Brooke Tatnell Wins 2013 WA Sprintcar Title at Perth Motorplex


All images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck, Words by Paul Griffin

Last Saturday 7th December saw the running of the 52nd Western Australian Sprintcar State Title at Perth Motorplex. In only his second outing in the KMS #2 Cool, Brooke Tatnell claimed victory in the 30 Lap final.

Tatnell started on pole after convincingly winning the Gold Shootout from Shaun Bradford, Cameron Gessner and Jason Kendrick. Earlier in the program Tatnell was quickest in the 3rd Group of time trials, grabbed 4th in his first heat and then won his second heat. This effort was sufficient to secure P1.

Winning Style - Brooke Tatnell in the KMS #2 Cool Chassis

It took several attempts to get the final underway as nerves set in on the 24 car field. Kye “Kaiser Chief” Scroop was involved in an incident going into the first turn, and was not able to re-join the field. Also exiting before official racing got underway was Jake Beard-Miller, Damian Blacka and “General” Lee Nash after the trio came together on the main straight in a separate incident.

Another attempt to get going was foiled when Trent Pigdon locked horns with Daniel Harding on the back straight – exit another two Sprintcars.

An open RED was brought down with just one lap in the books as David Priolo was came together with Jason Kendrick – Carl Dowling was also unlucky to get caught up in the incident. Unfortunately it was a violent impact for young Priolo – he sustained a fractured knee cap and may be looking at several weeks recovery. We wish him well !

Podium - L to R Cameron Gessner 2nd, Brooke Tatnell 1st, Shaun Bradford 3rd

Tatnell ended up taking the chequers ahead of Cameron Gessner and Shaun Bradford. Both Gessner and Bradford had shown determination to stay in touch with Tatnell, but the New South Welshman was just too strong. Bradford did exceptionally well to secure the final podium spot as he was effectively racing without brakes for much of the race.

The Winning KMS Team

In-form Luke Dillon who had won the last three AHG series races came home in fourth just behind Bradford. Then followed Brad Maiolo, Ian Loudoun, Jamie Maiolo, Shane Norris, Cale Sotiroff, Sheldon Brady, Matt Young, Ryan Lancaster, Daniel Harding, Jason Pryde and last car running Kent Roberts.



Group 1: Luke Dillon 14.093, Mark Wells 14.254, Daniel Harding, Ryan Lancaster 14.555, Jason Boland 14.892, Kent Roberts 14.899, Jason Pryde 14.987.

Group 2: Shane Norris 14.488, Cameron Gessner 14.626, Trent Pigdon 14.884, Jamie Maiolo 14.982, Callum Williamson 15.070, Damian Blacka 15.501.

Group 3: Brooke Tatnell 14.905, Brad Maiolo 14.964, David Priolo 14.965, Carl Dowling 15.177, Jake Beard-Miller 15.382, Sheldon Brady 15.447, Matt Young 15.591.

Group 4: Shaun Bradford 14.681, Jason Kendrick 14.728, Troy Beckingham 14.867, Russell Taylor 14.895, Ian Loudoun 15.100, Kye Scroop 15.208, Cale Sotiroff 15.301.

Heat 1: 1st Jake Beard Miller, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Lee Nash, 4th Brooke Tatnell, 5th David Priolo, 6th Luke Dillon, 7th Jason Kendrick, 8th Daniel Harding, 9th Callum Williamson, 10th Kye Scroop, 11th Jason Pryde, 12th Russell Taylor. DNF: Jason Boland and Matt Young.

Heat 2: 1st Jamie Maiolo, 2nd Ian Loudoun, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Carl Dowling, 5th Trent Pigdon, 6th Brad Maiolo, 7th Shane Norris, 8th Troy Beckingham, 9th Ryan Lancaster, 10th Kent Roberts, 11th Cale Sotiroff, 12th Sheldon Brady. DNF: Mark Wells and Damian Blacka.

Heat 3: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Shaun Bradford, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Kye Scroop, 6th Ryan Lancaster, 7th Cale Sotiroff, 8th Jason Pryde, 9th Kent Roberts. DNF: Ian Loudoun and Troy Beckingham.

Heat 4: 1st Brooke Tatnell, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th David Priolo, 5th Shane Norris, 6th Trent Pigdon, 7th Carl Dowling, 8th Jamie Maiolo, 9th Lee Nash, 10th Jake Beard-Miller, 11th Sheldon Brady, 12th Callum Williamson, 13th Matt Young. DNF: Damian Blacka.

Bronze shootout: Brad Maiolo 14.119, Jason Kendrick 14.128, David Priolo 14.180, Shane Norris 14.535.

Silver shootout: Jason Kendrick 13.833, Cameron Gesner 14.039, LukeDillon 14.126, Brad Maiolo 14.380.

Gold shootout: Brooke Tatnell 13.883, Shaun Bradford 14.074, Cameron Gessner 14.099, Jason Kendrick 14.122.

A-Main Championship: 1st Brooke Tatnell, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Shaun Bradford, 4th Luke Dillon, 5th Brad Maiolo, 6th Ian Loudoun, 7th Jamie Maiolo, 8th Shane Norris, 9th Trent Pigdon, 10th Cale Sotiroff, 11th Sheldon Brady, 12th Matt Young, 13th Ryan Lancaster, 14th Daniel Harding, 15th Jason Pryde, 16th Kent Roberts.

Four-Wide salute

"Smokin Joe" Jamie Maiolo in time trials

Tatnell during qualifying

Brooke Tatnell got the upper hand on in-form Luke Dillon

Shaun Bradford was smooth but had no brakes in the Final

Sheldon Brady came 11th

Mark Wells sits in the "Chaplin's Chariot" between heats - his night was about to get a whole lot worse

Mark Wells was unable to start the A-Main after an incident in Heat 2

Shaun Bradford (#69) runs on the inside of Carl Dowling

Jamie Maiolo keenly looks on during Time Trials

Lining up for Heat Action

Luke Dillon was going for four wins in a row for the season but ended up coming 4th

Ian Loudoun came 6th

Ian Loudoun (#65) came together with Troy Beckingham in Heat 3. Beckingham came off 2nd best as can be seen in the next two images - He was unable to make the A-Main as a result

Eventual 2nd placed Gessner showing beautiful balance

New WA State Champion Brooke Tatnell takes the chequer

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