One short week ago Sydney Speedway ran 410 Sprintcars for Round 17 of the Tyrepower Track Championship.
This Saturday 31st March saw the same venue running Round 18 of the Track Championship with a healthy car count of 43 (initial nominations were 47).
The format was Qualifying (best of 2 laps) followed by one round of 10 lap Heats, a 15 lap B-Main and a 30 Lap A-Main.
Despite not nominating, noticeable absentees were Garry Brazier, Max and Mitch Dumesny.
Robbie Farr Quick Timed but had  a horror heat, qualified through the B-Main and came 2nd in the A-Main – he was on a mission !
Ian Madsen was 2nd in Time trials and with a Heat win looked a chance. He ended up taking the night honours in the A-Main.

Ian Madsen driving ACT#11 won Round 18 of the Sydney Speedway Track Championship - Pic by Gary Reid


  1. Robbie Farr – 11.993
  2. Ian Madsen – 12.035
  3. Danny Reidy – 12.359
  4. Ben Atkinson – 12.372
  5. James Thompson – 12.374
  6. Jamie Veal – 12.415
  7. Matt Young – 12.435
  8. In Loudoun – 12.447
  9. Grant Tunks – 12.499
  10. Peter Gordon – 12.525
Heat 1 : 10 Laps – Ben Atkinson, Max Johnston, James Thompson
Heat 2: 10 Laps – Jamie Veal, Dean Thomas, Danny Reidy
Heat 3: 10 Laps – Ian Madsen, Jackson Delamont, Matt Young
Heat 4: 10 Laps – Ian Loudoun, Daniel Goldini, Grant Tunks
B-Main : 15 Laps – Robbie Farr, Roddy Bell Bowen, Jon McCorkindale
A-Main : 30 Laps – 1st : Ian Madsen, 2nd : Robbie Farr, 3rd : Ben Atkinson, then came Danny Reidy, Adrian Maher, Darryl Campbell, James Thompson, Grant Tunks, Warren Ferguson and Peter Gordon rounding out the Top 10.
Ian Madsen had started from 10th position and came 1st, Robbie Farr was the Hard Charger starting out of P21 and coming home in 2nd – Not a bad effort !!!!!!!!!!
April 21st sees the running of the final round of the Sydney Speedway Track Championship. Current top 6 on points are:
  1. Ian Loudoun 3944
  2. Grant Tunks 3810
  3. Warren Ferguson 3724
  4. Roddy Bell-Bowen 3602
  5. Darryl Campbell 3598
  6. Steve Caunt 3540

TSS Photographer Gary Reid captures this stunning shot of Robbie Farr on the gas. Farr came second in the Rd 18 Final after setting Quick Time, and coming from the B-Main

Jamie Veal in the N6 at full noise through turn 3 at Sydney Speedway. Veal has had better nights. He timed 4th quickest, started 7th in the A-Main and ended up a lowly 19th - Pic by Gary Reid

Danny Reidy was 3rd quickest in qualifying and came 4th in the A-Main. Pic by Gary Reid

Ian Loudoun suffered a touch from a not so great qualifying effort (8th quickest). He won his heat, started out of P8 and finished P22 - Pic by Gary Reid

Ben Atkinson drove pretty well in the Garry Rush owned Pick 'n Payless N2 - He won his Heat and filled the final podium spot in the A-Main - Pic by Gary Reid

Thanks to Gary Reid (E: greid@pacific.net.au) for the fabulous track shots.

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