Regular readers of Torque Tube will note that in the interests of keeping the website fresh, every so often we will change the appearance of our banner.

In addition, Torque Tube has received dozens upon dozens  of well wishes and queries over the past few weeks regarding how Author Paul Griffin’s new son “Tyler” is going.

Tyler, Torque Tube and White Sheet as a backdrop is all that was required

So with that in mind we thought a new website banner that would involve a photoshoot of Tyler atop a Torque Tube (Compliments of Bruce Stephens from BSR) was in order. So enter Dilemma Designs, Tyler, a Torque Tube,  and a white backdrop sheet.

Dilemma Designs headed up the arrangment and is a Junior Graphic Design outfit capable of photo shoots and post production artwork creation. Last week the photographic material was captured. Over 60 shots were taken and then a final “best look” photo selected. Then Tyler and the Torque Tube were digitally “cut out” and overlaid on a coloured border. The resultant banner can be seen above – Thanks to Dilemma Designs.

If you’re interested, Dilemma Designs contact details can be provided by emailing Paul Griffin on

For those of you enquiring about Tyler’s well being, thanks heaps for asking – both Tyler and Mum Tracey are doing fine. Tyler is 3 months old now …….oh ……and yes Tyler is a definite  Sprintcar fan. I kid you not, it is impossible to feed him if a Sprintcar DVD is playing, he stops feeding and remains fixated on the screen. To get his sustenance, you have to kill the TV. Netball, Tennis and Golf do nothing for him !

Here’s a quick pictorial run down of Tyler thus far on this planet.

My First Day of Life

2 days old - and I have decided Sprintcars are the go !

Fast Forward to 2 months old !

Another 2 weeks on - Now I am 2.5 months old and feeling pretty cool

Now .....I hope Mum and Dad have bought me some Sprintcar sheets for the Bassinet like I told them to !

Behind the scenes : OK Girls - Let's get on with the photoshoot. That's not a request, that's an order - I am a busy man !

Come on .......... How long is this going to take Emma ?

That's enough ! ......... You're taking too long and I'm not happy with the payrate !

At least I am at peace now with my Max Dumesny Doona keeing me warm - those Girls just don't appreciate how tiring a photoshoot can get !

Here's the final photo the girls picked from the photoshoot for the banner - I really don't know what all the fuss was about ?

And here is the new Banner featuring "ME" after Dilemma Designs weaved their magic - they even got rid of my whispie hair and put a smile on my dial - COOL Hey !

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