Damian Abbott finally wins a major at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway

Images by Gary Reid, Story by Valvoline Raceway


Damian Abbott finally cracked it for a spectacular win in the KC Tools King of Wings Sprintcar shootout last Saturday (9th Nov) at Valvoline Raceway.

Damian Abbott won the Sprintcar A Main

Running a strong third behind Toby Bellbowen and Jackson Delamont for most of the way, Abbott’s big chance came five laps from the finish when Bellbowen and Delamont touched wheels which sent young Toby into a series of flips along the back straight.

Bellbowen’s car pole vaulted high into the air as he rode out a series of wild roll overs.

Delamont was outed by Chief Steward Garry Winterbottom over the accident and he headed to the pits less than happy. Abbott then moved up to lead the race and in the closing five laps and stayed in front of James Thompson and Roddy Bellbowen.

Abbott’s win has been a a long time coming in the 410 winged division. A capable wingless division driver with many victories to his credit, Damian was a deserving winner and wasn’t he happy ! “I knew Toby and Jackson were hard at it so I cooled it and waited for something to happen, and it sure did,” said Damian as he accepted the winner’s trophy.

Damian Abbott celebrates after winning the A Main

Kim Becker dives under Brad Stacey

Lap 1, Turn 1 of the A main sees Mark Attard (52) leading Roddy Bellbowen (obscured), Jackson Delamont (48), Jamie O'Neill (24) and eventual winner Damian Abbott (16)

Blake Skipper leads Roddy Bellbowen

James Thompson had a good night to finish 2nd in the A Main

Father and son: Steve Caunt (left) just holds out Kyle


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