chance C-Main saw Ryan Jones and Kristy Ellis tag onto the back of the B-Main.

The heat races, of which there were eight in total were won by Bradley Keller, Sam Walsh, Luke Dillon, Tim Rankin, Brad Maiolo, Grant Anderson, Shaun Bradford and Nick Lacey.

"Pryde" of the fleet: WA's Jason Pryde's tailtank reflects back in the side panel of his support mule

Mitchell Gee

Mitchell Gee (Q41) has a unique forward fixing location for his top wing hydraulic ram. It comes off a wing mount extension supposedly to place the ram in a more horizontal attitude to optimise the direct force available

David Murcott

David Murcott will defend his Championship in this car

Nick Lacey

The Lacey Outfit spares no expense

Brad Keller

South Australia's Brad Keller

Shaun Bradford

Shaun Bradford WA57

Matt Dumesny

Matt Dumesny (V57) and Phil March (S4)

Sea of Wings

Sea of Tanks

N21 of Garry Brazier

Winning Car: Brooke Tatnell's WA2 Cool

Jamie Maiolo

The two car Team of Jamie and Brad Maiolo heralds from WA

Gary Brazier

Garry Braziers' rear arms are tubular formed chrome moly - Shock not fitted at this point

The USC Big Screen was place on the T3 fence

Heat race action

Kerry Madsen (N29) leads Luke Dillion (W26) and Mitchell Gee (Q41)

Brooke Tatnell (rear) cahes down Nick Lacey (V26) and Ashley Scott (V55)

Gary Brazier

Gary Brazier (N21) chases Jake Smith (V72) through turns 3-4

Heat race action

Plenty of action coming into Turn 3

Gary Brazier

Gary Brazier in high spirits during the heats

Sam Walsh

Sam Walsh was quick all night

Jordan Charge

Big future: Jordyn Charge

kerry madsen

Brothers Kerry (L) and Ian Madsen engage in intense discussion

Luke Dillon

Luke Dillon (W26)

Brad Keller

Brad Keller (S19)

Different Stuff: Kerry Madsen's bird cages are wide !!

Steven Lines

Happy Man - Steven Lines will race Night 2

Brad Maiolo

Brad Maiolo keeping an eye on everthing

4-Wide salute

Calm before the storm

The points standing after night one of the 54th Lucas Oil Australian Sprintcar Championship as presented by Red Ed’s Sheds are as follows:

1 V37 Grant Anderson 136.5 12.889
2 W2 Brooke Tatnell 132 12.995
3 W26 Luke Dillon 131 12.216
4 W12 Daniel Harding 129 12.315
5 N29 Kerry Madsen 127.5 12.954
6 W57 Shaun Bradford 126 12.935
7 N92 Sam Walsh 124 12.888
8 A1 David Murcott 123 12.554
9 S19 Bradley Keller 122.5 12.307
10 S97 Matt Egel 119.5 13.088
11 V26 Nick Lacey 119.5 13.559
12 W77 Brad Maiolo 109.5 12.922
13 S2 Craig Vanderstelt 108 13.287
14 Act21 Shaun Dobson 104.5 13.138
15 V47 Tim Rankin 104 12.562
16 N21 Garry Brazier 103 12.641
17 NQ5 Danny Reidy 103 13.257
18 N38 Max Johnson 102.5 13.298
19 Q25 Andrew Scheuerle 98.5 13.004
20 V55 Ashley Scott 97 13.706
21 V21 Jamie Hennessy 95.5 12.588
22 V48 Adam King 93.5 13.125
23 Q16 Bryan Mann 92 13.258
24 W99 Jamie Maiolo 90 13.344
25 V42 Jye O’Keeffe 88.5 12.463
26 V74 Michael Cunningham 88 13.373
27 V25 Jack Lee 85.5 13.828
28 S20 Glen Sutherland 83.5 13.014
29 N48 Jackson Delamont 81.5 13.224
30 V57 Matthew Dumesny 81 12.851
31 T45 Kurt Luttrell 81 12.99
32 Q6 Steven Rowell 80.5 12.656
33 V95 Ryan Davis 80 13.483
34 W14 Jason Pryde 76.5 13.197
35 V12 Kristy Ellis 72.5 13.138
36 T7 Tim Hutchins 66 13.572
37 W49 Ryan Jones 65 14.157
38 N36 Eddie Lumbar 61.5 13.277
39 S72 Jamie Stark 61 12.921
40 V96 Andy Caruana 59 13.364
41 Q41 Mitchell Gee 56 14.095
42 V60 Jordyn Charge 54.5 13.171
43 N35 Peter O’Neill 53.5 14.371
44 S44 Daniel Evans 51 13.476
45 S4 Phil March 50.5 14.637
46 NQ9 Nathan McFarlane 47.5 14.374
47 V84 Sam Wren 46 14.813
48 N24 Blake Skipper 43 14.081
49 V64 David Aldersley 36.5 14.688

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