Right now, it appears that West Australia’s Ryan Farrell can do no wrong.

CRUISING - Ryan Farrell in the Diamond Bay Motorsport/Bunbury Autogroup #26 is going from success to success

Farrell was recently crowned the WA State Champion and just 24 hours later he demolished the opposition at Perth Motorplex by taking out the Prestigious Christmas Cup.

Farrell won the 25 lap Feature Race on December 27 by a substantial
margin back to Ben Ellement and Big Cameron Gessner. American Craig Dollansky
was fourth and Bradley Maiolo rounded out the top 5.

Farrell Won the Gold shootout to claim pole position and was never headed in the A-Main. Bradley Maiolo set the Fast Time (14.072) for the second time this season and won a front wing from Rogue Racing Products for his efforts.

Bradley Maiolo set Quick Time in his #77

Brad Maiolo was happy with his quick time and the "Lucky" Texanne Racing Torque Tube

Former World Motocross Champion Jeff Leisk raced again at the Kwinana venue but could only manage a 15.561 in Time Trials. Leisk has raced in 3 of the 7  AHG rounds so far and he finished 14th in the 21 car field for the A-Main. Australian Champion Max Dumesny made a surprise appearance in the Peet Motorsport #65 but struggled somewhat and came 10th the A-Main.

Jeff Leisk

Torque Tube Media understands that Ryan Farrell will be trekking over East to compete in the Australian Title at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway on 10, 11 and 12th Jan 2013. At this point the Team that Farrell will race for has not been announced. That will be the subject of a sperate post on Torque Tube when the announcement becomes official.

Ryan Farrell - photo by Russell Pinker

Ben Ellement came home 2nd and is tapping on the door for a first place

Ryan Farrell at full noise around the Perth Motorplex

ON A ROLL - Ryan Farrell Dominated the Christmas Cup

Full results for the Christmas Cup are as follows:


Group A: Ryan Farrell 14.744, Max Dumesny 14.939, Sheldon Brady 14.992, Callum
Williamson 15.274, Kris Coyle 15.409, Allan Nash 15.1514.

Group B: Jason Kendrick 14.241, Carl Dowling 14.595, Jamie Maiolo
14.681, Robert Watson junior 14.859, Jeff Leisk 15.561.

Group C: Jake Beard-Miller 14.562, Nathan Brady 14.662, Cameron Gessner 14.674, Mark Wells 14.729, Daniel Harding 14.859, Dayne Kingshott 14.879.

Group D: Bradley Maiolo 14.072 (Quick Time), Ben Ellement 14.183, Kye Scroop 14.211, Lee Nash, 14.562, Craig Dollansky 14.749.

Heat 1: 1st Robert Watson junior, 2nd Cameron Gessner, 3rd Kris Coyle, 4th Daniel Harding, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Ryan Farrell, 7th Sheldon Brady, 8th Lee Nash, 9th Jake
Beard-Miller. DNF: Carl Dowling.

Heat 2: 1st Craig Dollansky, 2nd Mark Wells, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Kye Scroop, 5th Jason Kendrick, 6th Jeff Leisk, 7th Bradley Maiolo, 8th Allan Nash, 9th Nathan Brady,
10th Max Dumesny, 11th Callum Williamson.

Heat 3: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Bradley Maiolo, 3rd Nathan Brady, 4th Max Dumesny, 5th Craig Dollansky, 6th Sheldon Brady, 7th Mark Wells, 8th Allan Nash, 9th Kris Coyle. DNF: Kye Scroop and Callum Williamson.

Heat 4: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Carl Dowling, 3rd Ben Ellement, 4th Cameron Gessner, 5th Jamie Maiolo, 6th Lee Nash, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Daniel Harding, 9th Jeff Leisk. DNF: Jake Beard-Miller.

Bronze Shootout: Ben Ellement 13.528, Craig Dollansky 13.915, Robert Watson junior 13.961 and Jamie Maiolo 14.047.

Silver Shootout: Ben Ellement 13.561, Cameron Gessner 13.648, Bradley Maiolo 13.683
and Craig Dollansky 13.801.

Gold Shootout: Ryan Farrell 13.465, Ben Ellement 13.472, Jason Kendrick 13.658 and Cameron Gessner 13.698.

A Main: 1st Ryan Farrell, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Cameron Gessner, 4th Craig Dollansky, 5th Bradley Maiolo, 6th Nathan Brady, 7th Robert Watson junior, 8th Mark Wells, 9th Callum Williamson, 10th Max Dumesny, 11th Lee Nash, 12th Carl Dowling, 13th Daniel Harding, 13th Sheldon Brady, 14th Sheldon Brady, 15th Jeff Leisk, 16th Kye Scroop, 17th Allan Nash. DNF: Jamie Maiolo, Kris Coyle, Jason Kendrick, Jake Beard-Miller. DNS: Dayne Kingshott.

Race information compliments Darren O’Dea

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