Easter Sprintcar Trail – Avalon, Mount Gambier/Borderline & Warrnambool Results

Sprintcar Easter Bunny - Art Concept by JAYDE RAYMENT (13 YO)

Torque Tube Media would like to apologise for the slow response in race reports for the Avalon, Mount Gambier and Warrnambool Easter Trail events in Australia.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to deliver a baby boy in the Torque Tube Media Suite.

His name is Tyler Ray Griffin.

Well not really ……. Tyler was actually delivered at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday the 5th of April at 6:50 am. Tyler weighed 3280 g  (7 Ib 4 oz)  and has blue eyes, brown hair and a confirmed LUST for Sprintcars.

Yep - Tyler is already in the groove when it comes to SPRINTCARS

All is well with Baby Tyler

Please follow us Tuesday 10th April for a full review of the Easter Trail – Avalon, Mount Gambier and the Grand Finale at Warrnambool.

What we can tell you is that Steven Lines in the Halls Haulage #3 KPC won Night 1 (Good Friday) at Avalon as well as Night 2 (Easter Saturday) at his home track at Mount Gambier. We can also report that the Grand Finale night at Warrnambool was hugely rain affected and was a big challenge to complete.

Trevor Green took the win at Warrnambool from Jamie Veal, Daniel Pestka and you guessed it —- “Steven Lines”.

The Halls Haulage / Brigestone Tyres Albany Team with Steven Lines behind the wheel, Craig Bennet behind the spanners and Team Principal Brian Hall behind the “Wallet” is a new combination and has a superb record so far – Four starts and three straight wins !

Steven Lines - A very impressive start with the Halls Haulage Team - Pic by Phil Jordison

Well done Lads ! – another West Australian Team that presents and ranks as one of the top Teams on the planet by the look of it.

Tyler Griffin - Quick to adopt a Junior "racesuit" !

And ………….from the heart, I kid you not, Tyler was conceived at Eldora Speedway USA after the Kings Royal in our Motorhome in the paddock last year……….Fact and  True Story! And interestingly Tyler Walker won that prestigeous event. I don’t believe that is why we called our son Tyler – but it’s a strange coincidence isn’t it.

Check out the experiences of that “Stateside” Journey  at Eldora by clicking  the following Torque Tube archive link : http://torquetube.com.au/2011/07/20/eldora-%e2%80%93-16th-july

A HAPPY EASTER TO ALL ! : Graphic by TG and JR (13 YO) in association with Jay Ray Enterprises (JRE inc.)


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