The Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers All Star Series is very pleased to announce that the Tyson Perez Memorial event will be held at Mount Gambier’s, Borderline Speedway on February 2nd 2013.

“This will be the 3rd running of the memorial race and the interest and emotion increases with every season. The past 2 Spud Memorials have had great car counts and last season we even had our first American driver compete with us. Both Chris Solomon and Matt Egel have locked in wins for Spud’s race and I am sure they will both be there again to try and take out the glory. Spud held a special place in the hearts of each of the winners as they described to us what it meant to win this at their presentation on the actual race night. I am sure this year’s event will be the same for the winning driver – whoever it might be.” Mandy Searle tells us.

The Committee of Borderline Speedway are also excited to be running the event and as Secretary Kerry Hill told us “we too have some special memories of this lovable character and are honoured to be holding his event at our track.”

So put the date on your race calendar now – February 2nd – Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier.

Matt Egel - 2012 Tyson Perez Memorial Winner - Photo by All Star Media


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