World Series Sprintcars Season 2013/14 Preview

If you are a true Sprintcar Fan, then the TEN Network’s Channel ONE has something very much in store for you and very much up your Alley.

This Saturday 21st Dec at 1:30pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time – Australia) will see the kick off to what is promised as one of the biggest WSS campaigns of all time. ONE will screen the WSS Season Preview.

Regular presenter Briony Ingerson will team up with  Chad “Little Man” Neylon and Motorsports first man Greg “Red Oxide” Rust to take a snapshot of what is ahead. They have a chat with key contracted Drivers and Teams, take a look at the tracks, the season Calendar and even have retro storyboard “snippet” collection of some of last season’s most memorable moments. We will keep you up to speed with the scheduling of the ONE telecasts of the Series when they are released.

It’s going to be a methanol charged, action packed 12 Round Series . The live WSS track action kicks off on Boxing night (26th Dec) at Adelaide’s Speedway city and concludes at the awesome Perth Motorplex on February 21 and 22. In between all that we have the WSS “Sub Series” called Speedweek that takes in the first round at Speedway City, Murray Bridge (SA), Mount Gambier (SA), Avalon (Vic) and Warrnambool (Vic).

Here’s the full WSS race calendar if you want to hook up with the Guys live at the tracks. Otherwise check it out on ONEor do what we do – DO BOTH!

BRING IT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Speedway City, Adelaide December 26
2 Murray Bridge Speedway December 27
3 Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier December 28
4 Avalon Speedway December 30
5 Premier Speedway, Warrnambool January 1 – 2014
6 Brisbane Speedway January 4
7 Brisbane Speedway January 10/11
8 Lismore January 18
9 Speedway City, Adelaide February 8
10 Perth Motorplex February 14
11 Bunbury City Speedway Feb 15
12 Perth Motorplex Feb 21/22


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