Luke Dillon Nails Bunbury AHG Round 5

Images by Peter “Straight Shooter” Roebuck,  Words by Paul Griffin

Last Saturday 30th Nov saw Luke Dillon take out yet another feature race in Western Australia. This time it was the running of round 5 of the local WA AHG Sprintcar Series at Quits Bunbury Speedway.

The event also doubled as the 2nd Round of the Battery All Types Southern Thunder Series and further cemented the Bunbury Auto Group sponsored Diamond Bay Motorsport Team as one of the Teams to beat this season in the West.

Following Dillon across the line was Former Australian Champion and recently landed from America Brooke Tatnell (R). Rounding out the podium was the “Myalup Missile” Jamie Maiolo (L).

Dillon was the Polesitter after we advanced form the Bronze shootout all the way to take the Gold Shootout. “Slammin” Cam Gessner was alongside Dillon on the front row after a great victory in the Silver Shootout.

Gessner lead the early laps until a mechanical issue forces the #41 Cowara Motorsport Entry out of the 30 lap final.

Second place getter Brooke Tatnell re-joined the KMS Team this season and Jetted into WA the day prior. He looked strong all night and the Team deserved the podium spot. Jamie Maiolo showed what a great local driver he is securing 3rd place in arguably the hardest possible way – from P11on the 6th row !

Jason Kendrick in the 92.9 Machine did well to finish 4th after coming out of P9 and having a “loop-de-loop” earlier in the evening in front of the Turn 1 Bar to a huge Bronx cheer.

Jason Kendrick : A great night despite this excursion from the curriculum

Proud Man - Proud Team : Who can beat them ?? - Luke Dillon and Bunbury Auto Group are ruling the WA Roost

The Master - Luke Dillon bagged the A-Main


Brooke Tatnell on the gas at Bunbury in what was a challenging track

Heat 1: 1st Brooke Tatnell, 2nd Callum Williamson, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Brad Maiolo, 6th Trent Pigdon, 7th Luke Dillon, 8th Sheldon Brady. DNF: Cale Sotiroff.

Heat 2: 1ST Jason Kendrick, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Ryan Lancaster, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Carl Dowling, 6th David Priolo, 7th Jason Pryde, 8th Lee Nash, 9th Troy Beckingham.

Heat 3: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Brooke Tatnell, 5th Daniel Harding, 6th Callum Williamson, 7th Jamie Maiolo, 8th Jason Kendrick, 9th Jason Pryde.

Heat 4: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Sheldon Brady, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Lee Nash 6th Cale Sotiroff, 7th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Trent Pigdon and Ryan Lancaster.

Feature: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Brooke Tatnell, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Brad Maiolo, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th David Priolo, 7th Carl Dowling, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th Daniel Harding, 10th Callum Williamson, 11th Jason Pryde, 12th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Cameron Gessner, Sheldon Brady, Ryan Lancaster, Trent Pigdon, Lee Nash and Cale Sotiroff.

Luke Dillon gets the Bunbury Auto Group #26 cranked up on the "Aligator" Hi Line and gets ready to pounce on Jason Pryde

The Salvo Man: Sheldon Brady

Ryan Lancaster cranks it up in front "General" Lee Nash

Kye "Hot Shoe" Scroop - A developing young talent that has BIG ambitions

Brooke Tatnell coming grips with his new KMS Cool

Mid pack action in early heats

The Krikke Motorsport #2 Cool looked quick early

"Big" Carl Dowling and "Slammin" Cam Gessner at Bunbury just prior to action in their heat

"The Exterminator" - Luke Dillon is on fire

Callum "Head em up" Williamson was astonishingly quick in time trials

Brooke Tatnell jetted in from the States, kissed "The new Cool" and wasn't bad, but SA's Luke Dillon was the talent on the night

"General" Lee Nash had a rearward night


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