Ryan Farrell Hammers Opposition in 2nd Round of Triple Crown Mini-Series

All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by Darren O’Dea

The Magic of the Perth Motorplex shines through early in the program

RYAN Farrell started from P6 and avoided some of the carnage in front of him to win round two of the AHG Triple Crown at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night.

This was on the back of his win in the first round of the mini-series at the same venue seven days earlier.

This time Farrell won the 30-lap feature race – the DiCandilo Steel City Silver Cup – from Jason Kendrick and Lee Nash.

Ryan Farrell proves yet again he is a classs act winning from Jason Kendrick (LHS) and a great drive from Lee Nash (RHS)

Kendrick started alongside Farrell from P5 and for the second successive meeting, has followed Farrell over the line, this time the margin was 1.856 of a second.

Nash put in a strong drive, starting from P9, and claimed his first podium for the season for the Wormall Civil team, a great result after putting in a lot of hard yards, right across the country this season.

Carl Dowling again proved to be consistent, taking fourth after starting from P8 while Shaun Bradford, who started from P3 but was then relegated to the rear of the field for a heavy collision with Brad Maiolo, took fifth.

One of the impressive drives of the night belonged to Aldo De Paioli, who was racing in both the 360 and 410c divisions.

He was second to Jake Beard-Miller in the 360 final and looked good behind the wheel of the #94 machine in the 410ci class, showing great car speed and control to take sixth.

Jake Beard-Miller won the 360 race

Rounding out the field of finishers in the 410  in the Silver Cup were Callum Williamson, Daryl Clayden, Terry Cutts and Jason Priolo.

Youngster Jacob Lucas, who was to start from P19, pulled infield before the field formed up, with motor issues.

Jamie Maiolo won the popular pole knockout series from Kye Scroop and elected to start from the outside of the front row.

He took the early lead but the field regrouped a couple of laps in after David Priolo made contact with Callum Williamson and sent to the rear on the restart.

On the second lap after the restart Scroop made a big lunge down the inside of Jamie Maiolo in turn four but it didn’t pay off, spearing both cars into the safety fence hard.

Maiolo was clearly not happy with the move and made several attempts to let Scroop know what he thought of the racing challenge that heavily damaged the front runners and the track’s safety fence.

Kye Scroop tangled with Jamie Maiolo #99 into pits bend and the result was catastophic for both racers - the Peter Roebuck sequence that follows is stunning

Kye Scroop was a passenger just as Jamie Maiolo was

Kye Scroop still tumbling at speed

This gave Ryan Farrell the lead from Kendrick and Brad Maiolo.

Shaun Bradford performed a similar slide job on Brad Maiolo in pits bend on lap nine resulting in Maiolo’s car flipping into the fence hard and more fence damage.

At the same time Cameron Gessner’s car also took a tumble in pits bend, ending his night after he was up to fifth after starting from P9.

Robert Watson Junior started from P13 and had made up some serious ground in the #66 machine before he headed infield with an engine fire on lap 26.

Daniel Harding started from P12 and was also looking good mid race, despite having another nose wing collapse but he pulled infield on lap 18.


Qualifying: Jamie Maiolo 14.084, David Priolo 14.108, Jason Kendrick 14.230, Shaun Bradford 14.284, Brad Maiolo 14.298, Kye Scroop 14.349, Ryan Farrell 14.381, Ken Sartori 14.396, Carl Dowling 14.489, Cameron Gessner 14.496, Lee Nash 14.498, Jake Beard 14.547, Callum Williamson 14.691, Daniel Harding 14.723, Daryl Clayden 14.753, Terry Cutts 14.761, Robert Watsons 14.757, Aldo De Paoli 14.793, Jason Priolo 15.000.

Heat 1: 1st Jamie Maiolo 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Jason Kendrickk, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo.

Heat 2: 1st Shaun Bradford, 2nd Kye Scroop, 3rd David Priolo, 4th Ken Sartori, 5th Cameron Gessner, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Aldo Paoli, 9th Jacob Lucas. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller.

Heat 3: 1st Callum Williamson, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Shaun Bradford, 5th Bradley Maiolo, 6th Robert Watson junior, 7th Jacob Lucas, 8th Terry Cutts. DNF: Ken Sartori.

Heat 4: 1st Lee Nash, 2nd Daniel Harding, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Ryan Farrell, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Jason Kendrick, 7th Jason Priolo, 8th David Priolo, 9th Aldo De Paoli. DNF: Daryl Clayden.

Feature: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Shaun Bradford, 6th Aldo De Paioli, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daryl Clayden, 9th Terry Cutts, 10th Jason Priolo. DNF: Robert Watson, David Priolo, Daniel Harding, Bradley Maiolo, Cameron Gessner, Jamie Maiolo, Kye Scroop.

Hands - On . WA Driver Ken Sartori timed in with a 14.396 but was a DNS in the final

Brothers in Arms: Brad Maiolo #77 leads his elder brother Jamie #99

Carl Dowling leads David Priolo


A very unhappy Jamie Maiolo walks to "The Hook"

Feverish work on David Priolo's #8

Carl Dowling #87 low on Rob Watson Junior

Rob Watson Junior at full noise

Brad Maiolo went over after a coming together following Shaun Bradford's ambitious slide job

The carnage continues

Cameron Gessner took a wide ride into pits bend as well

Cameron Gessner surveys his wrecked racecar

Ryan Farrrel outshone them all

Shaun Bradford gets on the gas

Yep ..... the Maiolo Team had a tough night with both cars going over

Not what Cameron Gessner wanted to see

And this says it all - Numero Uno for the night! - Ryan Farrell

Ryan loves all the attention !

Lee Nash came an awesome 3rd in the 410 Final

Trevor Reynolds shot into prominance and was a podium in the 360 race

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