With just under two weeks to go, the 3rd Annual running of the Watsons All In Sprintcar Express promises to be the best yet – best by a long shot !

Torque Tube last published information on this radically different event back on March 15th – refer the following link :   (http://torquetube.com.au/2012/03/15/watsons-all-in-sprintcar-express-update/)

The Watson’s All In Sprintcar Express is a twilight meeting to be held on April 28th at Pithara Speedway in the Glorious Wheatbelt region of Western Australia – Just two hours North of Perth.

So far in excess of 60 nominations have been received and they keep coming in. The racing starts at 2:30pm sharp and competitors need to be gated by 12 noon (please)!

So just why is the “Watsons All In Sprintcar Express” such a different race?

Apart from being a twilight program, the event is centred around not only awesome Sprintcar Racing, but also Family, Friends and Fun – something that Pithara Club President Phil Waters has always advocated, but openly admits ……”Never before on this scale. This year’s shindig will be Supreme in Wheatbelt Town of Pithara. If you thought last year’s Watsons All In Sprintcar Express was huge ….. then hang on for the ride…….. because this year is going to be the best you have ever seen.”

The final racing program is currently being finessed and will be released in a week – it sees 320, Limited, 360 and 410 Open Sprintcars all competing. With over 60 cars nobody can deny that its not a big program, but throw into the mix a Live Band, Fireworks, Heaps of Seafood, a Pig and Lamb on the Spit, a BBQ, Refreshments, Prizes and Give-aways and you begin to realise that this is no ordinary Sprintcar Race – it will be fun for absolutely everyone !

The Live Band at the Watsons All In Sprintcar Express will be none other that "Just 4 Kicks"

The Country Atmosphere and FAST racing is unparalleled at PITHARA for the Watsons All In Sprintcar Express

Pithara Speedway Club President Phil Waters described  “The Pit area has been extended to accommodate the massive car count. Last year saw similar numbers and the Pits were bursting at the seams. In 2012 there will be plenty of room for everyone.”

One of the Event Organisers, Sponsor and MD from Watsons Express Transport Rob Watson said “The planned fireworks display is going to be spectacular. It’s a new initiative this year and will be fired off at the end of the night – just one more thing to make this a Friends and Family event on a mega entertainment scale.”

Commemorative Tee Shirts have been designed by Jason Sutton and will be available for purchase along with stacks of other merchandise like caps etc. at the JSP – Jason Sutton Photography stand. The logo on the tee shirts is sensational and pays homage to the great land that the event is staged in  ………… “The WA Wheatbelt”.

The Watsons All In Sprintcar Express at this point has in excess of $30,000 in prizes and cash donations from the truckloads of  sponsors. See the list below and wherever you can please support them with your business.
Sidchrome                   $6000.00 in prizes
Kewdale Tavern         8 kegs and drinks
Valvoline                     $1000.00 in race oils and cleaners
Pithara speedway      $4000.00 CASH
Watsons Transport    $5000.00 Cash, Band, Food, Fire Works
Rhino Tyres                 $2000.00 cash
Crowden Transport   $1000.00 cash
Scott Riley                   4 right rear tyres
Dew investments      $500.00 cash
JSP Photography        Advertising and racing paraphernalia
Dirt Track Nutters      Best Presented Car Trophy
Speedsport Media    Advertising and organisation of running on the night
Race fuels (ELF)         4 drums of methanol
M & L Meats              Massive discounted meaty treats BBQ
McNaughts                Drum pumps for methanol and grease guns
Peel fisheries             Lots and lots of seafood for the night
Miller Family             Donating all the trophies for the night
Craig Vosbergen       4 right rear tyres
Focus Promotions     Band and promo music
Cardile Fireworks      Heavily discounted fireworks display www.cardilefireworks.com.au

Watsons All In Sprintcar Express : Cool in 2011 - HOT IN 2012 !

See you at PITHARA on April 28th !

Track photos compliments of Brayden ” I drive Too” Miller (16yo)

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