Ian Madsen (# 11C) drove a great race last Saturday 24th November to take victory in Round 3 of the Sydney Speedway Sprintcar Track Championship. Second across the line was Roddy Bellbowen (# 7N) and Victorian Jamie Veal (# N6)

Ian Madsen (centre) won the A Main from Rod Bellbowen (L) and Jamie Veal (R) - Photo by Gary Reid

Jackson Delamont was the Polesitter and early leader in the 30 Lap A-Main. Madsen started out of 6th position and used his American Dry Slick Track experience to push through to the field and take the lead on lap 8.

Madsen found a curious amount of grip up high and that is pretty much where he stayed all race. The track was incredibly deceptive with very slick conditions through the turns, but relatively hooky down the straight. It wasn’t unusual to see drivers come off the turns and pull a wheelie down the straight as the rears got “true bite”– not the quickest way around Sydney Speedway, but boy it wasn’t all that slow and it looked pretty good.

Ian Madsen driving the #11 Watson's Express Transport entry was simply brilliant running the high line

Madsen continued to run high and carve through heavy traffic. At mid race distance, just after a yellow for the Spinning Jamie Matheson, Roddy Bellbowen put the squeeze on Madsen in Turn 2 but couldn’t quite make it stick. Madsen continued to find life in the track up high and went on to take the win from a very good drive from Roddy Bellbowen and Jamie Veal.

Following Veal was Ben Atkinson, Jackson Delamont, Max Johnston, James Thompson, Garry Brazier, Darryl Campbell and Max Dumesny rounding out the top ten.


Matt Young (#61) leads Darryl Campbell in early action - Photo by Gary Reid

Damian Abbott drives off turn 4 in hot laps - Photo by Gary Reid

Roddy Bellbowen is really starting to to shine and is due for a Feature Victory

Max Dumesny set quick time in time trials but could only manage 10th in the Feature. The Records had Max listed as running a "Spike/Hawk" Chassis - was he experimenting or was that an error? - Photo by Gary Reid

Heat race action: (l-r) Damian Abbott (16), Darryl Campbell (28), Max Dumesny (5), Jamie Matherson (49), Steve Lynch (98) - Photo by Gary Reid

CLOSE QUARTERS : Glen Saville (N75) dives under Ben Atkinson (N2) in heat race action - Photo by Gary Reid

Matt Smith (74) got tangled up with Toby Bellbowen (70) and didn't finish the heat race. Smith came from the rear of the B Main to grab 4th place on the last corner and qualify for the A Main - Photo by Gary Reid

WHAT A CLASSIC ALIGNED RACING SHOT - Three wide "Elbows up": Steve Lynch (98), Jordyn Brazier (21), Mark Attard (52) - Photo by Gary Reid

"Men of Colours" - Turn 2 action in the A Main: Jamie Matherson (49), Allan Woods (28), Aidan Gee (38), Alex Orr (43) - Photo by Gary Reid

More Turn 2 action: Max Johnston (38), Darryl Campbell (28), Jamie Veal (6) - Photo by Gary Reid

The Thundering Sprintcars return to Sydney Speedway this Saturday 1st December.

Thanks to Gary Reid for the awesome images.

If you wish to purchase photos from Gary , he also has a massive archive of material and can be contacted on :



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