The Watsons All In Sprintcar Express to be held at Pithara Speedway in the Wheatbelt two hours north of Perth is in the serious planning stages. Things are really starting to take shape for the racing program that is set down for a 2:30pm start on Saturday 28th April.

Preparations are well under way for the Watsons All In Sprintcar Express at WA's Pithara Speedway

The following is an informative update from one of the event’s Key Organisers and Naming Rights Sponsor – Rob Watson from Watsons Transport:

Hi Everyone,
Things are going forward now rather quickly towards the 28th of April. Sponsors and
nominations are coming in quickly. Sidchrome have donated 4  x 7 draw cabinets full of tools and  also 4 Dewalt cordless drills for first prize of each division. I thank Phil and the Sidchrome team for their $6000.00 worth of top notch gear.
Also on board this year is the Kewdale tavern (My favourite place) donating 6 kegs (Bulmers cider and Pure Blonde) for our aftermath party when racing is finished. Thanks Chris for a great night to come.
We have had several other donations that I will list as time goes on and I hope everyone supports these people in the future. Planning this is a great experience and I am glad that we can gather so much support to give back to all the racers in Western Australia.
Next weekend I will have a few band members on my property testing out our new sound gear and lighting, this I can’t wait for (Forgive me Bedfordale Residents). At Pithara we will be setting up the band on a back of a semi trailer in the car park for the duration of the track prep when the sun goes down, then later driving it back to the pits once racing is done.
Food this year will be similar to last year, free to all race crews and family members. There will be pigs and sheep on spits as well as scotch fillet and sausages – plenty to go around. Last year’s BBQ was a great success thanks to all the people that helped. Food will be available all day to the racers and crew (pit area) for a small donation to the club during the entire event and once the final has run food and drinks are all at no charge.
Camping is all but essential on the night, we much encourage people to stay. We definitely do not want drink driving at all. Once again we are trying to run an incident free race meeting for fun purposes for the whole team and family to wind down after a big year of racing, so keep this in mind on the night. Officials are there for the fun on the night as much as the competitors, any decisions made are final.
I have been contacted by and talking to media people from different companies, one thing is for sure this will be very well covered and publicised I think Darren and Jason Sutton will also take good care of that. This is a good thing for your sponsors to get involved you can also bring them along on the night.
We will be having an area closed of for any one that is interested. This area gives you access to free drinks and food for the whole day/night with numbers and cost yet to be determined – but anyone interested in this please let me know.
Thanks once again and I hope to hear from you soon with nominations. See you at Pithara  on Saturday 28th April !
Anyone else that can help with sponsors please give me a call. I have hit all my sponsors up to give prizes to the drivers, can anyone else ?????


Sidchrome – $6000.00 in prizes
Kewdale Tavern – 6 kegs and drinks
Valvoline – $1000.00 in race oils and cleaners
Pithara Speedway – $4000.00 CASH
Watsons Transport – $5000.00 Cash
JSP Photography – Advertising and racing paraphernalia
Dirt Track Nutters – Best Presented Car Trophy
Speedsport Media – Advertising and organisation of running on the night
Race fuels (ELF) – 4 drums of methanol
McNaughts – Drum pumps for methanol and grease guns
Robert Watson
Watson’s Group of Company’s
0438 410410
08 92584855

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