360 Sprintcar Allstars look to raise the stakes in 2013/14 Series Prize Money

Words and Image – Mandy Searle

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Stars Series held its annual Drivers meeting recently during in which drivers suggested to the series organisers that the Teams increase the package for the End of Season Point fund payout.

All Star Legend Tony Moule ran the idea past everyone present suggesting teams fund additional $ themselves. His thoughts were – How about if we had a $20K package instead of $10K – wouldn’t this be something special for the Series and it’s not that hard. If we all put in some money to what Mandy already offers. It lifts the total package to some serious money and gives the Series more to promote.

The response from all the other teams was excellent and everyone thought it was a fantastic idea. Very quickly drivers came up with an additional $5K on the spot. Series Champion Brad Foster has since been on the phone and the additional funding is now at $8500. Add this to the current $10,000 end of season fund and the series now has a cool $18,500 up for grabs for the top 10 team’s end of season payout; and this could still increase as more drivers find out about it and come on board.

“How exciting is this for 360 guys – it certainly makes our series worth competing in and to have the teams get behind it in this way is really nice.” Searle tells us. “So now we have our Bar Up Bull Bars $8K for the final round as well as an $18,500 minimum point fund – wow, that is about all I can say – WOW”

Last year's All Stars Challenge Driver Shoot at Simpson Speedway - last season the local All Stars were blessed to race against visiting Americans Caleb Griffith and David Gravel (2nd row centre) and the ubiquitous Danny Smith (front row 2nd from left)

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