Recently Bruce Stephens from BSR (Bruce Stephens Racing) and David “Buzz” Aldersley from Buzzard Racing  booked Rolling Thunder Raceway in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and conducted a closed-track Test and Drive day. Torque Tube Media was lucky enough to be invited to document the day in Video and Photos.

Team Owner of BSR - Bruce Stephens

Team Owner of Buzzard Racing - David "Buzz" Aldersley

Both Race Team Owners invited close friends/relatives and Crew Members and made their cars available for a skid so that traditional “Non-Drivers” could experience the unbelievable thrill of driving an open wheel Sprintcar – most for the very first time.

Long time crew member for both Teams, Matt Stock, and his sister Zoe, gave a drive to their father, Dave Stock, as a 60 th Birthday present. Best present in the world hey !

Matt Stock's father Dave gets ready for his first Rumble

Dave Stock shows the V64 Foster who's who !

It was interesting to see the expression on people’s faces and comments afterwards. I have been to a few of these Drive days now and one thing never changes – people are blown away and utterly gob-smacked with the performance of these unique beasts. It is a standard reaction that you get all the time – and they are all totally right in saying Sprintcars are “SIMPLY AWESOME”. How true it is !

"See Honey - I told you these things were F**king Awesome" - Buzz talks to partner Kathryn after her ride

BSR had on hand their V91 A.R.T Chassis with a JSR (John Sydney Racing) 410 Chev and Buzzard Racing fronted up with two Foster Chassis’s, one with David Aldersley’s open 410 and the other with his good old faithful 372. They looked like a perfect pigeon pair except the 372 had David’s name on the side panel while the 410 displayed his Partner’s name – Kathryn  (just for the day !)

Never short for surprises, Bruce Stephens invited established Formula 500 Champion Liam Williams to drive his the  V91. Bruce has been keeping a close eye on the
development of this young Speedway hotshoe for some years now and this coming season
is planning on enlisting Williams to perform racing duties in the BSR House

Liam Williams and Bruce Stephens' V91 A.R.T Sprintcar

The Test and Drive day for Liam Williams (2010/2011 National Formula 500 Champion)  was all about sizing things up – to see if Williams was comfortable with the car and that the transition from Formula 500 to Sprintcars was a reality.

At the end of the day it was a Win-Win situation. Williams’ transition to the fire breathing Sprintcar was sensational. He was quick as soon as he hit the track and got quicker again as the day went on. With over 60 full-pace racing laps over 5 separate drive sessions, Williams looked like a pro. He was smooth, fast, confident and demonstrated text book throttle control as the track dried and dusted up.

Liam Williams gives it a bootfull through Turns 3 and 4

BSR Team Owner Bruce Stephens watches closely as Liam Williams circulates the V91 A.R.T

Bruce Stephens’ plan is to start off with a 360 in the A.R.T and run as many of the local Victorian shows as they can and then possibly have a look later in the season at using his JSR (John Sidney Racing) 410 powerplant.

All eyes will be on Liam Williams and the BSR Team for season 2012/13. On paper it looks like a winning combination and if the Test and Drive day is any indication, the BSR Team are in for one helluva season.

Anyway it was a top day. For a change, the Melbourne winter weather was spot on – prefect blue sky, beautiful sunshine and no wind.  Everyone had a ball thanks to Buzz and Bruce.

BSR Crew Chief Graham Summers locks up the V91 left rear

Matt's son Jay Stock does a left rear tyre check

Bruce and Liam carefully keep an eye on engine temp after engine start

Bruce's Team and Formula 500 Champ Liam Williams are going to be a strong combination for season 2012/13

David "Buzz" Aldersley gets some attitude going in the V64 Foster

Buzz's Partner Kathryn discovers how "easy" Sprintcars are to get in and out of !

Yep - Sprintcars are a trucklod of fun. No one is ever disappointed after driving one

Buzz gives us the thumbs up after cutting some pretty quick laps in his 410

Liam Williams at full noise and full grip - check out the ripples in the sidewall of the left rear

Birthday Boy - Dave Stock with cake

Buzz's stepson Nathan at the controls of V64

Nathan is into Go Karts and looked good in a Sprintcar - it's that natural progression thing

Jason Atkins - Bruce Stephens' Brother-in-Law rips around Turns 3/4

Jason was blown away with the performance of the Sprintcar and has a smile 6 foot wide after his drive

Cool Dude - Buzz preparing for action

Matt Stock took Buzz's 372 for a squirt - his first time in a Sprintcar

Graham Summers gets ready for his run

BSR Crew Chief Graham Summers gets hooked up - his Speedcar days showing through !

Matt Stock - Ready for blastoff

Matt Stock contemplates the 800+ horsepower he is about to unleash

The V64 at the control of Matt

Liam Williams in action again - His transition from F500 to Sprintcars was seamless

Buzz's mate Frank Falla gets ready for his skid

Frank Falla has raced Go Karts for years and it showed when it came to his drive - he was pretty good

Crew member Matt Stock also brought his sister Zoe along - She had a go as well. That's Matt taking video of Zoe

There's that Sprintcar Excitement again - Zoe was over the moon after her first drive of a Sprintcar

Everything about the Test and Drive Day was spot on - even the weather was perfect


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