This week, Torque Tube Media is running a race report complete with photos from the 360 Power Series at WA’s Manjimup Speedway, Sydney Speedway’s 2nd Round Club Show and Mount Gambier’s Round 3 of the SRA Eureka Series. We are still busily processing the info and plan to post late Wednesday evening – around 6pm Melbourne/Sydney time.

In the meantime we had this in the temporary archives and thought you might like a quick peak. We particularly wanted to show you these great images.

We all know by now that Donny Schatz was the Winner of the 2012 World of Outlaws Sprint Car Championship. Donny drove well most of the season. Indeed some of the earlier races seemed like some of his dominating sparkle had gone, however he elevated himself in the later half of the competition and pulled out some masterly strokes of driving and took his 5th Crown ahead of a very consistent Craig Dollansky and veteran Sammy Swindell.

Intimidating - Donny Schatz won the 2012 WoO championship. Here Donny is pictured at the Knoxville Nationals a few weeks earlier - Photo by Daniel Beard via Facebook

Schatz accredits Team Owner Tony Stewart with his turn around to great form mid-season after Stewart probed the set-up of the #15 STP backed racecar, and fancy set-ups were thrown out and a back-to-basics approach employed.

The following photos are from the last race at the Dirt Track at Charlotte where Schatz despite crashing out while chasing down 3rd spot was crowned the 2012 WoO Champion.

The World Racing Group paraded all three classes of A-Feature starting race cars, ‘four-abreast under the glow of a massive fireworks displays, and this was a HUGE hit with the races fans! You can see that the soldout crowd is on their feet as the race cars make their way around the Dirt Track in preparation for racing hostilities.

Awesome fireworks display at the Dirt Track at Charlotte - Photo compliments of B.Baker

All three classes of A-Main cars circulate in four-wide mode under a volcano of fireworks - Photo compliments of B.Baker


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