Ely conquers Heartland

Story & Photo – Mandy Searle

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series ticked another box last Saturday night running their first show in NSW at Heartland Raceway and what a show it was!

Action packed with a brilliant race between #SA22 Chad Ely & #ACT26 Tony Moule. With the pair lined up beside each other on the front row of the A Main, Moule getting the start to take out the lead lap. Ely made an awesome move to pass Moule in lap 2 and lead the race till the checker.

Ely didn’t have it easy thou as Moule was all over him lap after lap. The pair put on a spectacle for the crowd. #V74 Michael Cunningham, #ACT49 Matthew Reed & #NSW20 Troy Little were hot on the heels of 1 & 2 and if either of them had made the slightest error they were waiting to pounce.

Lap 1 was marred by a red light as #Q77 Brent Kratzmann, #V96 Andy Caruana & #SA83 Shannon Barry tangling in turn 2. Unfortunately ending the night for both Caruana & Barry. Kratzmann changed a rear tyre and was good to go again. Kratzmann drove a skilled race to finish 6th from the rear. The Caruana team would have been disappointed sitting on the infield after a great night till that point. Caruana is really starting to show great form over the past couple of shows. Barry was also obviously disappointed also to finish another night infield. The team worked hard thru the week to repair the car from RD1 but didn’t have their efforts rewarded.

Early in the night #V23 Jimmy Gardiner took a bone jarring tumble in turn 4 and parking up in the catch fence. The crew rebuilt the car in time for the A. Gardiner lined up at the rear and was cautious in the first few laps only to pull infield after 7 laps.

ACT#15 Harley Bishop, Corey MCCullagh’s V90 & SA18 Jed Bell tangled in Heat 2 with Bishop & McCullagh getting enough damage to end their nights.

The Pole Shoot out had the crowd on their toes with #ACT26 Tony Moule putting on a clinic. Starting the Shoot Out in P5 and finished in P1. Lining up against Kratzmann, Reed, Cunningham & Ely, Moule certainly was stunning. Quote of the night came from Heartland staff “Best racing ever – that was worth the price of admission alone!”

Heat Wins: Chad Ely, Tony Moule, Brent Kratzmann, Shaun Forrell

A Main – Chad Ely, Tony Moule, Matthew Reed, Troy Little, Michael Cunningham, Brent Kratzmann, Paul Solomon, Wayne Logue, Brad Foster, Colin Lincoln,, Jed Bell, Shaun Forrell-DNF, Phil Lock-DNF, Shane Hendry-DNF, Jimmy Gardiner-DNF, Chris Solomon-DNF, Zac Farrer-DNF, Shannon Barry-DNF, Andy Caruana-DNF

Winners are grinners - Chad Ely is leading the Allstars Series

Contingency Awards:

Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Paul Solomon

Bar Up 8 – Wayne Logue

Hoosier Hero – Chad Ely

Oval Express Magazine Quick Time – Matt Reed

Fire Service Plus Hot Arse – Zac Farrer

IDIGIT Luck Draw – Shannon Barry

QT Hard Charger – Brent Kratzmann

Ronnies 50 – Colin Lincoln

Championship Points

1. Chad Ely 518

2. Brent Kratzmann 501

3. Matthew Reed 489

4. Paul Solomon 463

5. Phil Lock 462

6. Michael Cunningham 459

7. Shane Hendry 454

8. Chris Solomon 448

9. Shannon Barry 436

10. Wayne Logue 404


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