Pictures by Brayden Miller
Well less than a week to go and things arehotting up for the Watson’s All In Sprintcar Express.
I’m Rob Watson SNR and this is the final update before the big event this Saturday at Pithara Speedway WA.
We have had more people donate products for the drivers making the list of sponsors now a massive package for all to enjoy.
I received a call from Ben from HFU Engineering and he is donating a full set of new 19 inch car tyres to some lucky person to win on the night and is looking forward to attending this year and getting more involved again next year. Tim Gardener has had his sponsors Penrite oils to give us 2 x 20 litre drums of racing oils that is great mate thanks for that and I have heard that the state manager is coming up to the event as well look forward to seeing him there and having a beer with him in the corporate tent during the day.
The corporate tent I just mentioned is going to be there for any sponsors and there is some spots still available – costs are $50.00 per person and that includes drinks and food. The tent and equipment is supplied by RITZ Party Hire compliments of Mark Miller AKA the GIANT and the drinks and food are supplied by Todd Kenworthy AKA GIANT number 2. Thanks guys this is a great thing to give something back to the people who donate everything for us to have our fun.

410 Action from last years Watsons All In Sprintcar Express

I would like to thank everyone that helped make this event happen- there have been SO MANY. I would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of the organising committee Jason Sutton, Darren Sutton, Jo Filgate, Phil Waters, Sandra Watson and Phil Blackman.
All these people have put one hell of a lot of effort into making things enjoyable I know there is a hell of a lot more people to thank but I have been working close with these guys every day and just wanted to give them a thanks right here, right now.

More action from the Limiteds last year

Pino Priolo rocked up last year and had a BALL  – this year his son David will be driving the #50 Watsons Express 410
I have got four very “nice on the eye” hostesses coming up for promotional give-aways, so if anyone would like to bring any paraphernalia up to hand out to the crowd please feel free to do so – these girls will be wandering around all night promoting our sponsors and yours if you can offer anything to give away to the crowd.
Nominations are listed below. As it stands we have 58. There will always be a few that can’t make it but I also think there will be a few yet to nominate that will be there on the night.
The Race Format
2 heats and a feature for each class, a draw for heat one and invert for heat 2 – then most points to the front of the feature. Points are as per SAWA.
Qualifying Points:  Heats:      30/27/25/23/21/19/17/15/13/11/9/7/5/3/2/1
The first 4 over the line for each group will advance into the all in Express 15 lap feature race with a handicap giving all classes an equal opportunity to win.
The handicap will be given to those who make the position on the night.
A 320 car led the race last year almost to the end until an open just sneaked through and a limited second so this year WHO knows what will happen? – it could be any one. It will sure make for great spectating.
Sidchrome $6000.00 in prizes Thanks Phil
Kewdale Tavern         8 kegs and drinks
Valvoline                    $1000.00 in race oils and cleaners
Pithara speedway      $4000.00 CASH
Watsons Transport    $5000.00 Cash, Band, Food, Fire Works
Rhino Tyres               $2000.00 cash
Crowden Transport      $1000.00 cash
Scott Riley                 4 right rear tyres
Dew investments      $500.00 cash
JSP Photography        Advertising and racing paraphernalia
Dirt Track Nutters      Best Presented Car Trophy
Speedsport Media     Advertising and organisation of running on the night
Race fuels (ELF)         4 drums of methanol
M & L Meats              Massive discounted meaty treats BBQ  (thanks Gavin)
McNaughts                Drum pumps for methanol and grease guns
Peel fisheries             Lots and lots of seafood for the night
Miller Family             Donating all the trophies for the night
Craig Vosbergen       4 right rear tyres
Focus Promotions      Band and promo music all associated Thanks Corey
Cardile Fireworks      Heavily discounted fireworks display (half price Thanks Rob appreciate your help) www.cardilefireworks.com.au
Penrite Oils                2 x 20 litre racing 50
HFU Engineering       4 times car tyres
Phil Blackman           2 front wings
Ritz Party Hire          Marquee and bar equipment
Rogue Racing           Full set of nerf Bars


05 Jason Fernie
06 Ron Burgess
01 Darren Gibson
51 Merv Welford
19 Lauren Koberle
08 Peter McNamara
06 Dave Bently
14 Mark Bloxsidge
06 Craig Burgess
02 Ray Bandy


88 Ben Ellement
10 Ian Dhu
71 Mike Armstrong
40 Mick Doble
07 Brayden Miller
02 Rob Buscumb
09 Kim Collins
27 Sarah Zeminuk
56 Jim Chisholm
43 Anthony Gaudio
15 Lional Curtain


46 Rob Willis
33 Grant Chisolm
08 Ed Trutwin
64 Billy Stocks
74 Tim Gardner
84 Wade Randle
66 Damien Joyce
TDB  Phil Johnson
37 Rat Lucas
32 Jake Beard Miller
48 Brett Leslie
37 Paul Luaus
33 Owen Archie
30 Jimmy Archie
76 Cale Sotiroff
68 Jody Waldron
67 Norm Forward
19 Trent Pigdon
91 Mick McInnis
52 Troy Anderson
28 Brad Alaback
43 Greg Roberts

Open 410s

66 Robert Watson Jnr
50 David Priolo
19 Trent Pigdon
83 Troy Lawson
21 Mark Wells
55 Darren Mewitt
62 Steve Treasure
24 Troy Beckenham
57 Casey Bradford
98 Adam Harvey
25 Taylor Milling
23 Ben Dixon
22 Lee Nash
57 Shawn Bradford
16 Ian Woods
50 Chris Gronow

Pithara makes for some great action

If there is one race you have to attend each season - its the Watsons All In Sprintcar Express in the Wheatbelt at Pithtara Speedway

Hope to see you at Pithara on the 28th

Rob Watson (SNR)

www.watsonexpress.com.au www.watsonsracing.com

PS: If this is the first you have read of this event, check out the previous posts for more details

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