Brooke Tatnell Wins 2015 Krikke Boys Shootout

All Images Compliments of Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck
Words by M-Cubed Marcus Miller Media

Brooke Tatnell has taken victory in the 2015 Krikke Boys Shootout from Kerry Madsen, Robbie Farr and Steven Lines.

It was Tatnell’s first Krikke Boys win in the 18 years the event has been staged.

Tatnell started out of position two along side Kerry Madsen, while Califorian Kyle Hirst and Robbie Farr shared the second row for the 30 lap journey.

Tatnell driving the KMS #2 Cool showed superior grip in the early laps, got the jump and shot to the led over Madsen. After 5 circulations lapped traffic played a critical role in the lead. Madsen closed on Tatnell and assumed the ascendency and then started to open up a small margin.

With 7 laps down the yellows came on. As the dust settled, these soon tuned to an “Open Red” with a major melee involving Shaun Bradford, Daniel Harding, Luke Dillon, Ryan Jones and Kris Coyle being the reason.

This caused a frantic rush for Teams to enter the Clayway and rebuild those cars. It was an incredible sight to see major repairs undertaken in the allotted time, with all those cars amazingly able to restart.

Ryan Farrell in the Diamond Bay Motorsport Team #26 entry took the chance to change his rear tyres to a different compound and re-started off the rear as a result. This improved his chances of making it through to the pointy end, but given the calibre of cars ahead of him and the one lane nature of the track, passing was a major feat and he ended up crossing the line mid pack – still not a bad effort.

The KBS Still eludes Ryan Farrell - here Ryan signs a damaged front wing from one of his earlier escapades for a fan

Kerry Masdsen continued to impress and continued to lap smoothy and efficiently. It looked as though Madsen was going to be the 2105 Krikke Boys Shootout Champion.

However, Tatnell seemed to get a second wind and with 8 laps remaining planted two feet on the throttle and somehow snuck under the swashbuckling Madsen. Both Tatnell and Madsen engaged in a magnificent battle in the dying stages of the race, both Drivers believing they deserved the race victory and refusing to give in.

Meanwhile Robbie Farr, Kyle Hirst and Steven Lines were arguing over 3rd spot. It was an enthralling battle, but at the end of the day that was all it was – “an argument over P3” …. Tatnell and Madsen were simply in a league of their own.

Tatnell ended up prevailing and crossed the line a small margin ahead of Madsen, with Farr further back and never really in contention for the major prize.

Tatnell and the KMS Team were ecstatic at the victory and welcomed the $20,000 Winners cheque. The whole Team deservedly participated in a wing dance.

The Champagne was flowing

Brooke Tatnell - Polish Victory Lap. The right rear tyre was a slick at the end of the race.

Kerry Madsen was the 2015 Krikke Boys Shootout pole sitter

Star NSW Driver Max Johnston took the reins of the Jeff Leisk #7 and really gets into to it through T1/2

Penny for your thoughts ! - Pondering what might have been

Kerry Madsen in action put up a noble fight but was clearly disappointed victory eluded the American Racing #29

The unmistakable smooth style of Brooke Tatnell

Californian Kyle Hirst was on the 2nd row but couldn't match Tatnell and Madsen for race pace

Lee Nash leads Kris Coyle

Robbie Farr ran the WA95 number instead of his usual Q7 in respect "For the Boys"

Brad Maiolo W77 was in a spot of bother out of T2

The 2- Seater was out in full flight : Check out the low pressure in the left rear !

Moments away from a start - Driver intros completed

The Krikke "Klan" showcase the trophies that await the 2015 KBS Winner

4-wide salute

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