Luke Dillon Wins Kwinana Silver Cup

Words by Darren O’Dea, Images by Peter Roebuck

South Australian Luke Dillon won the DiCandilo Steel City Silver Cup at the Perth Motorplex tonight from Jason Kendrick and Ben Ellement in what was a sensational race.

Dillon was the early bolter and got up into lapped traffic just four laps into the event and survived many challenges, mainly from Ben Ellement, to win by 1.532 seconds.

“This is awesome,” Dillon said. “Steve and the boys had some bad luck mid-season and they were nice enough to give me a drive. We just keep coming back here…we didn’t do anything different tonight and we just came out in front.”

Silver Cup Podium L to R: 2nd Jason Kendrick, 1st Luke Dillon, 3rd Ben Ellement

Luke Dillon with a firm grip on the Silver Cup

Kendrick, who started from position three, made his move into second over Ellement on the restart with four laps remaining and managed to get rid of some of his bad luck this season.

“We definitely have had a pretty dismal season and obviously a win would have made it up a bit more,” Kendrick said.

“We have now got something decent to build on for next week…hopefully we will do a bit better in that 360 car next week (in reference to the Australian title in Bunbury)”.

Jason Kendrick leads Nathan Brady

Ellement started on the front row with Gessner and said it was a tough week with work commitments, leaving it up to the crew to get everything sorted.

“We were a bit disappointed, I thought we had better car speed than that…but we will take it.”

Ellement managed a few wheelstands and knew he had to stay on the gas with plenty of drivers right behind him.

Mark Wells, who started from position six, moved up into fourth with Jamie Maiolo holding off a fast-finishing Cameron Gessner despite having a damaged front wing.

They were followed by Callum Williamson, Daniel Harding, David Priolo, Sheldon Brady, Lee Nash, Steven Ford, Bradley Maiolo and Troy Beckingham.

David Priolo (W8) powers through Pits Bend

Bradley Maiolo, who won the last round, struggled at the back of the pack this time with a damaged front wing. The first restart was caused after Trent Pigdon spun in turn three and was collected by Nathan Brady with both drivers put out of the contest.

The red lights were put on three laps from home when there was contact between David Priolo and Allan Nash on the back straight.

Ellement showed his hand a few times on Dillon but couldn’t find a way through.

On the restart Kendrick put a move on Ellement for second while Wells got by Maiolo for fourth.

Luke Dillon set the pace at the start of the night with heat wins going the way of Ellement, Priolo, Wells and Kendrick.


Qualifying: Group 1: Luke Dillon 14.309, Mark Wells 14.692, Lee Nash 14.997, Daniel Harding 15.239, Nathan Brady 15.260. Group 2: Cameron Gessner 14.650, Jamie Maiolo 14.653, Trent Pigdon 14.673, Jason Kendrick 15.260, Steven Ford 15.260, Callum Williamson 15.510. Group 3: Bradley Maiolo 14.330, David Priolo 14.518, Ben Ellement 14.562, Sheldon Brady 14.958, Liam Dowling 15.129, Troy Beckingham 16.123.

Race 1: 1st Ben Ellement, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Luke Dillon, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Callum Williamson, 7th Bradley Maiolo, 8th Nathan Brady. DNF: Liam Dowling.

Race 2: 1st David Priolo, 2nd Sheldon Brady, 3rd Trent Pigdon, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Mark Wells, 6th Steven Ford, 7th Daniel Harding, 8th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Allan Nash.

Race 3: 1st Mark Wells, 2nd Luke Dillon, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Sheldon Brady, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Callum Williamson, 7th Allan Nash, 8th Nathan Brady. DNF: Trent Pigdon.

Race 4: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th David Priolo, 5th Lee Nash, 6th Daniel Harding, 7th Steven Ford, 8th Liam Dowling, 9th Troy Beckingham.

Bronze Shootout: Ben Ellement 13.395, Mark Wells 13.766, Cameron Gessner 13.890, Bradley Maiolo 14.038. Silver Shootout: Ben Ellement 13.348, Jason Kendrick 13.573, Jamie Maiolo 13.673, Mark Wells 13.832. Gold Shootout: Luke Dillon 13.310, Ben Ellement 13.378, Jason Kendrick 13.403 and David Priolo 13.606.

Feature: 1st Luke Dillon, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Mark Wells, 6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Callum Williamson, 8th Daniel Harding, 9th David Priolo, 10th Sheldon Brady, 11th Lee Nash, 12th Steven Ford, 13th Bradley Maiolo, 14th Troy Beckingham. DNF: Allan Nash, Liam Dowling, Trent Pigdon and Nathan Brady.

Mark Wells catches up on all the latest Sprintcar News in the Motorplex Silver Cup Program

Luke Dillon at the helm of the Bunbury Auto Group W26 Maxim

Liam Dowling in front of Cameron Gessner

The Silver Cup 4-Wide Salute

Sheldon Brady at full throttle

Trent Pigdon (W19) is hounded by Cameron Gessner


TERRY Cutts had a good shakedown for the Australian championship at Bunbury next weekend with a win in the feature race from Tony Moule and Matthew Reed.

Terry Cutts was victorious in the 360 Feature

Trent Pigdon, who was one of a handful of drivers doing double duty on the night, won the first race from Cutts and Kendrick with Reed taking race two from Moule and Cutts.

Race 1: 1st Trent Pigdon, 2nd Terry Cutts, 3rd Jason Kendrick, 4th Tony Moule, 5th Allan Nash, 6th Matthew Reed, 7th Daniel Harding, 8th Jake Beard-Miller, 9th Stephen Adley, 10th Corey Hunter.

Race 2: 1st Matthew Reed, 2nd Tony Moule, 3rd Terry Cutts, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Allan Nash, 6th Stephen Adley, 7th Corey Hunter. DNF: Jason Kendrick, Jake Beard-Miller and Trent Pigdon.

Final: 1st Terry Cutts, 2nd Tony Moule, 3rd Matthew Reed, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Jake Beard-Miller, 6th Allan Nash, 7th Stephen Adley, 8th Corey Hunter. DNS: Trent Pigdon and Jason Kendrick.

360 Podium L to R : 2nd Tony Moule, 1st Terry Cutts, 3rd Matthew Reed


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