Shane Stewart Wins WSS Final Round – James McFadden Takes 2013 WSS Championship


Let’s start at the start for a change and do a quick wrap of the lead up to the Feature Race..


Heats were won by Shaun Bradford ford, Kye Scroop, Kerry Madsen, Luke Dillon, Mark Wells and Steven Lines.


The Bronze Shootout was taken out by South Aussie Daniel Pestka (14.723) from Ian Madsen and Tim Kaeding. During the running of the Bronze Dash Mark Wells (W21) suffered a driveline failure and received suspected injuries to his feet. He did not register a time and was taken to Rockingham Hospital for X-rays.

Mark Wells gets checked by officials before heading to the Ambulance and then off to hospital - Pic Peter Roebuck

The Mark Wells failed driveline - Pic Peter Roebuck

The Silver Shootout was won by Shaun Bradford (14.353) from Ian Madsen, Daniel Pestka and Cameron Gessner.

Steven Lines was victorious in the Gold Shootout (14.283) to earn pole from Shaun Bradford, Ian Madsen and Luke Dillon.

The B-Main was won by current Aussie Champ James McFadden. The other transferees were Mark House, Nick Lacey, Carl Dowling and regular Late Model Racer Jamie Oldfield.

James McFadden won the B-Main - Pic Peter Roebuck

Nervous tension was prevalent at the start of the feature race for Round 12 of WSS at Perth Motorplex on Saturday 23rd Feb. The 30 lap final took two aborted attempts before racing was underway in earnest.

The first attempt saw Ian Madsen come from the 2nd row with a brilliant start and jump the field to take the lead out of turns 1-2. Madsen’s celebration was short lived with the yellows coming on as young South Australian Daniel Pestka got it all wrong and checked up into turn 1 and set up a chain reaction off that involved Mark House, Trent Pigdon and Cameron Gessner. Mark House and Cameron Gessner were unfortunately unable to restart.

Off again with a restart and Shaun Bradford got untidy forcing Jamie Oldfield into the wall and pulling the yellows. Bradford later explained over the PA it was an intermittent engine problem. Exit both Oldfield and Bradford.

Shaun Bradford's Crew Chief works on the #57 - Pic Dan Schofield

Nineteen cars had lined up for the race, Shane Stewart had started out of P8 and because of the early carnage had a lucky break and was now out of P4. South Aussie Dillon was now on the front row beside Polesitter Lines. The two aborted attempts meant the field had now been shaved down to 14 cars.

Finally the green dropped and we got away. Dillon was first into turn 1. Settling in behind him was Lines from Ian Madsen and Shane Stewart. Kerry Madsen started a big move forward as did Shane Stewart. Stewart worked the NQ7 Maxim past Ian Madsen into 3rd and Kerry Madsen slipped past his brother Ian for 4th. Stewart was showing a great turn of car speed and had Lines in his sights at 1/3 race distance. Jason Kendrick had come from P13 and was working through traffic as well.

With 15 laps to go and while holding down 2nd position and looking a possible threat to leader Luke Dillon, Steven Lines suffered mechanical failure and the car simply didn’t turn left – he went straight into the wall with a sickening thump. Luckily Lines emerged from the wreck unscathed and still philosophical.

The restart order was Dillon, Stewart, I Madsen, Kaeding, Kendrick, Kerry Madsen, James McFadden, Farr, Hannagan, Lacey, Dowling, Pestka, and Pigdon. Dillon quickly established a handy break while McFadden slipped to the low side of the track to try to make the bottom work. Kendrick had driven superbly but tangled with Hannagan causing a flat rear tyre and an exit ticket from the event. Also pulling out was Lacey with engine dramas.

Dillon continued to blast the way out in front from American Shane Stewart, while Kerry Madsen and McFadden set about surging forward in the last 10 laps. McFadden was now making the low line work successfully and slipped into third with Madsen behind him. McFadden and Madsen were immersed in the action and with 7 laps to go were the quickest cars on the track.

Dillon had done a spectacular jump squeezing every last drop of horsepower out of his car. The strain was too much for his engine and the rig seized forcing the disappointed South Aussie out of the race.

Shane Stewart assumed the lead on the restart and McFadden tucked in behind him. Kerry Madsen was staying with the lead pair and then pounced on McFadden to grab 2nd. They raced to the line with plenty of action but no position change. Shane Stewart drove away with the victory – his 3rd feature race win in 2 weeks. Second home was Kerry Madsen and the final podium filled by a great drive from James McFadden who had come from the B-Main. Behind them were Tim Kaeding, Ian Madsen, Robbie Farr, Randy Hannagan, Carl Dowling, Daniel Pestka and Trent Pigdon the last running car.

Shane Stewart (R) gets a champagne shower from Kerry Madsen (L). WSS Championship winner James McFadden in in the middle - Pic Peter Roebuck

Shane Stewart was elated to have won another WSS round and praised the Team for sticking it out after they had come through a period of “White Water” and no wins.

Shane Stewart at full noise in the Monster Energy NQ7 during the final Round of WSS at Perth Motorplex - Pic Peter Roebuck

Equally jubilant was James McFadden who proved to be the most consistent driver for the 2103 World Series Championship and was crowned the 2013 WSS Champion with a total of 3640 points. McFadden is a handy Driver and has had an awesome season considering he took out the Australian Sprintcar Title and now this the WSS Championship for 2013. That makes it two consecutive WSS Championships for McFadden.

Second in the 2013 WSS Championship was Shane Stewart (3476) then came Steven Lines (3329), Luke Dillon (3313), Tim Kaeding (3305) and Rookie Daniel Pestka (2853) rounding out the top 6.

Cars parade lap at the start of the night - Pic Dan Schofield

Another view - Pic Peter Roebuck

America's Randy Hannagan drove the Mat Muir owned USA 53 - Pic Dan Schofield

Shane Stewart and Tim Kaeding - Pic Dan Schofield

Jeff Leisk (L) and Ben Ellement go for a wild ride - Pic Peter Roebuck

America's Tim Kaeding has a quiet moment to himself - Pic Peter Roebuck




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