The Lucas Oil 2015 Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic – short iPhone Videos

We have had numerous requests for video images of the 2015 Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic from people interstate that could not attend.

While our total focus is getting the story of the night and relevant still images to you, we did take some very short iPhone videos. Here they are.

CAUTION: Make sure you have a good data plan on your phone or at home before opening, as these files are sizable. They range from 33MB to 66MB


The files will take a minute or so to buffer before they play. The first one is an absolute MUST SEE ! (43MB)


Classic 2015 Kyle Hirst – Donut Celebration

Classic 2015 – Final Night A-Main 4 Wide salute

Classic 2015 – Curators get the track back on Night 3

Classic 2015 – More track work after the rain on Night 3

Classic 2015 Night 2 4-Wide

Classic 2015 – First lap of Night 2 A-main

Night 2 Crowd Lights

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