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Tyrepower’s  Sydney Speedway has FINALLY and most importantly completed the Scott Darley $50,000 to win Sprintcar Challenge despite grey skies and an early threat of showers that could have shut down proceedings yet again !  (meeting cancelled mid Jan because of rain).

America's Shane Stewart was simply the best Driver/Team combo on the night - Good job Shane !

Your Winner is USA’s Shane Stewart driving the Monte Motorsport Monster Energy #7 J&J, followed by the never say never “Veteran”  Max  Dumesny in the Valvoline #5 Maxim and taking final podium place – Robbie Farr in the ECP #7 Maxim.

The Scott Darley Challenge is a Sprintcar race over two nights that is in honour of Scott Darley (local NSW Sprintcar driver) whose life was tragically taken from us in 2008 in a “Freak” racing accident.

Drivers and Teams pit their skills and machines against one another in honour of Scott Darley (his car was #19), and if they are fortunate enough to become top points scorer after two hectic nights of racing, that Driver/Team combo has the prestigious opportunity to decide whether to start on pole (a chance to win $10K) or elect to come off the rear in position #19 (in honour of Scott Darley) and run the gauntlet for a possible $50,000 if he/she wins !!!!!!!!!

Tonight we saw Top Point Scorer Garry Brazier take that bold move and elect to run off Position 19 (as opposed to pole) for a chance to grab the $50,000. Unfortunately Brazier didn’t make it through, retiring to the infield with a damaged racecar with 18 laps to go after contact with Glen Saville. More about that in a couple of days on Torque Tube.

With Brazier coming out of P19, Max Dumesny started from pole. He had local Driver Ian Loudan beside him. Back in 3rd was Robbie Farr, 4th Shane Stewart and then came Matt Young, James Thompson, Grant Tunks, Trevor Green, Darryl Campbell and Jeremy Cross rounding out the top 10. There were some big movers from the back (eg: Mitchell  started from P23 and forged through to P8). More on this in the traditional Torque Tube Tuesday Post.

But for tonight – we have to say it was a “Monster Result”


Tonight’s program saw each Driver get another solitary heat after last night’s preliminaries (Similar heat deal last night)…….maybe a bit light on for such a prestigious event (ie: possible $50K to win race) …….. We reckon 2 rounds of heats and an earlier start to the night is fairer to spectators and ALL TEAMS for the final night ?? …..Comments are welcome on this.

But back onto racing…….Those that hung around the rear were treated to the usual tough ask of the C-Main. Transferees from the C-Main and mid pack runners did the B-Main, and then it got down to the business end of the Scott Darley Challenge with the possibility of a  $50K to Win Deal….Pretty Cool !

Anyway, that being what it is….here are the results:

Heat 1 : 10 Laps – Alex Orr, Shane Stewart, Jackson Delamont

Heat 2: 10 Laps – Ian Madsen, Roddy Bell Bowen, Peter Gordon

Heat 3: 10 Laps – Matt Young, Jamie Veal, Jeremy Cross

Heat 4: 10 Laps – Jon McCorkindale, Max Dumesny, Trevor Green

Heat 5: 10 Laps – Troy Little, Ben Atkinson, Glen Saville

C-Main: 8 Laps – Kim Becker, Daniel Nedham, Blake Skipper

B-Main : 15 Laps – Roddy Bell Bowen, Daniel Goldini, Mitchell Dumesny

A-Main : 40 Laps – Shane Stewart, Max Dumesny, Robbie Farr, Trevor Green, Ian Madsen, Jeremy Cross, James Thompson, Mitchell Dumesny, Ben Atkinson, Jamie Veal, Grant Tunks, Brett Loadsman, Matt Young and  Matthew Thomas – these  guys all finished the race……..

Max Dumesny drove like a 22 year old to bag 2nd

Robbie Farr (Q7) tried really hard on the back of his recent (Joint) Victorian Title success but just got "Monstered" out at the end of the day !

And …….Here are the DNF brigade after the torrid and incident packed A-Main:  Ian Loudoun, Garry Brazier, Glen Saville, Daniel Goldini, Martin Lawes, Darryl Campbell, Warren Ferguson, Mark Blyton, Sam Walsh, Roddy Bell Bowen. It took over 40 minutes to complete the 40 laps there was that much “Humpo Bumpo”.

It was a bit strange that the C-Main was run over only 8 laps (less than any Heat in the Challenge) but the reason was pretty much due to early morning rain, pumping the track dry and a later start/slower program than anticipated – and that annoying and restrictive noise curfew.

More to come in the next couple of days – The 2012 Scott Darley Sprintcar Challenge was was a torrid affair – a steamin’ Race – a great Tribute to Scott Darley.

For now, from all of the staff at Torque Tube Media – Take care and reflect for a moment if you will, on Scott Darley – I am sure he is looking over us and he would have loved the Sydney Speedway action tonight in the 2012 Scott Darley $50K Sprintcar Challenge .

SCOTT DARLEY - Pic compliments of Tyrepower Sydney Speedway Website


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