Jason Kendrick Dominates Round 5 AHG Series – Bunbury

JASON Kendrick started from pole position and led all the way to dominate the feature race in round five of the AHG Sprintcar Series at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday night 28 Nov.

Kendrick was the man to catch in the 30-lapper and no one had the speed to match the #11 machine as he powered on for the convincing win over Callum Williamson and Ryan Farrell.

Jason Kendrick won from Callum Williamson (L) and Ryan Farrel (R)

The meeting was also round two of the Battery Alltypes Southern Thunder Series and the main event proved to be one of attrition with only five cars going the full journey – the other two being Daryl Clayden and Darren Mewett.

Kendrick and Jamie Maiolo started on the front row after being the quickest two cars in the Gold Dash with another two hard chargers in Brad Maiolo and Ben Ellement tucked in behind on row two.

The polesitter built up a sizeable lead and was into lapped traffic after just five laps.
Ellement closed in on Maiolo for second on lap six as Scott Chatwin spun out for a restart.
Shaun Bradford, who started from P5, put on a big slide job in pits bend and delivered a fairly impressive wheelstand when getting back on the gas to make the move stick, but it didn’t pay off and he was unable to move forward.

Mitchell Wormall spun on lap 9 for another restart and Bradford’s wild night ended with the #57 heading infield just under midrace distance.

Chatwin endured his second spin on lap 15 while Ellement pushed hard on the restart and was locked into a great duel with Jamie Maiolo for a couple of laps, but unfortunately it meant little as both withdrew a few moments later.

Ellement limped around the track’s highline for a while but eventually drove the car down to the infield but not before he was nearly collected by a car on his inside.
Brad Maiolo was running third with three laps to go before he spun on the back straight, forcing another restart.

Despite a spirited dive underneath Williamson on the restart, Farrell was not able to make the move stick and settled for third.

It was a good result for Williamson who started from P6 while Farrell started from P8.
Ellement was the quick timer in qualifying and also won a heat with other victors being Kendrick, Jamie Maiolo and Bradford.

After a busy month of racing the series takes a mini break before round six is held at the Perth Motorplex on December 19.

Qualifying: Ben Ellement 13.367, Brad Maiolo 13.378, Ryan Farrell 13.405, Jamie Maiolo 13.405, Jason Kendrick 13.461, Shaun Bradford 13.516, Daryl Clayden 13.614, Ryan Lancaster 13.738, Lee Nash 13.746, Sean Zemunik 13.770, Kye Scroop 13.820, Callum Williamson 13.905, Darren Mewett 13.984, Scott Chatwin 14.145, Mitchell Wormall 14.302, Jamie Buszan 14.706.

Heat 1: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ryan Farrell, 4th Daryl Clayden, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Kye Scroop, 7th Darren Mewett, 8th Mitchell Wormall.

Heat 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Brad Maiolo, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Sean Zemuni,, 7th Jamie Buszan, 8th Scott Chatwin.

Heat 3: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Jamie Maiolo, 5th Ryan Lancaster, 6th Ben Ellement, 7th Darren Mewett and 8th Jamie Buszan.

Heat 4: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Daryl Clayden, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Scott Chatwin, 6th Sean Zemunik. DNF: Kye Scroop and Mitchell Wormall.

Feature race : 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Callum ‘The Kid’ Williamson, 3rd “FLYAN” Ryan Farrell, 4th Daryl Clayden and 5th Darren Mewett. DNF: Brad Maiolo, Ben Ellement, Ryan ‘BOMBER’ Lancaster, Jamie “The Jet” Maiolo, Shaun Bradford, Lee Nash, Sean “ZEM~ZEM” Zemunik and Mitchell Wormall. DNS: Jamie Buszan and Kye “HOT FOOT” Scroop. DQ: Scott Chatwin.

Here’s all the action form Peter Roebuck………..

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