Luke Dillon Wins Kwinana Gold Cup While Cameron Gessner Bags AHG Series


All images by Peter Roebuck, Words by Darren O’Dea

Luke Dillon won the Sprintcar Gold Cup which also doubled as the final round of the 2012-13 AHG Sprintcar Series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday night from David Priolo and Ian Loudoun.

SEASON FINALE - Gold Cup Podium L to R: 3rd Ian Loudoun, 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd David Priolo

At the same time Cameron Gessner clinched the series championship from Mark Wells and Callum Williamson.

Cameron Gessner was crowned the 2012/13 AHG Series Champion despite a 7th place in the feature

Cameron Gessner gets a Champagne Shower from his fellow Competitors

In the Gold Cup Feature  Luke Dillon started on the front row on the outside of Jason Kendrick and was up into lapped traffic within four laps.

It only took 4 laps for Luke Dillon in the Diamond Bay Motorsport/Bunbury Auto Group W26 Maxim to catch the back markers

Kendrick was running wide coming out of turn four on lap six, pulled a massive wheel stand and then rolled hard in what proved to be a cruel night for the Kendrick team after Robert Watson junior had a soul-destroying crash in an earlier heat race.

Jason Kendrick pulled a monster wheel stand coming out of turn 4 with 6 laps down and took a wild ride in the process. The car was a wreck and Kendrick was out of the race after starting off the front row

Robert Watson Junior was a guest Driver in the 92 car and also rode out this wild one

Trent Pigdon was fourth with Mark Wells fifth and followed by Ben Ellement, Cameron Gessner and Callum Williamson, Jamie Miaolo and Daniel Harding to round out the top 10.

Ellement gained enough points to win the Watsons Express Transport Sprintcar track championship over Wells while Gessner had enough points to win the AHG Sprintcar Series, also from Wells.

Priolo was Dillon’s main challenger and put on a couple of moves mid race distance but Dillon was equal to the challenge each time.

The Sydney-based Loudoun was driving the Peet Motorsport entry in what was his first drive in 12 months.

Ian Loudoun came out of a self imposed hiatus to drive the W65 Peet Motorsport entry - he came 3rd in the Gold Cup

“It wasn’t the most beautiful 30 laps I have ever done,” Loudoun said.

“We did what we had to do to finish on the podium, that was our objective.

“It’s been 12 months since I have driven so my arms are a little tired.”

Ian Loudoun

Priolo paid credit to the track curator after there has been a bit of rain on the track this week.

“It was really racey all over,” Priolo said.

“I was probably better than him (Dillon) in open air but he made better calls than me in lapped traffic.

“We have had a funny old season but one thing for sure is we have been quick.”

Dillon, who has stepped into the 26 for the second half of the season, maintained the team’s good strike rate.

“This ride has been great …… the way they run the Diamond Bay Motorsport Team is awesome and I was pretty confident I could keep it going when I took over mid season.” Dillon said



Group 1: Daniel Harding 13.654, Ian Loudoun 13.846, Robert Watson 13.858, Ryan Lancaster 14.058, Nathan Brady 14.080 and Callum Williamson 14.260.

Group 2: Ben Ellement 13.528, Trent Pigdon 13.651, Jamie Maiolo 13.747, Mark House 13.771 and Cameron Gesner 13.896.

Group 3: Luke Dillon 13.331, Jason Kendrick 13.476, Brad Maiolo 13.743, Liam Dowling 14.191, Jamie Oldfield 14.304 and Lee Nash no time.

Group 4: Mark Wells 13.617, David Priolo 13.661, Allan Nash 13.866, Darren Hickman 14.056, Luch Monte 14.091 and Sheldon Brady’s 14.100.

Race 1: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Sheldon Brady, 3rd Luke Dillon, 4th Darren Hickman, 5th Trent Pigdon, 6th Nathan Brady, 7th Daniel Harding, 8th Dayne Kingshott.

Race 2: 1st Cameron Gessner, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Callum Williamson, 4th Liam Dowling, 5th Allan Nash, 6th Mark Wells, 7th Ian Loudoun, 8th Jamie Maiolo, 9th Ben Ellement, 10th Lee Nash, 11th Ryan Lancaster.

Race 3: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Mark Wells, 3rd Ian Loudoun, 4th Callum Williamson, 5th Liam Dowling, 6th Liam Dowling, 7th Ryan Lancaster, 8th Nathan Brady, 9th Allan Nash.

Race 4: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Trent Pigdon, 4th Bradley Maiolo, 5th Jamie Oldfield, 6th Cameron Gessner, 7th Mark House, 8th Sheldon Brady, 9th Darren Hickman, 10th Dayne Kingshott.

Bronze Dash: Trent Pigdon 13.266, Ian Loudoun 13.257, Ben Ellement 13.509, Daniel Harding 13.685.

Silver Dash: David Priolo 13.231, Ian Loudoun 13.294, Trent Pigdon 13.296, Mark Wells no time taken.

Gold Dash: Jason Kendrick 13.102, Luke Dillon 13.139, David Priolo 13.195 and Ian Loudoun 13.558.

Feature race: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd David Priolo, 3rd Ian Loudoun, 4th Trent Pigdon, 5th Mark Wells, 6th Ben Ellement, 7th Cameron Gessner, 8th Callum Williamson, 9th Jamie Maiolo, 10th Daniel Harding, 11th Dayne Kingshott, 12th Sheldon Brady, 13th Mark House, 14th Darren Hickman, 15th Lee Nash, 16th Liam Dowling, 17th Nathan Brady, 18th Ryan Lancaster. DNF: Bradley Maiolo, Jason Kendrick, Robert Watson junior, Jamie Oldfield. DNS: Luch Monte and Allan Nash.

Victorian Darren Hickman (V40) hangs low while David Priolo gases it up high through pits bend


Dayne Kingshott had trouble with front wing damage


Sheldon Brady (W6) about to get attacked by David Priolo


Long Way from Home: Tassie Sprintcar star Mark "Mozzie" House finished 13th in the final and concluded his WA sojourn for 2013. "Mozzie" loves WA's tracks and has been working out of Ian Woods (W16) Racing Facility in Perth and is keen to return in the new season. It was a great effort from Mark considering his modest budget

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