Around the Nation – Perth Motorplex and Sydney Speedway (9th Feb)

And while Ryan Farrell was tearing up the clay at Albany in Round 10 of WSS, there was a lot of other stuff going on around the nation.

Perth Motorplex hosted the spectacular Marty Chamberlain 360 Sprintcar Trophy and Sydney Speedway (after a couple of rainouts) got another one in the books for their track Championship (Round 11).


South Australia’s Chad Ely (S22) took the Marty Chamberlain trophy at Kwinana from local hero Kris Coyle in the “Rib Cage” owned #56 and another local favourite Allan Nash in the #10 Terry Cutts Owned car.

Marty Chamberlain Trophy winner - SA's Chad Ely - Image by Peter Roebuck

It was a great win from Ely under extreme pressure from both Coyle and Nash in the 20 Lap Final. Also a stand out performance throughout the event would have to be from 17 year old Brayden Miller.

Chamberlain Trophy Podium: L to R : Kris Coyle 2nd, Chad Ely 1st, Allan Nash 3rd - Image by Peter Roebuck

Miller, a young Driver who launched his Sprintcar career recently after stepping up from a hugely successful “early years” career in Dirt Go-Karts, has been racing limited Sprintcars this season and is leading the series pointscore by three points – Brayden’s Team took the challenge to bolt a 360 into his Chassis for the Chamberlain event and “go racing” the next level up.

Brayden Miller’s Family racing outfit is known as “Texanne Racing” and it is all self-funded. The Team run an incredibly slick operation on a limited budget. The results these guys get week in, week out really speaks for themselves. In the Saturday night Kwinana  Meeting young Miller was probably probably 120 to 130 HP shy of the top/lead cars like Ely, Coyle and Nash, yet the young peddler showed maturity well beyond his years in passing many far more experienced and highly fancied Drivers throughout the night – not just in Heats but in the Feature to boot.

Team Texanne - Family Affair: L to R - Braden Miller, Annaliese Miller (Mum) , Mark Miller, Riley Miller and Brodie Miller - Image by TAR

It was great to see such a young talent as Brayden Miller keep the rest of the field honest. Miller has a great future ahead of himself and given the luxury of a Marketing Partner, who knows ——— we may have future WA Champion on our hands.

The Texanne Racing WX2 had a 360 transplant ---- Oh Yeeeaaah !!!! - Image by TAR

Brayden and the Texanne Team would welcome any interest in this regard. If you want to jump on board a blossoming Team and achieve great Corporate Exposure then contact the Team Owner Mark Miller on MOBILE: 0408 926 154.

Here are some more images from the Chamberlain Trophy Meeting.

Chad Ely (S22) goes low on Daniel Keen (#90) - Image by Peter Roebuck

Alan Nash drove the #10 sister Terry Cutts car (Terry is behind in the #9 entry) - Image by Peter Roebuck

Rob Watson Jnr drove the #27 Zemunik car - Chad Ely is on the outside - Image by Peter Roebuck

Young Gun - Brayden Miller (WX2) guns it down low and slips past Rob Watson Jnr - Image by Peter Roebuck

Dean Terry #60 - Image by Peter Roebuck

WA's Steve Adley powers through Pits Bend at the Motorplex in his Parr Motorsports #9 GF1 despite front and top wing damage - Image by Peter Roebuck

Texanne Racing crew member Riley Miller reckons holding "The Lucky Torque Tube" is a good idea for their Team - and judging by Brother Brayden's performance in the 360 it appears it was ! - Image by TAR



And while all that went down, veteran Max Dumesny was busy scoring a great victory at Sydney Speedway. It was Round 11 of the SS Track Championship and Max started out of P4 behind pole sitter Kelly Linigen. It was great to see Kelly back after a self-imposed hiatus and simply put she rocked the house her #4 to aspire to maximum points for the evening and the ultimate prize of “Pole Pozzie”.

Original podium placings which were subsequently amended (l-r): Matt Smith (3rd but placing given to Roddy Bellbowen), Max Dumesny (1st) and James Thompson (2nd) - Image by Gary Reid

Max Dumesny won the Round 11 Track Championship A Main in spectacular style - Image by Gary Reid

At the get go it was clear there was a mechanical issue with the Linigen rig and she headed back to the pit enclosure and was unfortunately unable to continue. A real Bummer for the “Gas Girl”. Dumesny assumed the lead after 7 laps. It wasn’t easy for the “Veteran” Dumesny as he fended off the internal war that waged between Trevor Green, Danny Reidy and Roddy Bellbowen.

Kelly Linigen made a welcome return to racing but did not finish the A Main - Image by Gary Reid

Young charger Roddy Bellbowen put a monster slide job down on Dumesny at the 2/3rds race distance mark. Dumesny didn’t really like that at clawed back the lead with some fancy footwork.

Then in the closing stages things really got interesting with the in-form Trevor Green (SA4) speared underneath Dumesny with two laps to go. It was Green’s Race through and through until the unthinkable happened……Green overcooked it and looped the Natrad entry on the last turn on the last lap, allowing Dumesny to swoop and bag the victory.

The crowd went “Ape” – it was a classic race that is for sure.

Trevor Green (4) slips under Max Dumseny (5) with 2 laps to go and victory looked his for the taking, only to loop on the final turn of the final lap - Image by Gary Reid

James Thompson (22) charges inside Danny Reidy (5) and Kelly Linigen (4) on his way to second place in the A Main - Image by Gary Reid


Steve Johnson (27) heads skywards after riding fellow Queenslander Steve Rowell's (6) wheel while Sean Dyson (8) tries to get a better view - Image by Gary Reid

Max Johnston (38) hugs the low line in heat racing - Image by Gary Reid

What an awesome shot !!! .........Bruce White (96) and Mark Attard (52) in early heat race action - Image by Gary Reid

If you wish to purchase photos from Gary Reid, he has a massive archive of Sydney Speedway material and can be contacted on :

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