Brayden Miller Rockets to Victory in the 2015 WA Limited Sprintcar Title

Words by Paul Griffin
Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck and  Texanne Racing

Last Weekend (Sat 14 Feb) Brayden Miller came from the depths of motor racing adversity to rocket across the line and take honours in Western Australia’s Limited Sprintcar Title.

Held at Bunbury’s Quit Speedway, the Limited’s were supporting their bigger 410 Open brothers who were staging their National Title.

Miller drove an inspiring race and took the State Title making it two years in a row – Just like Dave Murcott in the Opens……the only difference was that Murcott started from pole while Brayden Miller started 2nd row off the rear !

It was a mind blowing performance by 19 year old Miller who in the qualifying lead-up hadn’t accumulated the points the Team was hoping for thanks to a DNF in his 2nd heat after a massive roll over.

Brayden Miller proudly retained his state Title in WA Limited Sprintcars

The wild ride going into turn 2 resulted in major damage to the car with a severely bent frame, destroyed front axle, “totalled” top wing and crushed front torsion bar tubes being just some of the more serious outcomes.

Brayden Miller takes a big tumble in his 2nd heat - His Title defence looked all but over at that point

After that ill fated heat, the car was towed back to the pits and the Texanne Racing outfit sponsored by Lee’s Transport/Western Fleet Services/Creative Elegance  went to work. The pace was frantic as the Team rushed to rebuild the car in an attempt to at least salvage a start in the Championship A-Main.

As the minutes ticked away, the dedicated crew managed to get the car back into some vague assemblence of a race car. It was a top effort as the car rolled to the staging area, albeit in a “Rough Diamond” configuration.

Miller was about to defend his title with a wildly bent frame, seized front suspension, no power steering, major panel damage, marginal brakes and the list goes on.

As Miller entered the clayway, his Team advised the young gun pilot “This is the best we can do with the old girl. It’s going to be a handful ….just drive it as best as you can. Find out where it sort of works and just stay there.”

And that is exactly what Miller did !

It was an ill handling dog of a car, but astonishingly, Miller started at the back, made the most of any vague opportunities and dialled in on where his beast would return the best lap times.

To his credit, Brayden chipped away and with a yellow displayed with just 6 laps remaining, he had incredibly worked himself into first place.

From that point Brayden simply cleared out and despite another yellow with 4 to go, he rocketed across the line a quarter of a lap ahead of Brad Cox and Gavin Davis.

A simply stunning performance and it really does remind us all once again of that old sporting adage…..never give up !

At the Victory presentations Miller was ecstatic with his victory and freely admitted that the charge through the field was one of his best drives of all time – especially with the injured car he had.

He thanked his Family, Crew and Sponsors including Lee’s Transport, Western Fleet Services and Creative Elegance Wedding Décor.

Miller expressed a personal tribute to Korey Lee from Lee’s Transport and underscored the fact that Korey was 100% behind the Team.

Miller went on the say “that racing and the fantastic results that the Team have enjoyed this season would not be possible without the awesome assistance from Lee’s Transport.

Well done Brayden “Highside Hammer” Miller !

Podium: L to R - 2nd Brad Cox, Winner Brayden Miller, 3rd Gavin Davis

Brayden Miller celebrates his stunning victory on the WA1 tailtank in front of an admiring and very vocal crowd

Brayden Miller and Father/Car Owner Mark are on top of the world moments after taking the 2015 WA Limited Sprintcar Title

Justin Bell kissed the dirt

Early action : Anthony Gaudio (43), Sam Miller (3), Gavin Davis (8)

Mick Doble (40) and Matthew Peaker (28) race wheel to wheel

Brayden Miller early in the evening

After his wild ride in his 2nd heat, Brayden Miller and Team amazingly rebuilt his car as best they could, slappped on a spare #2 wing and proceeded to demolish the opposition - the tailtank still bears the #1 which he was defending

Matthew Peaker gets into a spot of trouble

The following day and the Miller Team are busy stripping the car down to salvage what they can

That top wing was a write off

Miller hit the wall so hard in his heat rollover that it crushed the torsion bar tubes and rendered the front suspension inoperative

The front axle was cactus and changed before the A-Main

10 am the next day and the Brayden Miller Team have the WA1 car comepletely stripped - nice work !

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