Being married to Paul Griffin certainly gives you a different slant on life. In our world everything is related to Sprint Cars – the “ornaments” in the house, the talk in the house, the reading material in the house,  and now l think l understand why.

Tracey Griffin, long suffering Wife reports !

With the Olympics well underway I figured it was time to start watching at least some of the competition. So Tuesday night I sat down to watch it on TV and I can’t believe what I saw. The TV channel was airing “The Mens Keirin” (push bike racing) with a series of heats, repechage (B-Main if you like! ) and a final.

This event was run on an oval banked indoor push bike track (London Velopark), with 8 competitors to a heat.

I thought to myself this should be interesting as it seemed to bear a slight resemblance to Sprint Car Racing …..and so far so good – I thought I would find it easy to relate to.

The riders were formed up, circulating and ready to go. Then what seemed like a combination of a Moped and Postie Bike raced past the competitors – hummmmmmm, they have a pace-bike? OK, no matter, let’s keep watching !

So I’m thinking the pace-bike will pull off after the “Judge” is happy with the formation, but he doesn’t. The race is scheduled to go for 8 laps. The pace-bike continues to lead them around the track, and nobody is allowed to pass him – around and around they go. No changing of positions and single file – around they keep going, getting a little faster lap after lap. Now I’m confused !!!

With two and a half laps to go, the postie bike pulls into the infield and the now they start to race, and I mean race really hard. Positions naturally changed and there was an ultimate winner. But it’s taken 5.5 out of a total of 8 laps to get the show on the road – or if you like nearly 70% of the race distance.

This happened for all three heats that I watched, so it must be the way it’s run. I wasn’t dreaming !

Dining Room Hoosier

It left me pondering,  as I glanced at the brand new right rear Sprint Car tyre (mounted on a shiny new Max Wheel rim) sitting in the corner of our dining room ……… what is the rest of the world thinking of this push bike event! Did they see it, can they make racing sense of it?

At least I can say with pride that Sprint Cars don’t have a pace vehicle that rolls around while laps are counted  – and when they race it’s a full-on Sprint for the total nominated laps.

Now that’s what I call true racing !


Paul's 50th Birthday Sprint Car Cake - no pace cars here !



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