Sean Zemunik Wins Sprintcar Feature at Ellenbrook Speedway’s Two Day Anniversary Meeting

All race images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Paul Griffin – assistance from Ken Brown and Jason Oldfield appreciated

While most of the Nation goes into Winter Sprintcar Hibernation, WA’s Ellenbrook Speedway has just lifted the race curtains on a stellar Winter Racing Program.

Ellenbrook is a ripper Speedway only 1/2 an hour North of the city of Perth and close to the Swan Valley Wine Region. It has shallow banking and relatively long straights. It’s one of those tracks that has a brilliant outlook of the Darling Escarpment and simply has a nice country feel to it.

Last weekend in celebration of the 51st Anniversary of The Racing Drivers Association of WA, Ellenbrook opened their gates to a Two Day racing extravaganza that featured a truckload of Speedway Classes.

Sprintcars were present, as too were Late Models, Super Sedans, Super Six Sedans, Street Stocks, Production Sedans and Junior Sedans – Quite a Program !!

A dozen Sprintcars rocked up – all were 360’s except Rod Howe and Ben Ellement who made things a touch spirited with 410 rigs. The racing was action packed and combined a great amount of light hearted fun with the two engine capacities in the one mix.

Unfortunately Rod Howe was an early casualty in hot laps. That aside the action was aplenty throughout the two days, with thrills and spills all over the show – left right and centre.

After the Epic weekend, the feature race winner was Sean Zemunik from 2nd place Ben Ellement and 3rd placed Daniel Salter.

Sean Zemunik was the winner of the action packed Ellenbrook two day Meeting

Ellenbrook is a great little track North of Perth and has that wonderful country feel about it

Daniel Salter had a great result with a Podium Third

Ben Ellement gets some attitude happening at the Ellenbrook Clayway

Team Affair: Ben Ellement (53) races beside Jason Oldfield (51)

The carnage starts as Jacob Lucas (37) tags the fence - Ben Ellement (53) gets caught up and Daniel Salter (26) is also in the mix

It continues !!!

Great cars, Great Action at Ellenbrook - Jason Oldfield (51) and Ben Ellement (53) gas it up for the crowd

As usual, Sprintcar Drivers all arrive at the turn and want to be first in : #83 Jason Pryde, # 51 Jason Oldfield and #93 Shane Norris battle for position

Oh Yeah - It got worse ! Jason Oldfield (51) narrowly misses disaster

Sean Zemunik (29) races hard on the outside of Jason Pryde (83)

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