Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic 2015 Night 2 Results

Words by Paul Griffin

Current Australian Champion David Murcott reinforced why he has earned the right to display A1 on his tailtank with a powerhouse victory in Night 2 racing of the Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic. Murcott kept his head down and the car out of harm’s way as others engaged in racing combat and either fell off the pace or tangled and eliminated themselves.

South Aussie Ryan “Storm Trooper” Jones lashed out with a spectacular spin in turn 4 that unfortunately wiped out Jac Haudenschild and the flying Luke Dillon in one foul swoop. Dillon had been working on Murcott and challenged him for the lead and at that precise moment and was confronted with the spinning Jones – he had nowhere to go as indeed Jac Haudenschild didn’t either. It was tee bone city !

How on earth Murcott got through unscathed defies logic, but as my colleague Steve “Lambie” said, “That’s good driving, That’s Murkie for ya” !

Dave Murcott (A1) took Night 2 honours ahead of the flying Kerry Madsen (L) and USA's Darryn Pitman (R) - image by Corey Gibson (

Qualifying run: Dave Murcott shows the style that bagged him the Night 2 win - image by Corey Gibson (

Talented American Jason Sides was also caught up in a separate but similar incident and retired to the infield with major damage when TVG (Tim Van Ginnegan) bagged a big roll over that transformed Sides’ eyes into the size of dinner plates – a frightful encounter to say the least. They both lived to fight another day ….Day 3 !

One of the race favourites Steven Lines from Mount Gambier was sidelined with a flat right rear after contact with a wayward Tim Hutchins (T7). Linesy was philosophical about the incident saying that the car was great and Night 3 would have to be the night to make up lost ground.

Murcott ended up crossing the line ahead of a determined Kerry Madsen and USA’s Darren Pittman, with Kyle Hirst and Danny “Desert Storm” Reidy following close behind.

Earlier in the program American Visitor Darryn Pitman set quick time (10.536) from Dave Murcott (10.748), Kyle Hirst (10.802), Kerry Madsen (10.809) and Danny Reidy (10.812)

And so after two gruelling nights of racing, the Teams have one final fling to reach stardom – who will it be? A local, an interstater or an American?

Aggregated Top 20 Points Score after Night 2:

1. David Murcott 538
2. Ian Madsen 512
3. Kerry Madsen 508
4. Kyle Hirst 506
5. Brooke Tatnell 500
6. Daryn Pittman 500
7. Jac Haudenschild 492
8. Callum Zizek 484
9. Luke Dillon 484
10. Grant Anderson 480
11. Tim Rankin 478
12. Ian Loudoun 476
13. Daniel Pestka 476
14. Danny Reidy 476
15. Darren Mollenoyux 474
16. Robbie Farr 468
17. Jack Lee 466
18. Lucas Wolfe 462
19. Max Johnson 462
20. Max Dumesny 460

And now some Night 2 images from Paul Griffin:

The Gathering before the action kicked off at Sungold Stadium

Liam Williams Qualifying in the BSR V91

Veteran Max Dumesny gets the throttle down

Sheldon Haudenschild (USA90) races SA's Glen Sutherland through turn 4

USA's Jason Sides stalks Albury's David Anderson

Sammy Walsh from NSW timed in 35th on Night 2 with an 11.332 sec

American racer Jason Sides timed in 8th with 10.901

Cool looking car - Queensland's Jason Pride timed in 49th (11.754)

Kyle Hirst was 3rd quickest in Night 2 Qualifying and starting to show signs of being a real threat

Darryn Ptman (USA9) goes head to head with Victoria's Peter Milnes

Kerry Madsen - Always a big threat in the #29 Kenerick racing rig

Kris Coyle (W56) from WA leads Garry Brazier (N21)

Nick Lacey struggled in time trials as he had a poor marble selection and the track was going off (P37 - 11.349)

Liam Williams (V91) guns it down the main straight to take the white flag

Shaun Dobson in the ACT21

TVG - Tim Van Ginneken in the V36 completes his time trial (P10 - 10.957)

Sammy Walsh metres from commencing his qualifying bid

David Anderson drove tidy all weekend and eventually finished 3rd overall

Max Dumesny in action and getting serious

Jason Sides powers through turn 3

Jason sides sets sail down the main straight in his qualifying session

Veteran Jac Haudenschild bagged 12th with a 10.967

Steven Lines in the W3 Hall's Haulage KPC

Darry Pitman hangs it wide close to the flagman

Meaning Business: Kyle Hirst is millimetres away from the fence in his quest for a good time

Gary Brazier kisses the wall at the start of his qualifying effort

Determination: Kerry Madsen

Randy Hannagan drove the USA 55

Steven Lines (L) in deep discussion

Father and Son: Sheldon (L) and Jac Haudenschild from the States

Kerry Madsen carried the Aussie Flag in the Parade during the National Anthems

The Milwaukee Tools/Monte Motorsport Team is one of the top set ups - Driver Kyle Hirst enjoys a quieter moment with a spectator

Kyle Hirst indicates to another Team's crew member wearing board shorts that "The Beach is that way"

Kerry Madsen ready to rumble

American Randy Hannagan sorting out a component issue on the USA 55

Dave Murcott exits his trailer prior to buckling up for his heat

Kyle Hirst listens to last minute Crew instructions before heading to the Sungold Stadium Clay

Liam Williams (Bruce Stephens Racing - V91) prepares his safety harness

Grant Anderson heading to Race Control to inspect the white board

Visiting American Jason Sides heads up to Race Control Centre to check out his starting position in the first heat

Jason Sides gets into the "Australia Day" spirit of things and signs this spectator's flag

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