Adrian Maher Storms to his 2nd Victory at Valvoline Raceway


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Local Sydney Ace Adrian Maher won the 30 lap Sprintcar track championship round by a wide margin a week ago so he came prepared for a second bite of the premiership cherry last Saturday night at Valvoline Raceway.

Spectators sat spellbound as Maher, defending track champion Ben Atkinson of Darwin, comeback ace Ian Loudon and Valvoline’s Max Dumesny ran inside and outside each other lap after lap. Maher eventually prevailed in what was a race to remember.

More celebrations for Adrian Maher after his A Main victory

Maher sat on the wide groove and defied everyone to pass him. Atkinson actually did get around and the real race then started.

Take nothing away from Adrian Maher and his A-One Air Coolers entry, they rode the wide groove to perfection.

Ben Atkinson, in the Pick and Payless #2 machine, was the man nobody could take their eyes off for the duration.

He powered under Maher with a handful of laps left and took the lead only to contact his front end on a slower car and then spinning.

Ian Loudoun had a guest drive in the Dave Doherty 6 and ran third in the A Main

While all this was happening, Ian Loudoun in David Doherty’s Active Power Steering machine rocketed to second only to be gathered up by Troy Little in the All Seasons Garden Care #20 car.

Little screamed to second, Loudoun dropped to third followed by Max Dumesny, Darryl Campbell and Atkinson who recovered to finish sixth.

It was a remarkable feature race, a 30 Lap thriller that had twists and turns from the first lap to the finish.

Maher was brilliant – it was as simple as that.

Steve Caunt in hot laps

Brad Stacey (76) and Tim Evans (26) in the flag parade

Grant Tunks leads the 24-car field away in the A Main

3-wide heat race action: Ian Loudoun (6), Mark Attard (52), Warren Ferguson (32)

Troy Little, shown here outside James Thompson (22),drove a strong race to finish a close second in the A Main

Turn 1 in the B Main sees as Mark Attard lead Guy Stanshall (18), Jackson Delamont (48) and Jason Davis (31)

Adrian Maher won his second A Main of the season at Valvoline Raceway

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