INTERVIEW: Brayden Miller – Back to Back WA Limited Sprintcar Champion

This week we speak with a great young Sprintcar talent in WA. We spent some quality time with current and two-time, back to back WA Limited Sprintcar State Champion BRAYDEN MILLER. Limiteds are unique to WA and Brayden uses a 357CI engine. The engines are all carburetted and can be pack such a punch that the top runners are on par with a strong 360 Sprinter.


TT: Hi Brayden, thanks for your time today. You had a great season last year with Texanne Motorsport. How did it all end up for you?
BM: We focused on the Limited Sprintcar Class for season 2014/15 and did really well. Out of the seven starts we did, we took victory in five of the meetings. That was an awesome result and simply not possible without the huge assistance I get from my Sponsors and Crew.

TT: I want to talk more about your racing results but before we do, who are your Sponsors and Crew?
BM: You beat me to it !! (BM Laughs). I was just about to pay my deepest thanks to them. My Sponsors are Lee’s Transport, Western Fleet Services, and Creative Elegance Wedding Décor. They are top sponsors, and I mean it when I say racing would not be possible without them. The Crew I have are just fantastic and range from a couple of ex racers to my two brothers. I really would like to thank everyone by name as the hours that they put in both on and off the track is amazing: So a big thank you to Mark Miller my Dad, Ian Woods, Murray “Red Dog” Hendy, Reece Hendy, Peter Moreton and my brothers Brody and Riley.

Two Big Rigs ! Lee's Transport is Millers Major Sponsor

Behind every successful Driver is a dedicated Crew

One of the many Podium #1's !

TT: Is that Ian “Dizzy” Woods who raced 410’s and is known for all those radical expression session wheelies and donuts?
BM: Sure is ! Being an experienced racer Ian has been a great mentor. My Dad raced Limiteds too and with that level of experience on board, we get great set-ups that work.

TT: Can I ask what are the secrets to your set up, as we often see you on the fence making a difficult job look easy?
BM: We put a basic set up in the car before we get to the track and make small adjustments as we see fit. The Team do a great job in reading the track conditions. I guess it’s fair to say that the set ups are a little different to most, but they are not extreme by any means. We also record everything in a detailed log book.

TT: The combination the Team comes up with is always sensational; there is no doubt about that. So what chassis do you use and who looks after your engine?
BM: We run J&J Chassis, they are my favourite by far. In terms of engines, we get great support from Shane (Higgy) from Higgins Racing Engines – he looks after that very important area really well.

TT: What was your biggest achievement last season?
BM: No question about it … was winning the State Title again…. making it two years in a row.

It was a proud moment when Brayden won wis first WA title

Creative Genius - Brayden Miller : Back to Back State Champion

TT: What is your biggest challenge in the new season ahead?
BM: Very simple answer – to be winning consistently.

TT: What’s the plan for season 2015/16?
BM: Next season we will be focussing on 360’s, but we will also run some Limited meetings.

TT: With that in mind, what has the Team been doing in the off season?
BM: We totally rebuilt the Title-winning car and are well advanced building a completely new car that we can use for both 360 and Limited races if we have to.

TT: Is the step up to 360 going to be tough?
BM: Not at all. We had great success in the Limited last season and had a dabble in three 360 meetings as well. We ran the 360 WA State Title at Collie and had to start ROF all night. While we chalked up a DNF in one heat, we still managed to get 3rd in the B-Main and transfer to a P21 start in the A-main. The car was working well and we managed to carve through the pack up to P6. We also ran the Krikke Boys in the Peter Harvey #83 (Thanks Peter). We qualified 3rd for the A-Main and were traveling really well until I clipped a tractor tyre, bending a radius rod which resulted in a DNF. The last 360 race was at Pithara. We were testing a Maxim Chassis and qualified 2nd. My start wasn’t the best and we ended up coming 5th. So we are in there and can mix it with the 360’s no problems.

TT: What about the great successes you had in the Limiteds, can you walk us through your highlights?
BM: The Sprintcar Muster at Perth Motorplex was memorable. We did very well in qualifying taking a win in both our heats. We ended up going home pretty happy, winning the A-Main by over half a lap.

The Limited State Title at Bunbury was another ripper, but for different reasons. We had to do it hard and made it through for a victory at the end of the night to take back-to-back Limited Titles. We started with fuel problems and were well down on power in both hot laps and the first heat. Despite the lack of power we managed to take the win in the first heat. The second heat saw us ride a wheel, rolling and totalling the car. We all worked a fever pace in an attempt to repair the car. Somehow we got it to roll just as the cars paraded onto the infield for the A-Main. She was an absolute handful ! – no power steering, broken Jacobs Ladder, collapsed front wing and everything out of square. Slowly I got used to the way the car handled and started going forward in the feature. I worked through to 4th when the yellows came on in an incident that sent the top three to the rear. Suddenly I was now the lead car and managed to hang on for 6 laps to take the Limited Title – It was an awesome outcome for the Team to say the least.

TT: Torque Tube wasn’t there, but heard people talking about that victory for weeks. A truly great effort and well done to the Team.

It’s been great chatting with you Brayden and we wish you and Texanne Motorsport a very successful 2015/16 season.

Miller poses for the cameras after a big win in the Sprintcar Muster

One of five Number 1 Podium finshes for Brayden Miller last season - this one at the Sprintcar Muster

The smooth driving style of Brayden Miller at the 2014/15 Limited State Title in Bunbury

Editors Note: Brayden is right up there when it comes to winning and exposure. His appeal is incredibly strong with young kids, but equally strong across all age groups and both genders. Sprintcar Racing is a spectacular form of motorsport with a high public profile and penetration. Teams need all the help they can get so if you would like to become a Texanne Motorsports Sponsor and promote your business on Brayden Miller’s Car, give Team Manager Mark Miller a call on M: 0408 926 154

Brayden Miller is a young Driver with heaps of talent and massive exposure

Lee's Transport are proud sponsors to WA1 Limited Sprintcar - Brayden Miller

BIG Future - Brayden Miller

Brayden Miller awaits a push off at Bunbury

Sweet looking car - Miller's Title winning WA1

Miller has honed his skills over the last couple of seasons and has even had to work with "hand-me-downs" from other teams

Miller demonstrates his smooth style

The very early Miller #2 car before Brayden took his 1st State Title

Brayden Miller has no trouble mixing it with more experienced campaigners

The impressi

The impressive style of Brayden Miller at full noise - Go Hard or Go Home !!

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