Matthew Reed is King of Rosedale

Words and Images – Mandy Searle

Normally after an A Main win you see an ecstatic driver climb about his race car with sheer emotion but RD 4 of the Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers All Star series saw something a bit different last Saturday night.

Ken Hutchins the car owner of the ACT49 Matthew Reed driven Modern Stainless Steel Eagle was obviously thrilled with Reed’s win. After congratulating his driver Hutchins climbed up on the car and he himself punched the air with delight. The enjoyment still obvious at the trophy presentation as the team accepted the winner’s trophy, the Kings Crown and cape and celebrations that went with it.

“This is pretty cool” said Reed. “This is Kenny’s first win and we get all added attention of wearing the crown which adds some more fun to the night.” Unfortunately Benissa Hutchins was not there to share it with them on the night.

Matthew Reed took out the crown at Rosedale

ACT26 Tony Moule & ACT49 Matt Reed lined up on the front row with Moule getting the lead on the first start but having to do it all again after a yellow light in lap 1. Reed didn’t give Moule a second chance to grab the start and lead from second start till the checker.

The race to watch was again between the top 8 cars with moves and passes amongst themselves and then having lap traffic to add to the excitement. V34 Brenten Farrer had a brilliant night locking into the Pole Shoot out in P6 and moved forward to advance his start position in the A, finishing finally 3rd.

ACT15 Harley Bishop’s team were also rewarded for all their hard work over the past couple of weeks with a strong drive finishing 5th. Bishop moving up to 3rd at one stage but the dicing between himself, Farrer, Solomon & Barry changed the positions regularly. Paul Solomon in his V7 had a great dice in the feature to finish 4th.

Chad Ely didn’t get the night that he was looking for after receiving front end damage in lap 1 of the A-Main and ending his night on the infield. Ely still manages to hold a narrow margin in the Series points.

Heat Wins: Chad Ely, Matt Reed, Brad Foster, Wayne Logue.

A Main – ACT49 Matt Reed, ACT26 Tony Moule, V34 Brenton Farrer, ACT15 Harley Bishop, V4 Phil Lock, V74 Michael Cunningham, V11 Brad Foster, SA83 Shannon Barry, NT30 Mark King, V83 Chris Solomon, V99 Zac Farrer, V66 Wayne Logue, V7 Paul Solomon, ACT8 Shaun Forrell

– DNF, SA18 Jed Bell, V8 Corey Lincoln DNF, V85 Colin Lincoln DNF, V96 Andy Caruana, V23 Jimmy Gardiner, V15 Bill Fraser DNF, SA22 Chad Ely.

Contingency Awards:

Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Brad Foster

Bar Up 8 – Shannon Barry

Hoosier Hero – Matt Reed

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time – Chad Ely

Fire Service Plus Hot Arse – Andy Caruana

IDIGIT Luck Draw – Shaun Forrell,

QT Hard Charger – Phil Lock

Ronnie’s 50 – Wayne Logue


  1. SA22 Chad Ely                    – 1001
  2. ACT49 Matt Reed             –  993
  3. SA83 Shannon Barry        –  935
  4. V74 Michael Cunningham- 930
  5. V7 Paul Solomon              –   915
  6. V83 Chris Solomon          –   906
  7. V4 Phil Lock                        –   893
  8. ACT26 Tony Moule          –   884
  9. V11 Brad Foster                –   857
  10. V66 Wayne Logue            –   830

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