Tai Woffinden Gases Up a Sprintcar at Perth’s Motorplex

All images except where noted Peter Roebuck
Words – Paul Griffin

Two-time World Solo Speedway Champion (Bike) Tai Woffinden turned his hand to driving a Sprintcar this week.

In 2013 Tai became World Champion and just recently bagged his second World Championship in spectacular fashion.

The celebrated and proven Solo Rider, rolled up to the Iconic Perth Motorplex this week and hooked up with Marshall McDermid.

Here McDermid had a leading 650 HP Limited Sprintcar at the ready for his pleasure.

Our Straight Shooin’ Lensman Peter Roebuck was there to capture the moment – Thanks Peter !

Tai Woffinden

Tai Woffinden swapped his Riding Leathers for a Driving Suit to have a shot at a four-wheeled Monster - those things with wings that we all call a Sprintcar - image from Tai's Facebook

Tai took to the Sprintcar like a duck to water. He is one of these gifted and Elite Motorsport proponents that can seem to jump in or on “ANYTHING” and make it work – look fast and be competitive in other words.

There is no question Tai is a “Natural”.

The only question we have is “Will Tai take up racing a Sprintcar in a more regular and competitive role”?

If Tai’s mid week test drive is anything to go by, we say YES !

Born Natural - Tai Woffinden on the gas out of turn 4 at the Perth Motorplex

Marshall McDermid, a seasoned Sprintcar Driver in his own right, took the wheel first and established the set up for the high-banked Kwinana Beach venue.

Once McDermid was happy, he handed the wheel to TAI. Needless to say TAI was quick and circulated like he raced the beast every week!

Onlookers were amazed on one hand, but kinda expected it on the other.

Marshall McDermid got the car set up before Tai Woffendin

Marshall McDermid got the car set up before Tai Woffinden stepped in

Tai Woffendin

At Home - Tai is a natural at anything it seems !

Tai Woffendin 2

Tai was over the moon at the chance to drive a "fire breathing" Sprintcar

Tai Woffendin 3

All Smiles - Tai loved the power that a Sprintcar offers

Tai Woffendin 4

Tai Drove Marshall McDermid's (Holler's) car at the Motorplex - "Holler" is a nickname that Con Migro coined years ago for Marshall. It comes from an old Tag Line used by Marshall Car Batteries "Holler for a Marshall"

Tai is the son of former speedway rider Rob Woffinden. Although born in England and competing as a British rider, Tai grew up in Perth, Western Australia after his parents Rob and Sue decided to move down under in 1994 and he still considers Perth to be his home.

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