While most Speedways around Australia have been in a Winter Hiatus, Ellenbrook in Western Australia has been soldiering on and running Sunday Meetings across several Speedway classes. Ellenbrook is one of those Speedways with a true county feel, even though it’s only 30 minutes north of Perth. It brings back memories of yester-year as the crowd backs their cars up to the fence to watch from the comfort of the tailgate.

In terms of the Sprintcar ranks, Ellenbrook configured a Four Round Wingless mini series this year that comprised 15 cars. For those that don’t know, the Australian Wingless format uses all the good running gear of the 360 and 410 big brother category Sprintcars but are powered by the 3.6 litre Holden (Buick design) V6.

It’s an incredibly competitive category that offers a great precursory entry level into Sprintcar racing without all the massive costs associated with the Big Bangers. It has even prevailed that competitors have had the misfortune to blow an engine early on, only to run down to a local auto wreckers and for $600 to $800 buy a replacement power plant, run back to the track, bolt it into the frame and still make the feature.

Recently Ellenbrook concluded the four round Wingless Series. The final round was taken out by Dene McAllan from Scott Elst and Daniel Keen.

Winner overall of the Winter Wingless series was Kyle Beard on 258 points from Elst (227), Daniel Coleman (176) and  Dene McAllan (167).

Wingless Sprints Series Winner Kyle Beard out in front

Second in the Series was Scott Elst

Daniel Keen came home in 3rd place in the final Ellenbrook Round

Speedcar Wiz Dene McAllan ran the Naughty Energy Drinks #47 entry and took victory in the final round

Hayden Wells guns it through a turn at Ellenbrook

Michael Keen leads Daniel Keen

Tom "Buddah" Payett jumps the cushion and demonstrates the "back em in" style of a Wingless Sprint

Kyle Beard remains on the ground with a flat left rear while Steve Bergin grabs some air and commences the following crash sequence

Steve Bergin prepares for "Return to Earth"

Another innocent car (#27 - white) gets caught up in the wreck

"Sprintcar Sandwich"

She was a big one !

Ellenbrook Speedway is only 30 minutes drive North from Perth in WA

Ellenbrook has a great hooky surface

Our old mate Peter Roebuck has an eye for nature as well as the Wingless Sprints at Ellenbrook - Arrh yes, Spring is here !

The WA Wingless Sprintcar Warriors will also run the usual summer season in Perth and country WA in 2012/13 –  in fact the cars counts are expected to quadruple over the primary Summer Season.

But all those that rocked up to Ellenbrook Speedway over winter months simply can’t wait to get back there again next year for the 2013 Winter Wingless  Sprintcar Series.



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