Chris Dunkin – Knoxville Raceway Track Preparation Manager Video Interview – by Brandon Bingham

Video Production Guru Brandon Bingham has kindly shared with us his latest creation. It’s an awesome interview with Knoxville’s Track Preparation Manager – Chris Dunkin.

Chris takes us through what it takes to produce a great racing surface at the “Sprint Car Capital of the World” – what needs to be done, how long it takes to condition the “black clay” and how Mother Nature can through in a bag of curved balls just to make it an even bigger challenge.

Chris reminisces about his Father doing the track preparation decades before himself and how he learnt his exacting skill from watching his Dad.

Knoxville Raceway - Another brilliant job of preparation by Chris Dunkin and his Team of curators : Image compliments NSCHoF&M

As spectators we often take for granted the condition of the track. This video will open your eyes to all that goes on behind the scenes before we all rock up at the racetrack.

It’s a fabulous watch ! Thanks for sharing this with us Brandon.

You will also see that Brandon has a suite of other videos at the top of the page – the one on Ian Madsen is a “ripper”.

Simply click on the following link and if prompted for a password use Dunkin , then click the play icon.


The Black Clay surface at Knoxville has been groomed by Chris Dunkin and Team and is ready for another punishing race night - Image by Dan Zimmermann

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